Are UK Private Schools worth it? – A Statistical Analysis

There are thousands of private schools and millions of students are studying every year in the school. When you put your kids in school, you are always worried about their education. Thus you want to make sure that they go to the best schools. While choosing the schools most people are confused about the is it worth putting the child in private schools.

Private schools are definitely worth it as the size of the classes is generally small and the teachers could focus on your child more effectively. Most of the people in higher posts in the government sector are from private schools.

Are UK Private Schools Worth it? – A Statistical Analysis

When we talk about career-wise, the students who have studied in private schools previously have the majority of getting a career related to the government. For example, 71% of the senior judges are people who were educated privately. The private school also comes in the top place for providing subjects such as classics. The average charge taken from the student by the private school is 17232 euros.

The tuition fee increases more and more as the students spend the year in private schools. Due to this many students drop their plans for attending private school. In the private school, the class sizes are smaller than in the other school and it provides the student with a good learning experience.

But this does not mean that your kid will do excellent in academics. As generally said that it is their hard work that makes them successful and not others. If you think putting your child in a private school will help them to grow then you are wrong. If your child does not do the hard work, they may not get what they want. Thus along with the best private schools, you must make sure that the child is working hard.

What Grades do Privately Educated Students Obtain?

There are different types of schools like foundation and comprehensive schools. The following are the two factors that help the Student of the private school get a higher grade than the other school students. 

  • The students of the private school get good grades as the private school teachers get lean towards traditional topics such as math, English literature, Biology, etc. The teacher of the private school also will have more experience in the teaching line of the subject and due to this, the student is able to achieve higher grades than the normal or average student in a level.
  • The student who goes to private school will have more availability of teacher to help them with any issue related to the subject. There will be less number of children in school due to the high cost of the private school. The resources used by the private school are better than the average state school.

What Differences Are There When Considering Finances?

Public Schools are the schools that receive money from the government whereas private schools are the schools that receive funding through tuition fees not getting any funding and financial aid from the government. If a school is financially in a good situation then it will have good resources which impact the student’s learning life. The tuition fee charged by the private school annually is considered to be 17000 euros. However, even after paying so much if your kid is not willing to go to school, you must think of calling the police.

What Careers do the Students Have in the Future? 

By a survey, it has been noticed that a large portion of the UK top jobs. The following asks about the career and the percentage of the person who has studied through an independent School.

  • 71% of people have the job of a senior judge who has been educated in a private school. 
  • 62% of the people are doing the job of a senior Armed force officer who has been educated in a private school. 
  • 57% of the people are doing the job of common select committee chair who is educated from the Independence School
  • 55% of the people are doing the job of a permanent secretary who is educated at a private school.

So by seeing this, it is clear that the person who is from a private school occupies the majority of the top job in the UK.

What is the Teaching like in Private Schools? 

The teachers chosen by the private school are the best of the best and it is not compulsory for the teacher to have a qualified certificate to get into the private school. The curriculum that you will be studying also varies with each of the private schools.

As 52% of the teachers in the private school are those who have a bachelor’s degree, 40% of the teachers in the private school are those who have a master’s degree and only 3% of the teachers have a Ph.D. So the school does not just see the qualification but they want a teacher who has a good technique of teaching the student.


The private school has a good environment for teaching the student and the student who is qualified to a private school does possess to achieve a top job in the UK when compared to the common School. As the school has a small class size, the students get more interaction with the teacher and there are not many students in the class so the students are able to concentrate on their studies.


Do private schools produce better results? 

Recent data shows that private school students score better than other students in all subjects. They may also have more school-perfect options like head boy/girl which help them to become more confident.

What percent of the UK is privately educated? 

Around 7% of the children and 18% of the people over the age of 16 are being privately educated.

William Christie