8 Best Educational Apps For Kids and Students

Digital learning has become one of the most seen learning forms in current times. This has given rise to different Edtech companies that help students to learn various subjects. You can find apps that can help you or your kids in learning new languages, and coding, or may help you to clear your educational concepts. There are so many educational platforms that are emerging with time, that it might confuse you about which one you need to choose. Thus we will be discussing a few of the Best Educational Apps For Kids and Students.

Some of the best apps are Homer, Quizlet, Duoling, Hopscotch, etc. Further, we have discussed these apps along with others in detail for your better understanding.

8 Best Educational Apps For Kids and Students

There are a lot of benefits to interactive learning. Thus you must find out the ways by which you can interact with and teach the students. You can also enroll them in 3k programs which will help them to boost their confidence. Following is the list of the educational platforms that help students and kids in their education-

1. Homer

This educational app is appropriate for all interested children looking to learn something new. This is the best choice, especially for younger children who are still in the early stages of development. Homer is made to support kids in the growth of their capacity for critical thought.

Guiding them on their personalized educational journey, helps them develop their confidence for the future. You will get a range of engaging interactive lessons and exercises that are customized for each student’s abilities and interests. The program focuses on your child’s attention and guarantees that their screen time is helpful. The lessons are targeted to their interests and skills in addition to being enjoyable and engaging. Homer is the best choice for you as it provides you with personalization so that you can keep the kids engaged.

2. Quizlet

For high school students, studying independently is crucial. Quizlet is one of the best apps available for studying topics that will be tested all alone. It makes it simple to study for exams by allowing you to make as many flashcard sets on your phone or computer. It provides a variety of exam formats. It may include true/false and multiple-choice questions. There are also millions of sets that students have already created.

3. Busy Shapes

Busy Shapes supports the philosophy of independence and at the same time experiential learning. As a result, it’s ideal for young children who are just beginners in using technology. Learning about how items relate to one another and how to handle them is one of its main features. Playing Busy Shapes is easy. Children will have to match the shape of the object with the appropriate hole by dragging it into it. It lets your child move the shapes around. This platform also teaches them spatial awareness which also helps them to deal with advanced mathematics questions.

4. ABCmouse

This app is created for younger children aged 2 to 8. It provides a curriculum for students from pre-K through second grade. They cover all the basic subjects like reading, social studies, math, etc. Children have a lot of options for learning, like fun activities, instructional games, etc. However, it is primarily concerned with language and reading. Their curriculum is built around word families, uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, etc. Because there are so many books and readers available on the app, it is excellent for young children who are just learning to read.

5. Duolingo

It is one of the most popular free language learning apps available online. Duolingo is excellent for children who have recently begun speaking. The integrated learning strategy used in this app is beneficial for all ages of kids. You will find more than 34 languages available on Duolingo just like Hitutor. The customized and well-structured lesson plans on Duolingo are its strongest feature. Every course comprises a collection of modules that contain lessons at every level. The other module will become available once you’ve completed a predetermined amount of modules. You will need to have gems on this platform to learn a new language.

6. Google Arts and Culture

With the help of Google’s interactive Arts & Culture platform, you may learn about international cuisine, tour museums, history, cultures, etc, from all around the world. Although the selfie function on Google Arts and Culture, which lets you compare your face to famous artwork, becomes popular, the website and mobile application also offer a variety of information on museum collections, theater and performing arts, etc. If you are assigned research projects, Google Arts and Culture is an excellent resource for you. It may offer in-depth information including photographs and videos.

7. Hopscotch 

It is a coding platform that is developed for children between the ages of 9 and 11. Hopscotch is designed exclusively for mobile devices like iPads and iPhones. Your kids can construct their programs by simply dragging and dropping commands and instructions into a script. By selecting characters, they may also personalize their programs. They can also save and share their creations with the Hopscotch community. It’s a fantastic method for children to express their creativity and begin learning about computer programming. Your kids will not have to worry about complex, technical code language.

8. Prodigy

Because of how it is put up, Prodigy is one of the platforms which is most like a math game available. It is an online and mobile game that teaches math concepts to children in grades one through eight.  Prodigy is more focused on testing their existing understanding. By correctly answering questions, children can collect spells and get into the monster battle as they travel through many fantasy worlds. Prodigy is well-liked by children, but one issue for parents is that it appears to put a lot of pressure on players to pay for in-app purchases.


Using the educational platforms available online can help you a lot. Some platforms specifically focus on a particular age group others may target mix-age students. You can find platforms that will help you to learn different subjects and even different languages. This article is a complete guide that will help you to know about the 8 best educational apps for students as well as kids. 

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