Can a Professor change a Final Grade?

The students are assigned the final grade at the end of the semester which makes clear the student’s academic score including in particular subject grades. Changing the final grade depends on the guideline of the college which varies from college to college.

Your professor can change the final grade if the reason to change it is genuine. Though they may have to follow the rules to change it. Further, we have discussed about it in detail.

Can a Professor change a Final Grade?

Can a Professor change a Final grade?

A professor can change the final grade of the student when the changes in the grade are genuine and makes the final grade score affect more. The professor can change the grade of the student by following all the policies and rules met by the university or college. It will depend upon the professor who is teaching you. There is also a very rare chance your professor may change the final grade after the completion of the final grade. Your professor may also have already seen your GPA.

Why does the professor need to change the final grades?

Although your professors may have kept the record in their gradebooks, they may still need to change the grades. Following are some reasons why a professor needs to change the final grades of the student but the procedure of change in the grade varies from college to college. The reason is as follows:

1. Mistake in calculating:

The professor can change the final grade if there is any mistake in counting the marks of the student or if the professor has written the wrong data in the final grade. Then the professor changes the previously submitted data with the new data. 

2. Marking mistake:

If the student sees that the marking of the question is given wrong by the professor and it affects the grade then the professor has to change the final grade of the student. 

3. Lost papers that were recovered:

The professor has to check various papers of the student and could have lost the paper. The professor left the final grade with no marks but the student claims that he/she was present during the exam. This makes the professor change the final grades of the student. 

4. Changing from incomplete grades to final:

This happens when the student is not able to come to college due to illness and unavoidable situations or any function. So before that, the record of the incomplete tests is changed by the professor for the students

5. Reversal of unfair late submission penalties:

If the student was not able to submit the paper on time and mostly the papers are not acceptable by the institutions. But if the student gives a valid reason behind the late submission and the reason is proved by the administration then the professor has to change the marks of the student. 

6. If plagiarism is noticed after the grading is given by the professor:

After the grading is done by the professor and then if the professor notices that the paper submitted by the student contains plagiarism the student’s marks will be detected. So, here the professor has to change the grade of the student. 

7. After successfully remarking the papers:

If the student applies for rechecking the papers thinking that the marks obtained are less than the student thought. So the paper is being checked again by a new professor who can either detect the marks or give more marks. This will make the professor change the grade of the student. 

What causes Grade Errors when marking Assignments?

Mistakes can be made by anyone so the professor may also make mistakes in counting the marks or anything. You should not think that the professor is giving him fewer marks even though the student has written the exam well but this is not the case. the following are some grade errors that the professor makes while marking the assignments:

Typing errors:

The professor may make typing errors when the assignment submitted is very much by the different students which can lead to typing errors.

Marking errors:

The professor makes a marking error when they have to check different topics in different classes and due to this, the professor gives the wrong marks.

Grade calculation errors:

The student’s final grades are made by calculating several papers of different subjects where the professor may lead to grade calculation errors and the student may see the error while counting the marks of the paper.

Misplacing papers:

If the professor misplaces the paper the student by mistake then the professor will not have any record of the student which will create a marking error in the assignment.


The professor can change the final grade according to the guidelines of the institution. if the institution does not allow the professor to change the grade then the professor could not be able to change the grade of the student. the student has to first submit the form for rechecking or remarking on the grades.


Can grades be changed after the transcript?

No, mostly the professor is not allowed to change the grade after uploading the grade into a transcript that shows all the grading of the student.

Can a professor fail the student if they don’t like the student?

It is possible that the professor doesn’t like the student but this does not allow the professor to fail the student by giving them fewer marks.

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