All Duolingo Crowns Explained: Why Do They Matter? (& How to Get Them?)

Duolingo is a platform that allows you to learn different languages with the help of different activities. When you use Duolingo you will see a lot of different things like leagues, XP score, streaks, etc. One such thing that you may see on the platform is Duolingo crowns. If you are listening to these crowns for the first time and are not sure about them, don’t worry. Here we will guide you about Duolingo crowns in detail so that you could have a deep understanding of what are they about.

Quick Takeaways

  • Crowns are the rewards that you get when you complete the level in a particular skill.
  • To earn the Duolingo crown, you will have to complete a specific number of lessons in particular skills.
  • Once you have earned a crown, you will earn a golden owl and the topics will be converted into Golden colour.
  • How many crowns you will be earning varies with the course you have taken. However, the maximum number of crowns that you can earn from skill is five.
  • Unlike your streak score, you will not be losing any of your crowns once you have achieved it.

However, we still recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important facts related to the Duolingo Crowns.

What are Duolingo Crowns?

The official statement by Duolingo states that:

“Crowns are a feature that we believe lets us teach better. Each skill you do has a ‘Crown Level’ associated with it. When you level up a skill, you earn a Crown, and the types of exercises you see will get harder.”

In short, we can say that crowns are like the rewards that you get when you complete the level in a particular skill. As Duolingo is a free platform, you can take these crowns freely. However, how many lessons you will need to complete for earning a crown depends upon 1the course you have taken. There are 5 crowns for each skill. When you will receive a crown, the lessons will become more difficult. You will see a lot of sentences that are funny in nature. When you are completing the lessons you may also see Legendary levels which will help you to get Duolingo crowns.

It can be concluded that it represents how many levels you have completed in the course. So if you have 100 crowns in Japanese, it means that you completed 100 levels of it. It also depicts that unlocking the next crown is harder than the first one. If you do not want to study the course, you can think of removing it from your list.

Why do these Duolingo crowns matter?

These crowns are the way for measuring how far you have reached on Duolingo. You may also use it as a way of setting up goals and earning the golden Duolingo owl. So when you will receive 1 crown you will unlock the golden owl for it. You will also see different characters on the platforms. Further, you are not able to do anything else with the crown. We can conclude that Duolingo crowns are not much of use as compared to other features like gems and leagues. When you will complete the lesson either offline or online you can get up to the crown level.

How do you earn Duolingo crowns?

To earn the Duolingo crown, you will have to complete a specific number of lessons in particular skills and get a level up in difficulty for a lesson. These lessons are part of the course which you have taken. These courses were earlier developed on a platform known as Duolingo incubator. When you click the particular skill you will see how many levels are there and how many crowns you can earn. If you see Level ½, it means that there are only two crowns that you can earn on it. Whereas if you see Lessons ¼, it means that you will have to complete 4 lessons for a single crown.

So how many crowns you will earn will depend on the skill and the language you have taken. There is no specific way by which you can earn these crowns faster. However, one such way by which you can earn them faster is by clicking on all the skills and seeing which skill requires the least number of lessons to get a crown.

What are the other measures of progress?

There are two main measures of progress other than Duolingo crown-

1. XP Score

Your XP score will help you to know how much you are doing in the course. Whatever you do you will be gaining some XP points. These XP points help you to maintain your position on the Duolingo leagues which helps you to get additional gems which will help you to unlock new status icons. Thus you can try to take the XP ramp-up challenge (type of timed Challenge) to get more XP points. You can also earn some extra XP when you complete a lesson in Duolingo happy hour.

2. Streak score

The other measure is the streak score that you maintain on the Duolingo account. When you are active on Duolingo and perform a task it will help you to increase your streak score. Basically, a streak helps you to know how many days you have completed your lesson. So if you have used 5 days to complete one lesson your streak score becomes 5. When you create a streak score of 365 days you unlock additional benefits by getting VIP status and unlocking the streak society. You can not increase them with the help of a Duolingo Plus membership. There are two membership plans that you can take up Individual and Family plans.

How many crowns does your course have?

The number of crowns your course will have will vary with the subject. Thus there is no fixed number for it. If you still want to look at the number of crowns for your course, all you have to do is first take the course and then go on to the Duome app. Duome is an unofficial website on which you can look for how many crowns you have. Not only this you can also check which position you are on the Duolingo leaderboard.

Further, you can also check who has the highest streak score and where you stand. To check how many crowns you have received till now, all you have to include is your name after the website on the browser. However, further, we have provided the number of skills along with total crowns, for five different languages, which have English as a base language-

Name of the LanguageNumber of SkillsNumber of Total Crowns

Will regular practice increase the number of crowns?

No, practising, again and again, will never increase the number of crowns for you. Once you will receive the five crowns for each of the skills, the skill will turn golden in colour. However, after some time your gold skill will break down and you will need to restore it. You will see different podcasts on the two different languages like Spanish and French.

How to restore a skill on Duolingo?

To restore a skill on Duolingo, just click on the skill and then click on the practice option. When you will practice for it you will earn 10XP for practising the skill. After some time it will break again and you have to practice it again to restore it. You will also have to take on a lot of different challenges on the platform which will help you to unlock different achievements.

Can you lose the crowns once you have earned them?

Although once you earn a crown you will see it turning in golden colour. Though it will break after some time, you need to restore them. However, this does not mean that you will be losing the crown which you have already earned.

How can you use this crown for motivating yourself to complete the course?

As we already discussed you will receive the crown once you complete a skill. Thus you can make a strategy of earning a crown in every skill. Further, we have discussed two main ways by which you can motivate yourself-

Earn 1 crown in each skill

Earning a single crown in each skill means that you have completed the single level. On getting 1 crown in each of the skills you will earn the golden owl. You will see the basic green app icon, turning into a golden owl.

Earn 5 crowns in each skill

With each skill, you can earn a maximum of 5 crowns. Once you will receive all 5 crowns your topic will become gold. When you will receive it, it will again break and you need to restore it. 

These two ways will help you to stay motivated and complete your lessons on time.


Duolingo crowns are the rewards that you get when you complete the level in a particular skill. Although they are not much important they help you to know how much progress you have made. However, there are two different factors for measuring progress- XP Score and Streak Score. The number of crowns that you can earn on this platform will depend upon the course you have taken. The maximum number of crowns that you can get from a skill is around 5. These crowns will not be lost once you have earned them.


Is it better to get all crowns in Duolingo?

Although crowns are not of much use, you must still try getting all the crowns as they help to know where you are in Duolingo.

How many crowns on Duolingo are good?

The maximum number of crowns that you can earn from a single skill is 5. However, the total number of crowns that you get from the course will vary. Thus the right number will depend upon the course you have taken.

William Christie