Are there Cameras in College classrooms?

To have a camera in a college or school depends entirely on the institution. some colleges don’t have a camera in the classroom. Still, most colleges do have cameras in the school for various purposes such as to record the lecture for the student who has any doubt about the lecture, to maintain the learning … Read more

Do Colleges look at Senior Year grades?

During admission, the student’s high school GPA is counted. In high school, the degree is completed after 3 years of education. Most students think that the colleges or universities check out their GPA while they are applying to them. so on reading this article the student will get to know whether the college looks at … Read more

Do Community Colleges accept everyone? – Benefits of attending Community Colleges

Choosing which type of college you want to go to after your higher studies is very difficult. It becomes even tougher if you have other family responsibilities as well. But in recent times this problem has been solved by various community colleges. Community colleges have gained a lot of popularity at the current time. If … Read more

What does awaiting fulfillment mean on the College board?

Getting into a college where you won’t need a lot of effort. You not only need to maintain a high GPA but also need to give other competitive exams like SAT exams. When you submit the college application, you may see an update showing awaiting fulfillment. This might confuse you and at the same time … Read more