Can Essay titles be Questions? – Writing a good essay title

For writing an essay a student is required to come up with a title that makes the reader clear the summary of the essay content and what the essay is about. Creating a title that makes the reader clear about the essay content is much more important. But a lot of students have an issue thinking of a good title for the essay. Many of you get confused about whether the titles can be questioned or not.

There is no doubt that you can not add questions to the title of the essay. However, it depends upon what type of essay are you writing. If you are writing an argumentative essay you must not add titles to it. Further, we have discussed it in detail.

Can essay titles be questions?

The easy way to write an essay title is by questioning. But the question that is used as tile should be relevant and must be reflective of the content written in the essay and support them. If the essay that is going to explain by the student is argumentative then the student should not write it as a question. Also if you are making a video essay then also you have to think about what type of video essay it is. They need to write the title that defines the whole essay in that one title. The student before writing the essay title should make sure of a few things such as:

  • The title of the essay should be relevant to the essay content and should define or summarize the whole article.
  • Ensure the title contains the minimum number of possible words to describe the content of the essay.
  • Thinking of writing a title containing a few words doesn’t mean that the title is too short and the reader is not able to understand what the essay is about. Thus you must make sure that the readers do not lose interest in the essay to read the essay.

How to write a good essay title?

Following are the ways by which you can write a good essay title-

1. Keywords should be relevant:

Writing an essay title will be when the student writes the title at the end after writing the whole essay content which will help to write the relevant essay title. The essay contest will suggest you the keywords that you can use while writing the essay title.

2. The title should focus on the topic:

After deciding on the relevant keyword for the essay the next step is to write the title of the essay that is focused on the topic.

3. Formatting of the title:

After writing the title the next step is to format the title of the essay and it is done in the following ways:

  1. the keywords used must be written in capital letters. Also, you should not try to capitalize the thesis.
  2. After writing the colon write the first word in capital.
  3. The words don’t need to write in capital such as a, an, the, with, of, in, besides, and, for, but, nor, so, etc
  4. Also when the student has written a title that includes the book of an author, that book should be written in italic form.

Features include in the title of the essay:

The following feature should be included in the title of the essay making the essay title look effective and relevant to the reader:

1. Attractive:

The reader is always attracted to a title that does not look boring. so make sure of writing the title.

2. Believable:

The title should be relevant in order to write a title that looks attractive doesn’t mean writing a title that is irrelevant to the topic. Therefore you must add a relevant topic.

3. Easy to read:

The title written by the student must be easy to understand and read making the reader clear from the start only what the essay content contains.

4. Active voice:

A title in which the verbs are used should not be written in the passive voice. It should be written in active voice only.

5. Short:

Try to make the title of the essay, short, which explains the essay a long title may create confusion or make the reader get bored while reading it.

6. Accurate:

The student should conclude the tile at the end of writing the essay. The use of the common keyword used in the essay will make the essay title look accurate. An inaccurate title of the essay will not be able to attract the reader to read the essay.


If a student is not able to write the title of the essay a short title then it s suggested to write the title as asking a question. But not in the case of an argumentative essay. for writing a good title of the essay the student should find the keywords that are involved in the essay content making the reader to summarize the essay content by reading the title of the essay. the title of the essay should not contain unnecessary terms that will make the reader get confused and boring.

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