A Student’s top 10 tips for University Interviews

Think about the situation when you are accepted into the university you wanted to get into and are called for an interview. This is definitely the most exciting and at the same time the most nervous situation. Obviously, you do not want to miss a chance of getting selected just because of the interview, and thus it is important for you to know the best interview tips.

You must remember that the first impression is the last impression and thus you must be in dress properly and be on time. Remember to go through the course content and do proper research. Also, think about the questions that you can ask at that time. Further, we have discussed about the interview tips in detail for your better understanding.

Top 10 Tips for University Interviews

You may think of changing your mind after accepting the university offer. Following are the top 10 tips for preparing for a university interview-

1. Dressing up properly

When you are going for the interview, the first thing that the interviewer will notice in you is the way you present yourself. Thus the first thing that you must do is to present yourself properly before the interviewer. Do not choose any fancy dress.

Try to keep it simple and formal at the same time. Do not wear anything too outlandish as it will not look professional. Remember that wearing jeans for an interview is not considered to be professional. Try wearing pants or trousers. Make sure that you have combed your hair properly, worn the appropriate jewelry, etc. 

2. Be before the time

You would not like to make them wait as it will leave a bad impact on them. Therefore, you must be ahead of time. You must leave your home at least 30 minutes before the expected time. This is because, if you get stuck somewhere, you still have time to reach the interview place. Also when you are on time, you will get time to relax and refresh yourself before getting in for the interview. 

3. Read the description of the chosen program

As you are going for the interview, you must know about the program. Many times, there are students who do not know what is there in the program they have chosen. This may leave a wrong impression on the person who is taking your interview. You must be aware of the program you are taking up. It will help you to know what you will be studying in the whole program. Also, it will help you to find out which subjects are tough for you, and you may start focusing on studying these subjects. 

4. Setting up the device properly

If you are in a virtual interview, make sure that your whole device is set up properly. There is a proper internet connection and also there is no disturbance in the room. Also if possible set up your background as well. You must make sure that you have a light-colored background. 

5. Do research about the course more

You must do proper research about the course you have chosen. The interviewer may ask you questions that are related to the program. You must know what the expected job fields are, related topics, etc. Suppose you have taken a program in economics, you must be aware of the current scenario of the economy for you. 

6. Try a mock interview

You may take the help of your friends or family members to take a mock interview for you. This might not look like a strong step, but it is definitely worth trying. When you give a mock interview with someone whom you trust you will feel more confident about yourself. Another way by which you can do this is by taking the help of your current teachers.

7. Read the personal statement

When you are going for an interview many times the interviewer mainly asks you questions related to your personal statement. Your personal statement should be brief and must involve your achievements. Checking on the personal statement will help you remember the things you have added to your application. You must remember why you have added the things in your personal statement. This is important because if you do not know what you have written in your personal statement then it may slightly reduce your chances of getting selected.

8. Think about the potential questions you may ask

You must think about some of the questions that you may ask during the interview regarding the program. This is because it will help them to know about your potential. When you cross-questions to the interviewer, it will show them that you are really interested in the course and are really looking to get admission to it. This also helps in increasing your chances of getting selected for the university. However, you must remember that you are not asking silly questions to the interviewer. As it will look unprofessional and will not be worth it in getting selected.

9. During the interview 

When you are sitting in the interview, you must make sure that whenever you are communicating with the interviewer, you are in eye contact with them. When you make eye contact with them, it will show them that you are confident and trustworthy. You must also not do inappropriate things during your interview. Do not show them that you are nervous about the interview. 

10. Bring the additional documents

Do not forget to bring the additional documents with you. When you are going for the interview, you will be asked to bring some of the documents with you. Do not forget them. They are an important part of your interview, as it shows what your personality is. They may ask you to bring samples of the work you have done in the past (if possible). 


Your university interview is the final stage of your admission process to the university. You need to see that your interview goes well. When you are going for your interview you may be nervous about it. However, the above top 10 tips will definitely help you in getting prepared for your interview and will help you to get into it.

William Christie