Can Teachers See Your Screen on Google Meet (When the Camera is Off)

Google Meet is used as a video conferencing service provided by Google. During the pandemic, google meet has become something so good or important without which we could not manage. Google meet keeps us connected with others alive and carries out the work without going out. It is easily downloaded and is available on the web, phone, and computer for android and iOs both. google meet is primarily invented to host video meetings. There is an option to available the camera and microphone independently. So google meet can be used for both video or voice call conference meetings. But the most worrying thing for a student is can the teacher see you if the camera is off on google meet. So can Teachers see your screen on Google Meet?

Your teachers can not see your screen on Google Meet if your camera is off. However, they will only see your screen if you are allowing them. Further, we have discussed if the teachers can see your screen or not in detail.

Can Teachers see your screen on Google Meet?

Generally, a teacher or the host who is hosting the meeting cannot see your screen unless the student or the user allows them to see it. There is an option to enable screen sharing by enabling the option your screen can be seen by your teacher. so it depends on the features of screen sharing. So many features make the student see their screen while using google meet.

Features of google meet:

  •  In google meet you can set the participant maximum number after that no extra student can join the meeting.
  •  Also, all video calls or voice calls undergo encryption for security.
  •  While if the meeting is a school meeting there is a feature to take roll calls in google meet.
  • Also, it can be done easily by installing the google neet extension.
  • It will create a spreadsheet for the classroom and if the student joins later it can add the names of students at the time when the student logged in.
  •  Google meet has an integrated feature that allows the teacher to use a whiteboard inside the video conference.
  • A recording tool is present in the class meeting on google meet which allows the teacher to restore the classroom session and also allows them to share with the student so that the student can study it and recap whatever doubt is there.
  • As a host or teacher, you can block any unauthorized users. It protects the glass from anonymous users.
  • You can also share the online presentations with the other students as well.

What can and cannot be seen while google meets?

During google meet a teacher will not be able to see a student if the student doesn’t activate the camera. But the camera is the only way to interact with the teacher so the teacher will always ask to keep on the camera. This option creates a certain kind of disadvantage for the teacher to see whether the students are attentive or not. Once the camera is off by the student or with any technical issue the teacher will not be able to determine the attention of the students. And the student can cheat in the exam or do unpermitted things in the classroom because of this feature.

How to avoid your face or screen app from being seen?

We can operate on google meet by avoiding your face to be seen and other features too. Before joining google meet you can hide your face whether as a student or a teacher. but as a note, google meet is meant for a video conference during the exam and that is necessary. at the beginning of the meeting only disable the camera option and you can also disable the microphone option.

What a teacher can do on google meet or google Exams?

  • As a teacher or host, you can easily share the content on your screen with the student and make them understand the concept easily.
  • The teacher can set the capacity of several students in advance and after that, no extra student can join the google meet.
  • For the teacher, there is an option to mute the voice of the individual student if it is causing a disturbance in the class.
  • A teacher can also create a study group within the meet classroom.
  • A teacher can also control the noises which cause disturbance in the background of the class.
  • Google meet makes the class lively with the features like sharing a screen with the teacher, and voice control by which no disturbance occurs this makes the student interested in the class.


In google meet or zoom a teacher cannot see the screen without your permission. if the student enables the camera option of screen share then only the teacher can see the screen of the student. And also hear the voice that too if it is enabled. There is not much difference between zoom and google meet. Both are suited for meeting or conducting classes. But zoom has more features than google meet. google meet is easier and simpler to use and understand

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