Can Music Help Improve Learning Mathematics? – How to teach Math through Music?

Music is something that makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. It is a mixture of singing, instruments, pitches, and much more. You will need to practice for a long time in order to get the best arrangement possible. It is more like art but can incorporate a lot of other subjects. For instance, it will not be wrong if we say that music is a subject that will help you to improve your knowledge of mathematics.

Yes, it has been proven by many studies that you can improve your mathematics by incorporating it with music. Music will help to improve problem-solving skills, increase focus, and spatial intelligence, boost memory, etc. Further, we have discussed in detail if music improves learning or not.

Can Music Help Improve Learning Mathematics?

Yes, various studies have proven that students can improve their mathematics with the help of music. This shows how important music is in education. Music is something that is more analytical. It helps you to develop more analytical and problem-solving skills. When you are learning music, you need to deal with various problems that help you to increase your problem-solving skills. It also helps you to increase your critical thinking skills. 

Also, music involves various fractions. You will find full notes, half notes, and quarter notes just like you get fractions in mathematics. When you are learning music, you will be learning how to translate written music into physical actions. Thus, converting this written music into various physical actions is like a mathematical equation in itself.

How is music connected to mathematics?

Music has a great connection with mathematics. There are a lot of factors that connect music with mathematics. When you are studying music you find various patterns. You create, learn, and practice it. While in mathematics, you are studying various patterns. Pythagoras, the father of Pythagoras’ theorem also formed a relationship between music and mathematics. He found out that when the hammer was hitting the anvil, it produced a sound that was due to the weights. 

Music also involves melodies, and a perfect melody involves perfect waves. And as we all know that waves are part of mathematics. Also, Aristotle and Pluto, the Greek philosophers, give solid proof about music has a relation with mathematics. Another way in which it is related to each other is the way of taking care of frequencies. You also need to take care of notations in music and math as well.

How does music help to improve mathematics?

There are different music activities that help to improve mathematics. Music can help improve mathematics in the following ways-

1. Problem-solving skills

When you are learning music, you need to find solutions for learning difficult notes and frequencies. This also helps you to build up your problem-solving skills which are needed for advanced mathematics. 

2. Increase focus

Mathematics is a subject that needs a lot of focus to excel. Music is something that needs a lot of focus for learning and thus it helps to increase your focus ability. 

3. Spatial intelligence

It allows you to process the visual data into insightful data. It also reflects your aptitude which helps you to get the visual information and make a decision based on it. It will help you to create an effective image explaining the concepts.

4. Increase memory

Learning music helps you to learn a lot of things like the right notes, pitches, etc. This will help you to boost your memory. Having a good memory will also help you to memorize the fundamentals of mathematics.

5. Making habit of practice

When you practice daily for learning music, you will set up a habit of practicing regularly. This will help you in having practice in mathematics as well. Regular practicing in math helps you to solve mathematical problems more accurately. 

6. Helps to relax the mind

When we are stressed or depressed we are not able to solve even a simple question. Thus it is important to relax your mind and music is a perfect choice for it. When you relax your mind you can focus more and easily solve the question. 

7. Boost confidence

When you are solving a mathematical question or an equation, you must have confidence in yourself. Music is a way to boost your confidence level. 

How to include music in mathematics?

By following some of the easy ways you can incorporate music into mathematics-

1. Introduce music

The first step is to introduce your kid to some easy music. It is very easy for them to learn music. They are listening to it everywhere, and it becomes easy for them to remember it. There are a lot of youtube videos for different poems. You can show them such videos so that they can learn those poems.

2. Give them instruments

This is one of the best ways you can incorporate music to make kids learn mathematics. You can use the piano to make them learn math. Write up numbers on the easy key and ask them to play according to the numbers. In this way, you can make them learn mathematics easily.

3. Teach concepts by singing

As mentioned earlier, music is something that we memorize easily. You can make them learn the concepts by making them a kind of song. One of the most common things that you can learn by this technique is multiplication tables.


Music is the mixture of perfect sounds, melodies, scales, pitches, etc. Though if we talk about mathematics, it also contains a mixture of equations, fractions, scales, etc. Many famous philosophers and mathematicians have also discovered that there is a relationship between mathematics as well as music. Music is a way to help yourself improve your mathematics in different ways. It will help you to boost your confidence, motivate you, and will help you develop Spatial intelligence.

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