Can you retake GCSE Maths at University?

When you are going to the university, you will need to have math as a mandatory subject to get into the university. However, due to different factors, you may not be able to get good scores in it or may not be able to pass it. Due to this, you may have to retake the math exam. But can we retake GCSE maths at university?

Yes, there is no doubt that you can take up GCSE maths at the university. You can do it by sending an email to the higher authorities and letting them know that you want to retake it. Further, we have discussed about it in detail.

Can you retake GCSE Maths at University?

GCSE English and Math are required to qualify with at least a passing mark. To be enrolled in university, you must repeat these GCSE subjects if you did not pass them the first time. This is because both maths and English are important subjects that you need to have for entering the university. You must remember that you can resit for your GCSE maths at any age. The first thing you should do is inform your university if you discover that you need to repeat your maths GCSE.

You can do this by sending an email to the higher authorities. There are staff members at universities who can offer you additional support and direction. They will walk you through every step of the process because they are quite experienced with it. While in college, you can repeat your math exams, but they won’t be covered in the course requirements. You would enroll in courses outside of your university program in the evenings or at night at a nearby college or online.

Do universities accept GCSE retakes?

As already discussed, you will need to pass GCSE math and English to get admission to the university. Therefore if you have not cleared these exams you will need to resit them. If you think that retaking GCSE will affect your University application you are wrong. Most universities do not cancel your application if you have retaken GCSE exams. This means that there will be no effect on your application if you have to resit for your GCSE. However, you must know that many renowned universities may not accept your application if you have retaken the exams. If you are worried about not getting accepted due to resits, you must not lie about your grades.

Where will you be resitting for the GCSE maths?

When you are resitting for GCSE math you will have to register yourself either with a school or as a private student. This means that you will not be retaking it at University. However, you can find some classes at the university to help you with the required revisions. Depending upon your schedule and free time you can attend school or college as a part-time or a full-time student. You can also find online tutors to help you with the coursework if you have registered yourself as a private student. However, if you find studying maths difficult you can take the help of Photomath for the tough mathematic questions.

How much does it cost to retake GCSE maths?

GCSE maths is a compulsory subject to pass. This means that if you have failed this subject then you will have to resit for it. For retaking GCSE math you will not be paying any fee for it. However, if you have received a passing grade that is a grade 4 and still want to retake the exam to get higher marks then you will have to pay the cost.

The cost of resitting the GCSE math will cover two different costs including the tuition fees and the examination fees. The examination cost is generally about £100. However, the tuition fees vary with how you are retaking the exam. If you are a private student, it will depend upon what type of organization you are taking the exam from. 

Do universities accept lower GCSE grades?

Most universities have their own minimum requirements for the candidates. However, there are possibilities that your GCSEs grades are lower than the minimum requirements. In such a case you may not be able to make it to the university. However, if you have a strong application then there may be chances that you are accepted into a university with lower grades. You will have to make sure that you have good experience and are able to provide at least 2 letters of recommendation. If you think you have not done well in your GCSE try taking up additional courses. This will help you in making a balance with your lower grades.

How many times can you retake GCSE Maths?

There is no fixed limit for retaking your GCSE exams. This means that you can retake your GCSE math as many times as you want. All though you must know that you will need to pay for retaking your exams once you have received a passing grade in them.

When will you be resitting for the GCSE maths?

GCSE exams are generally taken in May and June each year. If you want to resit for your GCSE in the same year you can apply for it in the period of November and January. However, if you are repeating the exam the next year then you can resit for the exams in the months of May and June and November, and January as well. You can also take it online as it will help you to get your GCSE score more quickly.

Is GCSE math hard?

During your GCSEs, you will need to learn how to balance work, extracurriculars, and social life. When taking GCSEs, there is a wide range of disciplines, skills, and knowledge. Managing this can be quite difficult. You may also struggle to effectively manage your time so they can finish everything, including revision.

You will have to study at least 9 subjects together, which is a challenge in itself. This shows how hard GCSEs are to take. Math is a subject that involves a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge. It is not a cup of coffee for everyone. Therefore, managing the coursework along with 8 other subjects may be hard for you. However, creating a proper plan for studying will help you to get good grades in it.


When you are applying to the university, they would ask you for a minimum requirement of GCSE maths. This is one of the mandatory subjects to pass during your GCSEs. However, there are chances that you may not pass it or may want to get good grades in order to get into the university. So, you can take up GCSE math at your university as well. However, you must know that you will be taking it as a private or part-time student in a local college or school. 

William Christie