10+ Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo (With Hacks)

Every task on Duolingo, helps me earn some experience points. These points are crucial when we take part in the leagues. So whenever I use it, I try different ways to get more XP. Many of them also helped me. I am sure you also want to know. Thus, here are some of the Fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo that really worked for me.

10+ Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo (With Hacks)
10+ Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo (With Hacks)

What are XP on Duolingo

Before showing you the ways, let me explain to you what they are. When you are completing the lesson you gain some experience points. According to Duolingo

The more XP you earn means you are more closed to the targeted language.

XP is a measure of your progress. If you want to win a league, you should have a huge amount of XP. Thus, you must know the hacks to get these XPs.

What are the Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo?

Every person has their own XP record. It means there is a highest score of XP that is tough to break. Of course, you will need to find out tricks to complete them. Let me show you some of the ways that I have used to earn XP faster. 

1. Using the Desktop version

The biggest advantage of using the desktop version of Duolingo is that there is no heart system. As I do not have to worry about losing a heart. I was able to practice anytime I wanted. Even if I had made a mistake, I still had the choice to practice. It made it easy to complete all the lessons. As your health is unlimited, you will also not need to use your gems. 

Update: Now there is no heart system for Android users. You get unlimited health on Android devices. But if you are using Duolingo on a Desktop or an iOS device, then there is a heart system.

10+ Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo (With Hacks)

2. Duolingo Event

Duolingo events are basically Skype video calls with other users to learn similar language. These events are usually free and help you to earn 250XP for a single event. Thus attending a Duolingo event is the fastest and easiest way of earning a lot of XP together. All you have to do is attend the call and complete the event. It is the best way of practicing the conversation language in addition to the regular Duolingo lessons.

Update: At present, it is known as Duolingo classrooms. You have to pay some money and there are no gems to attend them.

3. Early Bird Award

It is another way to earn a bunch of gems. To get it, complete the lessons early in the morning. The time duration for the early bird starts at 6 am. If you want to get this booster, wait until the evening, specifically until 6 pm. After that, you may see the award, which will help you double the XP score for 15 minutes.

4. Completing stories

Stories are part of your course which helps you to practise your listening and reading skills. It is a feature that has always helped me to develop my skills. Remember that these stories are only available for some courses like French, Spanish, etc. There are different activities as a part of the Duolingo stories. 

In the old version of Duolingo, there was available in a different tab for stories. However, if you are on a new learning path you will get these stories in the course itself. But at present, these stories are part of the lessons. In these stories, you will have to listen to a conversation and then answer different questions based on it. The first set of stories will earn you 14 XP per story. Gradually it will increase when you move to a harder level. When you are on a higher level, you may also get about 30 XP which is too high.

10+ Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo (With Hacks)

5. Duolingo XP boost up

As the name suggests, it helps to boost your XP score. It is a temporary booster that will help earn double XP points. It is a 15-minute-long booster. As you only have 15 minutes, you must complete short lessons first. Suppose you have completed a lesson of 10 XP. You complete the lesson without making a mistake. In such a case it will be 15XP. If you complete it with XP Boost, the maximum you can earn is 30 XP for simple lessons. Earlier there was also a perfect lesson boost which gives you additional XP when you complete the lesson without making any errors.

6. Do ramp-up challenges

Ramp-up is a timed challenge that you generally get on Saturdays and Sundays. It is one of the oldest timed challenges available on the platform. When you will take up these challenges you will get 40 XP within a specific time period. All you need to take care of is that you are not making p mistakes. These challenges will not only help you to get more XP scores but will also help you to increase your rank in the league. Ramp-up challenge is one such timed challenge, that focuses more on your learning.

7. Revise the old lessons

When you come far in the learning path, you get tough content in the course. You may not be able to earn some extra XP score. At such a point in time, you should revise the old content or take up the previous lesson again to earn more XP scores. However, if your ultimate goal is to learn the languages, I would not recommend you do it as it will only help you to increase your XP score. 

8. Switching off speaking and listening exercises

10+ Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo (With Hacks)

There are many situations when you want to earn more XP but can’t practice your lessons. Suppose, you are in a room with noise in it. In such a scenario you will have to tap on can’t speak nor and can’t listen now options. With it, both the exercises will be turned off. Although these exercises are super easy, you may only do writing exercises. Thus it will help you to gain some extra XP score. 

9. Testing the units

If you have just started your journey, you must not do it. But if you know some languages, it can be the best and easiest way to earn XP quickly. If you are on the new learning path, scroll down to the unit you want to take on. Just see for the button that has the option of ‘Jump here?’. Click on it, and you will get the test to skip the unit. When you skip one unit, you will earn 50XP. 

Hack: Suppose you are in unit 1 and want to go to unit 4, you must skip the units one by one. It is because if you directly jump on unit 4, you will only earn 50 XP. But if you will skip each of the units, it will help you earn more XP.

10. Take up a harder lesson

When you start a new lesson, you will see the option of taking up harder lessons. When you take up the harder lesson, you will earn double XP. However, you have to spend 20 to take up the harder lessons. 

11. Completing the audio lessons

Audio lessons are the feature that helps you to listen to a conversation between two native speakers of your targeted language. Audio lessons are a feature that is not available for every language. If your targeted languages have this option, you must take full advantage. All you have to listen to the conversation and answer the question asked. Once they introduce new words, you need to translate them loudly. You get 20XP for the individual lessons

10+ Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo (With Hacks)
10+ Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo (With Hacks)

12. Completing all the levels of Match madness

Though this challenge is not always available on the platform, you will get to know for how long it is available. If you are a super Duolingo member, you do not need to spend any gems to take them. However, as a free user, you must spend 30 gems. You will get a certain period where you will match the words with their meanings. The only reason to choose it is that you can practice on it as much as you can till the time is over.

When you complete the first level and reach the second level, you will earn more XP. So suppose if you are at level 1, you will get 40XP. Whereas, at level 2 you will get 50 XP. Similarly, the higher the level, the higher will be your XP score. If you think the next level is difficult, repeat the old levels to get more XP.

13. Practice hub

The practice hub is the part in which you can practice the levels that you have already unlocked.  The amount of XP you can earn is based on the number of mistakes you made previously. Thus, try to use it when you can get at least a 15-20 XP score in the lessons. 

14. Happy hour

Happy hour is another feature in which you will get 5 additional XP for every lesson you complete. As the name suggests, it is 60 minutes long duration time and is generally around 7-8 pm. Look for this time duration according to your local time zone. Although there is no particular day for it, in most cases, you will find it activated on Saturday evening.

10+ Fastest Ways to Get XP on Duolingo (With Hacks)

Further, you may also see it on Thursdays but it is rare. The best part of happy hours is that it is free of cost and you will not need to spend any gems for using it.

15. Joining friends on Duolingo

Duolingo is a platform where you can also make new friends. When you follow some Duolingo users you will also get to unlock your first achievement. The most interesting thing, I did was to share the link of my profile on different social media platforms. Due to it, I made new friends and earned XP. Remember that you will not be getting a lot of XP scores for making up new friends but will be able to complete the friend’s quest.

16. Set up your own goals

If you are a person who loves more and more competition, you must set up your own goals for getting a fixed number of XP scores daily. For example, you can keep a goal like earning 100 XP daily. Once you complete this goal for a week, try moving towards a higher goal. It will not only help you to get more XP scores but will also motivate you a lot.


Whenever you use Duolingo, you will see every task gives you some XP score. These XP scores are experience points considered as a measure of progress. It is a major point to win the leagues you are in. Thus, it is important to earn as much as you can. When I am in a league, I use different tricks to earn them. Multiple ways have worked for me. Try skipping up the units that you do not want anymore. You can also take part in the practice hub or happy hour. Additionally, I have shared many other ways in this guide that will help you earn more XP


How long should you use Duolingo per day?

Duolingo is a platform where you will find short lessons. Thus, using Duolingo for 15-30 minutes is enough to complete a single lesson.

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