Can you buy a single masterClass?

There are so many online learning platforms and master class is one of them. This is a platform that provides you with different courses on various skills from music to business. You will get the courses which are created by different professionals. This platform offers you more than 100 courses to which you can get access with a single subscription. Let us learn the different subscription plans that are offered by the masterclass and if you can buy a single masterclass.

Yes, of course, you can buy a single masterclass. You can buy it for $90. Though we will be discussing about it in detail, let us first learn about masterclass.

What is a masterclass?

Just like other E-learning platforms, the masterclass is a platform that helps you to learn various skills in the form of courses. It is easy to use and you can watch it any time on your time. Various courses are offered on this platform and all the courses are taught by famous professionals in that industry. There are different subscription plans for the masterclass which you can use based on your requirement. There are 11 different industries starting with music to the business industry in which you can find various courses. 

Can you buy a single masterclass?

Masterclass offered the option of purchasing a single masterclass at $90. Though they have stopped giving this option currently. This means that you will need to buy the full subscription plan of one year to use their services. There are many discounts that the company frequently offers. You can check on them to get the price lower than the original price. Another thing that you can do is by clubbing with your friend or family member who needs to use it. This could be a better option for you if you want to get a single masterclass. 

Can you give a masterclass as a gift?

Yes, you can give a masterclass as a gift to someone. Masterclass offers an option to give others a gift of masterclass to them. This might be an interesting gift for the one who is eager to learn or was looking to take a subscription to it. When you give it as a gift, the masterclass will give full access to the recipient of your choice. The pricing plan is around $180. 

How to give a masterclass as a gift to someone?

  • Go to their official page and visit their gifting page.
  • Tap on the Give annual subscription plan option on the page. You can choose between the 3 different subscription plans and click on the continue button.
  • After choosing the subscription plan you will need to create an account on it. You need to enter your email id to create the account.
  • Now finally you will need to enter the name of the recipient you need to give the gift with their email id. You will need to enter your name and email id as well. If you want to enter any additional messages for them.
  • You can also put up the date on which you want to give it to them.

What are the subscription plans for masterclasses?

There are three different subscription plans for the masterclass-

1. Individual subscription plan

In this plan, you will get access to all the courses but you can only watch them on a single screen at a single time. Also, it will not allow you to download it and watch it offline.

2. Duo Plan

In this type of plan, you will again get access to all the courses but this plan will allow you to use the masterclass account on the 2 different screens at a single time. This subscription plan also does not allow you to download and watch it offline.

3. Family Plan

This plan will allow you to play all the courses on 6 different screens at a single time. It also gives you the additional benefit of downloading it and watching it offline.


How can you cancel the subscription plan for the masterclass?

To cancel the subscription plan you will need to visit their official website if you have created the account by visiting their official website. But if you have created your android mobile phones you will need to visit their respective stores. This means if you want to cancel it on your apple, then you will need to visit your application id, and if from android you will need to visit the play store. 

Can I get a refund for canceling the subscription plan?

The masterclass platform offers you a refund policy for 30 days after you have taken the subscription plan. This means that if you have purchased the subscription plan you can only get the refund amount within the 1-month cancellation. If you do not cancel it you will not get a refund.

Is Masterclasss worth it?

As the discussed earlier Master class is a platform that offers you courses based on different industry-based skills that too taught by professionals in that specific industry. Thus if you are also looking for a platform to learn industry-based skills and improve them you can think of using it. If we talk about the subscription plans, the starting pack is $180 annually, which means that you are paying around $15 per month which is not too much of a cost. However, the biggest drawback of using the masterclass is that you will need to pay the full amount together in advance. It might be a problem for you especially if you have a budget to spend.


The masterclass is one of the most in-demand learning platforms that offer you various skills which are created by professionals in that particular industry. You can learn skills like cooking, singing, business, etc. As it offers different courses, you may want to purchase a single course to learn. Although this option was earlier offered by the masterclass, it does not offer this option currently. You will need to purchase an annual subscription to take any course on it.

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