All Duolingo Challenges Explained (+ How To Complete Them Quickly?)

Using Duolingo for learning the language is quite simple and easy. You will see different languages which you can learn. All you have to select your base and targeted languages. When you are learning a language you will be taking a course which has to follow a particular path. In this path, there are various units which include a lot of Duolingo challenges in it. These challenges will help you to earn XP points, and Gems, and increase your streak score. If you also do not know much about Duolingo Challenges, here we are to help you to know more about them.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo challenges are part of the daily lessons that you need to take up in a course. 
  • There are three types of Duolingo Challenges – Daily Quests, Friend Quests, and Monthly challenges.
  • Daily quests are random three tasks that you have to do.
  • Friends quests are similar to Daily quests but you have a partner to complete them.
  • Monthly challenges are the ones in which you are given a task like earning 1000 XP points in one month.

However, we still recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important information about them.

What are the Duolingo Challenges?

Just like Legendary levels, Duolingo challenges are part of the daily lessons that you need to take up in a course. You get to earn a streak score or gems when you are taking it. There are a lot of courses depending on the different languages available on Duolingo like Spanish, French, Japanese, etc. You can also get Podcasts or audio lessons for Spanish and French languages. According to the latest update you find these challenges divided into three different categories – Daily Quests, Friend Quests, and Monthly challenges. Along with them, there are leagues which are like weekly competitions in which you will be taking part. You can not take up these challenges offline. Further, we have discussed all these three categories one by one for your better understanding-

1. Daily Quests

Daily Quests were first included in Duolingo in 2022. To gain gems (that help to unlock status icons), you must basically complete a set of three random challenges each day. They are the ones which you can take up as a free member and not for plus membership. There are two types of subscription plans – Family and Individual plans. This set of three random challenges is known as Quest. These can include some of the following and are frequently rather simple:

There is another strange challenge that requires you to look for a character in one of your lessons. Unfortunately, the only option for it is to attend as many lessons as you can in the hope that the character will appear.

2. Friends Quests

They are again the same as the Daily Quests and were first introduced between May and June of 2022. In this type of quest, you again will be doing different tasks but not alone. Duolingo will pick up a random user with whom you will have to complete these challenges. These users are known as Duolingo friends and are refreshed every week. It will help you to get the achievements once you complete the challenge.

As in such tasks, two people are included, you both should cooperate with each other and try to complete the tasks by dividing the burden. Suppose you get the task of completing 20 lessons in 5 days, you can divide them among yourself. You can ask them to complete 10 lessons and the est 10 should be done by you. 

Monthly Challenges

There are three main problems with these monthly challenges-

  • You will get the usual 1000 XP challenges
  • Some new challenges are there with which you can complete a certain number of quests 
  • There are some people who are not getting any challenges at all.

Earlier the monthly challenges were the usual 1000 XP challenges. In these challenges, you were required to earn 1000 XP points in the month. These monthly challenges depend upon the languages available on the platform. So if you were able to get these 1000 XP points before the month ends, you get an exclusive budget for it. But currently, these challenges are a mix of either earning XP points or completing specific quests. However, there are XP ramp-up challenges which are basically timed challenges for earning more XP.

How to Complete Duolingo Challenges?

To complete your challenges much faster, you must make sure that you are checking for the Challenges after some duration. This will help you to know which upcoming challenges are for you. If you are taking part in Friends quests, make sure that you are working in a cooperative manner. Divide the work equally so that one does not find the burden of it. Also always remember that you will be getting the benefits from different challenges and thus you must enjoy taking part in them. You will get these challenges after various levels which are based on the levels you have completed.

How to get your Duolingo Challenges?

To get your Duolingo challenges you will have to go to the Challenges dashboard. You will have to tap on the little trophy icon at your lesson tree to go on your Challenge Dashboard. In the lessons, you will see funny sentences so that you stay engaged with the content. You will be able to see a list of the current challenges that you have taken up. You will see an option for the View challenge and it is used to know more about the monthly challenge. It will help you to know your progress and daily average recommendation, and you will also get to know the reward from that challenge.

If you move to the next tab you will be able to see which challenges you have completed and also the badges you have earned. There may be times you may not be able to get these challenges. The probable reason for it is that you are on the previous version of it and you need to update it. Once you will update it you will be able to see those challenges. To find the monthly challenges you will have to follow a similar process. You must remember that if you have removed a language, you may not get the Duolingo challenges for that language.

What will you earn for completing the challenge?

The following table will show what will you earn for completing different challenges-

Type of the ChallengeWhat will you get
Daily QuestsChest of Gems
Friend QuestsChest of Gems in addition to XP Boost
Monthly Challenges Exclusive Badge

April 2023 month’s challenge is named on the behalf of a Duolingo Character – Bea. The name for this month’s challenge is Bea’s Earth Day Celebration. Once you will complete it you will receive the badge known as Earth Day Badge. The task is to either earn 1000 XP in a month or complete certain quests before the month ends. You must remember that you will only get the badge if you have completed the task on time. So if you were not able to get it, you will not get a second chance to earn it. When you will complete the challenge you can see your badge under the completed section.

All the Duollino monthly challenges and Badge Name

The following table shows all the Duolingo monthly challenges in order according to the name of the months and year. You will also see the owl, every time your take part in the challenge. We have also included the bade that the users have earned on completing the challenges-

YearMonthsChallenge NameBadge Name
2021MayThe Hamamatsu Kite FestivalThe Hamamatsu Kite Festival badge
JuneThe 9th DuoversaryThe 9th Duoversary badge
JulyEddy’s Big RaceEddy’s Big Race badge
AugustOscar’s Duocon KeynoteOscar’s Duocon Keynote badge
SeptemberJunior’s Field TripJunior’s Field Trip badge
OctoberLily’s Jack-o-lanternLily’s Jack-o-lantern badge
NovemberOscar’s Mustache MarathonOscar’s Mustache Marathon badge
DecemberFalstaff’s Big SleepFalstaff’s Big Sleep badge
2022JanuaryZari’s Sparkly New YearZari’s Sparkly New Year badge
FebruaryLin and Lucy’s Lunar New YearLin and Lucy’s Lunar New Year badge
MarchVikram’s GardenVikram’s Garden badge
AprilZari’s Cherry Blossom PicnicZari’s Cherry Blossom Picnic badge
MayBea’s Mindfulness PracticeBea’s Mindfulness Practice badge
JuneA Decade of DuoA Decade of Duo badge
JulyJunior and Eddy’s Beach TripJunior and Eddy’s Beach Trip badge
AugustLily and Zari host DuoconLily and Zari host Duocon badge
SeptemberVikram’s Reading MarathonVikram’s Reading Marathon badge
October Lily’s Halloween CostumeLily’s Halloween Costume badge
NovemberDuo’s Big GameDuo’s Big Game badge
DecemberOscar Goes Ice SkatingOscar Goes Ice Skating badge
2023JanuaryCelebrate the New Year with DuoDuo’s New Year’s Party badge
FebruaryJunior’s Love LetterJunior’s Love Letter badge
MarchLily’s Punk Rock BandLily’s Punk Rock Band badge
AprilBea’s Earth Day CelebrationEarth Day badge


Duolingo challenges are the ones that you will be taking while following the path of completing the course. These challenges are part of the daily lessons that you will have to complete. These challenges generally help you to get XP points, gems, and badges. There are three types of challenges that you may find – Daily Quests, Friend Quests, and Monthly challenges.

Daily quests are random three tasks that you have to do whereas friends quests are similar to the Daily quests but you have a partner to complete them. Monthly challenges, on the other hand, are the ones in which you are given a task like earning 1000 XP points in one month. To get these challenges, you will have to get a little trophy on the Challenge dashboard. 


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