Best A-Level Combinations for Universities

Your A-levels are the most important part that will decide which university you will go to. You need to have the right A-levels. Thus it is important to choose the right combination of A-levels according to your choice of career and university.

Some of the most common A-levels combination are Mathematics, Physics, Further maths; and sociology, art, and photography. Further, we have mentioned other A-level combinations and explained them in detail.

12 Different combinations of A-levels that are important for a University – Best A-Level Combinations for Universities

There are different A-levels that you can take up. But before thinking about that, you must know if your A-levels are harder than the university or not. Following are the combinations of A-levels that you can take for yourself-

1. Mathematics, Physics, and Further math

A-level in mathematics is one of the most highly ranked A-levels that is seen by most prestigious universities. If you are looking to take up Math, you can also take up further math. These two are the perfect way of showing the universities how capable you are and these two A-levels can help you to get into hard universities. Adding up Physics is one of the subjects that will help you to increase your numerical knowledge. This combination will help you to get into b-tech, data science, etc.

2. Sociology, Art, and Photography

Sociology can be used with your Art and Photography, opening your path to a good university. Universities are aware of the amount of work required for both photography and art and take this into account. They also understand the difficulty of Sociology and the type of student required to succeed. Remember that Photography and Art can be combined with almost any other academic subject, but especially the sciences.

3. Computer science, math, and physics

Technology is one thing that is growing day by day and most universities are looking for students who have computer science knowledge. Having these three subjects together as your A-levels will help you to get into good universities. If you are looking for a career related to computers this is one of the best choices of combination for you. 

4. Chemistry, Physics, and Computer sciences

This is a perfect combination for students who are looking to get into a science course at the university. Chemistry and physics are the two subjects that are the main sciences. This combination can again let you enter several science streams like b-tech, big data, etc. Also do remember that you will need to have good scores in the subjects as well. 

5. Geography, Biology, and Physics

An unexpected subject combination, but one that could lead to a variety of environmental-related university courses like geology, agriculture studies, environmental science, etc. By combining physics, students can gain access to environmental engineering courses and careers, such as mineral engineering.

6. Math, Chemistry, and Biology

This is one of the combinations that you will need to get into a medical-related stream. Be it dentistry, or any other stream you will need this combination. This is important because being a student in medicine, you will need to know which salt you will need to give in a particular disease and in how much quantity. Thus knowing these subjects will help you in medicine.

7. Art, Computer science, and Graphic Designing

As one of the A-levels here is Graphic designing this means that this combination is definitely for you if you are looking for a career in Graphic designing, animations, or video editing. This will help you to increase your creativity level and also will help you to get admission to a good university.

8. Arts, Mathematics, and Physics

Having this combination will help you if you are looking for an architect at your university. These subjects will help you to understand what are the main concepts of the subjects that are used in the architectural field. You will also be developing some practical skills that will help you in your course.

9. Music, Music Technology and Sciences

There are numerous music universities to choose from with the help of a music A-Level. Music is a talented and creative subject that universities value because it demonstrates your creativity level. Combining science with Music and Music Technology broadens your skill set, which universities value. If you have both a creative and an academic subject, such as science, you will be accepted into university much faster.

10. Business Studies, Economics, and Math

This combination is ideal for students preparing to enter undergraduate programs in finance, economics, and accounting. This combination will also highlight students’ numerical abilities as well as their ability to analyze and communicate which are highly important skills. Taking this combination will help you to learn about various business terms like CEO, CLO, marketing, etc. However, if you are thinking of becoming a person who looks at financial problems, then you may need to have the CFA level 1 exam.

11. History, Economics, and Politics

This is one of the best combinations as all three are related to each other. History will help you to know about the history of your economy and your country. If you talk about economics there are concepts in which you will need to study the history of your economy as well. This is something similar to the subject of history. Your political subject will again revolve around history and economics. To understand the political system of the country it is important to know its history and economics.

12. Arts, Mathematics and Business Studies

Taking Art in association with Business and Math can lead to a variety of artistic and business-related courses such as fashion. You can find various makeup courses if you want to get into fashion design. Because the creative industries are already massive and expanding, there are numerous opportunities for students who can combine creative ability with a solid understanding of business and finance.


Taking up the right A-levels is one of the most important things in your life. It is important for you to choose the right A-level combinations for yourself to enter the university. There are several A-level combinations that you can take up related to your job career. This article gives you 12 such combinations that are helpful for your career and will help you to get into the best universities.

William Christie