A-Level Computer Science NEA Project Ideas

There are a lot of misconceptions based on being a computer science student. Many people think that computer science is at A-level in the subject in which the student has to sit in front of the screen of the computer and do the coding full stop their whole time is spent on the computer screen. But it is not the truth as computer science is a subject that has theoretical concepts and is being tested at the end of 2 years of computer science. You need to create different projects in it.

There are different types of NEA project ideas that you will need to take during A-levels like Mazw generation software, class playing AI, and voice recognization AI. Further, we have discussed all these ideas in detail for your better understanding.

A-Level Computer Science NEA Project Ideas

There are a lot of A-levels that you can take up and one of them is a computer science subject. Just like Geography, you will need to complete the NEA projects for computer science. The following are some A-level computer science NEA project ideas:

1. Maze generation software

If the student wants to implement different numbers of logarithms it can while programming a maze generator.

2. Bird migration pattern predictor

For this project, you have to study in depth how birds process migration and will have to find the correlation between the migration pattern and Geographic weather conditions. After this information, the student Have To program a predictor which could predict the future migration pattern which would be based on weather.

3. Rubik’s cube solver

Choosing a Rubik’s Cube solver will be the hardest project idea as it is difficult to learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. And it is not easy to create AI that learns how to solve the Rubik’s Cube and which will not be expected by a student. So choosing a Rubik’s Cube solver will be a great idea.

4. Supermarket stock management system

Firstly for making this project the students have to study in detail how the supermarket is operated. The supermarket is a Management that manages the stock and the staff who works within it. So the student can work on the Supermarket stock management system and help to manage the complex system.

5. Restaurant point of sale system (POS)

A restaurant point of sale system is a system that is used by the staff at the restaurant table while taking the food order. So the student should make the interface of the POS system friendly so that the staff can operate it easily. 

6. Chess-playing AI

Taking the project of making just playing AI is quite tough but if the student has done the project successfully it is shown that they will earn a grade for the NEA project. But if the student gets stuck into some issue with the project they can easily find the project solution or project idea online which will make it easy for the student to continue with the project.

7. Image recognition AI

Making image organization AI is as difficult as making a Rubik Cube as an EA project. If this student is successful in making the project of image recognition AI it is sure that the student will score the highest marks in a level computer science subject. The student will easily get help from the online resources which are available free for the student.

8. Voice recognition AI

The project is similar to the image recognition AI in which the student needs to have machine learning and neural network knowledge. And if you need some help you can easily get it through free online resources. It is sure that if a project is made by the student they will score high marks. 

9. Nuclear Power plant meltdown situation

For choosing this as a project the student first needs to explain the real-world conditions and has to create an Earth environment and the student needs to show the effect of nuclear power plant meltdown on the environment. The student can also show the effect of the radiation from nuclear power plants on the cities in the world.

10. Sales order processing system (SOP)

It is a system that manages sales and there is communication between the warehouse sales team and the client. If the student is making a sales order processing system for an NEA project they should add the following things to the system. 

  • Store order history. 
  • Generate invoices. 
  • Generate reports. 
  • Generate delivery notes. 
  • Send a reminder email.

11. DJ Software

For making the DJ software project one will need to have knowledge about the music as they have to learn a shed load in which they have to manipulate the audio files and if the student is successful in making a DJ software it is sure that they will get A*.

12. Quiz app

If a student makes a quiz app project in which the student can make an offline quiz app or can make this project a complex client-server quiz-style app it will be great for the student. Making this software will create more opportunities for the student to get an A*


After making the project as NEA ideas. The project will have a lot of analysis, planning, and trial with error detection full stop so the student should choose a project which is not so difficult that they are not able to make it and affect the Grades the student. The student can have many A-level computer science NEA ideas such as  Poker game interactive, circuit builder, software for calculating the big zero of an algorithm, tracking and monitoring Global shipping routes, 3D First person Shooter games, e-Commerce web apps, etc. 

William Christie