How To Get Unlimited Hearts By Beating The Heart System On Duolingo?

Duolingo is a platform where you learn a new language with the help of a lot of different lessons which are part of different units. When you are completing your lessons you will be getting various rewards like XP and an increase in streak score. Although when you are practising on it, you will see hearts on your screen. To take up a new lesson you need these hearts. As there are limited hearts that you get, you may want to know what are the ways for beating the heart system on Duolingo. Thus here we will guide you on how to get unlimited hearts so that you can continue your practice without any problem.

Quick Takeaways

  • The heart system on Duolingo is the life that you get for practising in the normal lessons. 
  • You will generally get 5 lives and for each mistake you make you will be losing one life.
  • Following are the ways to get unlimited hearts in Duolingo and beat the heating system-
1. Using the desktop
2. Taking up super Duolingo
3. Practice sessions
4. Watch the ads
5. Use the gems
6. Using translators

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial facts related to the heart system and also to know about ways for beating up the heart system in detail.

What is the heart system in Duolingo?

When you use Duolingo on the mobile you will see the heart system on the platform. These hearts are the life that you can use to practice in your lessons. However, if you are using the desktop version you will not get this heart system. As the heart system will help you to take up lessons, when you make a mistake you lose one of your life. In starting you will be getting 5 lives and when you make a mistake you will be losing one life at a time. Thus if you make five mistakes you will lose all your lives and will not be able to take another lesson till it refills.

According to the system, each life you lose will take four hours to refill. So if you lose two lives, you will have to wait for 8 hours to gain them both. This becomes really frustrating especially when you really want to complete a course and want to learn the language and become fluent. To save you from it we are here to discuss the ways for beating up the heart system and getting more hearts. The heart system keeps motivating you to do better in the course and was also part of the course when it was created in the Duolingo incubator.

What are the ways for beating the heart system on Duolingo?

Following are the ways for getting unlimited health on Duolingo

1. Using the desktop

One of the best and most free methods of getting unlimited health on Duolingo is to use the desktop version. According to the official statement made by Duolingo, they have zero plans of bringing the heart system to the desktop version. Thus if you have a laptop or can manage to use the desktop version, you must use it for getting unlimited health. Further, there is no such clarification on why they are not adding the heart system on the desktop.

If you are not able to get a laptop or a computer for using the desktop version, you can do that on your mobile as well. All you have to do is to go on the browse and look for the desktop version of it. Now put the login details in it and use the desktop version for Duolingo.

2. Taking up super Duolingo

Super Duolingo or Duolingo Plus is the subscription plan for Duolingo which helps you to get extra premium features like unlimited health, zero ads, etc. Generally, you will get 2 premium plans – Individual and Family plans. Thus you can practice as many times as you want. Further, there are many other benefits of having Duolingo Plus, you do not need to spend gems for taking up the legendary levels and also do not need to use gems for refilling them.

The cost that you will be paid depends upon the plan you are taking, the area of living and the duration for which you are taking. Although earlier you were able to get the course offline only with Duolingo Plus, with time you can now get the course offline with the free version also. With the help of Duolingo Plus, you are also able to restore your streak score whenever you want to. When you complete 365 days streak, you will be unlocking streak society and getting a VIP status.

3. Practice sessions

When you are losing your heart, you must try to take up your practice sessions. The biggest problem is many of the users do not know more about these practice sessions. These sessions are the ones on which you can practice the content that you have studied till fae. The best part of practice sessions is that you can practice as much as you can without worrying about the mistakes you are making. Once you are done with the practice sessions you will be earning a new life for it.

To get this session you will have to tap on the heart icon which will give you a lot of options to take up. Find the complete practice option and select it. There is no limit to taking up the practice sessions and thus if you want to get more lives you can take up more than 2-3 practice sessions. 

4. Watch the ads

Obviously, no one in the world will want to watch the ad while using Duolingo. Though it is an irritating feature of Duolingo it will guarantee you an extra life if you have already loose two of them. Although you must remember that there is a limit to the number of times you do it. There are generally two times when you can view the ad to get an extra life. You will be expected to get the invitation of watching the ad before starting a new lesson.

The second time when you expect to get the life by watching the ad is when you will complete your first practice session. With it, you may get a chance of getting double lives with the ad as well. So if you are short on lives you must try to watch the ad to refill them.

5. Use the gems

When you complete a task, unlock new achievements, etc you get to earn a lot of gems or lingots with them. Although the main advantage of using these gems is to unlock the new lesson, there are many other things that you can use on. You can use them to buy the streak freeze, get the costumes for Duo or unlock the bonus lessons. One such thing that you can think of buying with the help of it is the hearts. When you buy the hearts inside the lessons, you need to pay around 450 gems.

Further when you need to buy hearts outside the lesson then you will have to pay a little less around 350 gems. Obviously, it cost you a lot of gems and you may not be having this much amount of gems with you. However, we suggest that you must not spend it on purchasing the XP boost up or streak freeze so that you can save them for refilling the hearts. Also, earlier these gems were also used for perfect lesson boosts, but eventually, they were removed from the platform.

6. Translators

When you go on further lessons, the level will become more difficult. Thus the chances of making mistakes become more and thus you start losing your lives. In such a case you must try getting translators for yourself which will make it easy for you to understand the content. There are high chances that it may not always work but definitely, it will help you to reduce the chances of making mistakes while completing the lessons. Though it is a good way of saving yourself from making a lot of mistakes on Duolingo, you must not do it often.

It is because you are using Duolingo for learning a new language like Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, etc and using the translator will definitely make it easy for you to complete the lesson, and thus you may also not get a lot of learning from it. When you will spend more time learning the language you will get a better understanding of various words and sentences. Thus try to use translators less as it will restrict your learning part. But as there is a heart system in Duolingo you may need to use a translator to stay more in the language learning.

Why do you want unlimited hearts?

Duolingo is a platform which helps you to learn new languages but gives you a lot of perks and punishments. When you complete a new lesson you get some gems and XP points which are further used for different purposes. Similarly, the heart system is the feature which helps to punish the users when they make mistakes on the platform. When you make an error in the lesson you lose health.

Thus anyone who is using Duolingo will want to get unlimited heart Duolingo. If you are a person who loves to practice a lot on Duolingo, you may lose your life during the practice. Thus if you want to do a lot of practice and complete the lessons you will want to get unlimited health. 


When you are using Duolingo you will have to complete various lessons on it. To complete these lessons, Duolingo provides you with the heart system. This heart system is like the lives that are given to you. Generally, there are 5 lives that are given to you and you will lose one life when you make a mistake. Thus if you are a regular user of Duolingo you may be looking for ways to get unlimited health. One of the best ways to get is by using the desktop version.

When you use the desktop version of Duolingo you will be getting unlimited hearts. Further, if you are a Plus member you will again get unlimited health. If you can take up the subscription plan and are unable to get the desktop version you may think of taking up the practice sessions or using translators. Further, if you are having a lot of gems then you can use them or watch ads to refill your hearts.


Does Duolingo give unlimited hearts?

Without any doubt yes, Duolingo does provide its users with unlimited hearts. All you have to use the desktop version or buy the subscription plan of it.

What happens when you run out of hearts on Duolingo?

As hearts are used to practice in the normal lessons, you will not be able to take part in the new lesson. Thus you will have to wait for another four hours to get your life back. However, there are other ways like using the desktop version or taking up practice sessions to get unlimited heart or refill them.

William Christie