10 Best Transcription Software for Audio and Video to Text

Transcription is the most demanding skill in current times. Every subtitle that you see is the result of transcription. Even converting the language of the video into another language is a part of the transcription. You may find it is an interesting job and an easy job but trust me it is not. Though in current times there is a lot of transcription software that is introduced to help you in the transcription process. Thus we will help you to find out the transcription tools that will help you in making your work easy. 

If you are in a hurry here is a quick takeaway on the best transcription software-

  • GoTransfer
  • Otter
  • Trint
  • Rev
  • Descript
  • Inqscrib

You must read till the end to find out about this transcription software. 

Top 10 tools that are useful in transcription

If you have taken a language degree, it will become very easy for you to become a transcriber. However, you can also use transcription software. The following are the tools that are helpful in the process of transcription-

1. GoTranscript

GoTranscript provides a comprehensive range of human-based transcription, translation, or subtitling. They give you an accuracy of 99% or higher. You can find more than 60 languages in which you can translate. Some of their clients are big industry giants like Forbes and Netflix. The ordering process is quite simple and easy. 

Also, the dashboard is organized and convenient to use. GoTranscript, unlike the majority of automated transcribing services, lets users submit notes. It also allows you to specify things like speaker labels and may ask for particular punctuation standards, among other things.

2. Otter 

Otter is a well-known automated transcription service that converts audio files into text in real time. You can now effectively transcribe audio using your mobile devices and export them.  Otter lets you either record and transcribe voice in real-time or import recordings by integrating it with video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, etc. It is very effective in terms of both time and money.

3. Trint

Trint is a platform that helps you to record as well as transcribe audio conversations within the meetings. It will help you not only record the audio of you but also with the multiple people in the meeting. This app will also help to detect long pauses so that you do not get extra texts. It has more than 80 languages, in which you can convert your text. You will find the speed control feature which will help you to manage the variable speed control. Also, you can control the pitch level with the use of this platform. This company has the best transcriptionist in various languages.

4. Rev

Rev is a platform that promises to complete your work within 12 hours or less than that. You can find different languages in which you can convert your text. It involves the languages such as French, Spanish, German, etc. You can easily upload different files, format types, etc. It also gives you a service of narration that you can involve in your video. Also, the pay rate that you get on this platform is good.

5. Descript

Descript is a platform that works like you are working on docs. It is one such platform where you can edit your video as well as your audio. You do need to have separate apps to complete both things. Descript uses software known as Overdub which helps you to edit the words in your recordings easily. It is a collaborative tool that mainly focuses on a collab with big brands Zoom. This app will also help you in controlling your voice speed and pitch volume. 

6. Sonix

Sonix is a transcription platform that is used by 40 million people from all over the world. It includes an automatic transcription for both audio and video files. You can easily use it, even if you are not that aware of the technology. This is because of the user-friendly interface that they offer. Their service is too fast that they give the result within 5 minutes of submitting the text. You can convert your text into more than 30 languages. 

7. Express Scribe

Express Scribe is again one of the fastest transcript delivery tools. You can get various tools including speed playback, playing video, file management, etc. It allows you to easily upload the document. All you need to do is, install it on your laptop/pc and can control it with the hotkeys. You can save a lot of time as using this platform will help you to slow or fast the speed of the audio or the text in it. It will automatically send the text to you. Also, this is a free tool that will make your transcription easy and fast.

8. Inqscrib

Inqscrib is a platform that helps you to transcribe video and audio for your digital media platform. This platform has a tutorial page to guide you on how to use it if you are a beginner in it. There is no use of mouse controls in it. There are not a lot of configurations needed to use this platform. This platform has both the free and paid version. However, the free version is only limited to some functions.

9. Maestra

Maestra is one of the platforms that are available in downloading format. You will need to download it first and then convert the text into speech software. This platform has over 50+ languages in which you can translate your text. It also provides you with instant voice-over in videos in more than 20 languages. You can create a collaborative experience in which you can allow some of your teammates to edit the video or the audio. Though the drawback of using it is that you will need to purchase it, as it only offers a 15-minute trial for you.

10. oTranscribe

oTranscribe is another tool used for converting audio into text with the help of manual transcription. You can pause, play, rewind, etc the audio which you need to add to the transcription. Despite being a web-based application, you can use it offline. Also, it allows you to edit the audio as well as the video within a single tab. The data that you are editing or transcribing, are stored within your computer and not in a cloud server.


Transcription is a work in which you need to convert the given text into a different language. As a transcriptionist, you will also need to provide the text for the audio given. You will need to perform a lot of functions like listening up to the audio and looking for the perfect wordings. Thus to ease your work there are a lot of transcription tools. This article helps you to find out the best tools for transcribing.

William Christie