Applying for Head Boy or Head Girl at School – The Comprehensive Guide

Every school has its own head boy or girl. You might also be looking on for this position as it is one of the most important positions in your school. Being a head boy or head girl means handling a lot of school responsibilities. In addition to that, it also looks great on your VC. Thus if you think that this position is what you want, you must apply for Head Boy or Head Girl at School.

To become a school head boy or a girl it is important to get a nomination first. You can either be nominated by the teacher or you may nominate yourself by sending a written application. Further, let us learn about applying as a head boy or girl in detail.

Applying for Head Boy or Head Girl at School

  • To become a school head boy or a girl it is important to get a nomination first. There are chances that your teacher might nominate your name by sharing it with higher staff members. You can also get a nomination for becoming school perfect.
  • Another way by which you can nominate yourself is by applying via writing the application. Your school will ask you to write an application about why you want to get this position.
  • Remember that this is the last shot for you to show the head committee why you should be nominated for this position.
  • After sending your nomination application wait for the shortlisted list. The committee will be directly in contact with you about your application.
  • Once your name is there give them the presentation on why you are the best choice for it. Obviously, as a head, you will need to speak at many places where you are representing your school, thus giving a presentation help them to analyze your communication skills.
  • You will also need to give an interview. Remember they could ask anything in the interview. They can ask you about your personal goals, why should they select you, etc. They might give you some situations and ask you to tell them what will you be doing in the particular situation.
  • The last step is to wait for the final result. The final selection of each school is different. You either be selected by the head team or by the student council and in some cases by both. 
Applying for Head Boy or Head Girl at School – The Comprehensive Guide

How does your school choose a Head Boy or a head girl?

This will depend upon the school you are studying in. In some schools, the final decision is made by the head council and in some schools, it might be by the student council. You must be in contact with the higher councils to know who chooses the final head person. Although for the final selection, you will need to first nominate yourself by sending them the application.
Your teachers might also nominate you for this position. After giving your name a list of shortlisted names will come. After that, you may need to give a presentation or an interview to analyze yourself. And then finally will be selected by either the head or students council or both.

What are a role and duties of the head boy and the head girl?

Following are some of the roles and responsibilities of a head boy and head girl-

  • You will be representing the school at various events and competitions.
  • Organizing regular meetings with the student council in order to see the problems faced by the students and accordingly create decisions.
  • Reporting the things going on in the school to the seniors of the leading team.
  • You will need to take care of discipline in school. 
  • Coordinating with the senior navigators and making sure that they are performing their duties perfectly.
  • You will be the internal as well as an external ambassador of the school.
  • Attending various meetings with the governor and discussing how the student’s voice is making an impact on the school’s policy.

What should be included in a student head application?

When you will be applying for the position of head boy or head girl, you will need to give an application about why you want to get this position. This application may be sent to the head of the year or your head teacher depending on the school to which you are applying. Thus it is important that you write it effectively and that too without any grammatical or spelling errors.

  • Having grammar and spelling errors will leave a bad impression making your chances of selection lower. Therefore, it is better to proofread your application before sending it.
  • This application will be your chance of getting selected for the nominations. Try to add examples of your personal experience that shows the skills like teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills.
  • Do not mention things like it looks great in your CV even though you are applying for that reason. Try to add how being a head girl or a boy will help you to grow as an individual. 

What qualities make a good head boy or a girl?

To become a good head boy or a girl you will need to have the following skills-

1. Communication skills

As you will require to do a lot of work, it is important for you to have good communication skills. No school would want a head who is not able to speak in front of other people.

2. Leadership skills

Being a head boy and a head it is important for you to have good leadership qualities. This is because there will be many times when you will be leading your school in different competitions.

3. Organizational skills

Organizational skills play a vital role. It is your duty to keep things organized manner. You will be responsible for the smooth functioning of various activities happening in the school.

4. Teamwork

Though you will need to lead various teams in the school, it is important that you take your team as a whole. It is important for you to work in a team properly and therefore you should have team skills. 


Being a head boy or head girl is a prestigious opportunity. You will be responsible for various activities occurring in the school. Not only this you will also be responsible for leading the school in from of other schools. Though to become a head boy or a girl you will need to go through various stages like applying for nominations, interviewing, and the final selection. If you have good communication, teamwork, and leadership skills then you must apply for this position. 

William Christie