How much does University cost Parents?

When a student goes to the university their entire life changes. they are stepping into a life where they feel independent. but with independence, there comes the price sent during study at the university. There are a lot of parents who do get confused while deciding how much they should contribute to their students. This … Read more

When do Universities Receive your A-Level Results?

A-levels are the qualification that helps you to get into a university and most employers will look at your A-levels. You are always stressed when you have given A-levels. You wait for your result day to know if you are selected or not in the university. Thus you must know what is the procedure for … Read more

When do Universities confirm your Place?

When you complete your A-levels, you may want to go for higher education like University. Getting admission to your chosen university is the most important part of your life. You may feel stressed while waiting for the response from your university and therefore, you must know how and when the university confirms your place in … Read more

Best A-Level Combinations for Universities

Your A-levels are the most important part that will decide which university you will go to. You need to have the right A-levels. Thus it is important to choose the right combination of A-levels according to your choice of career and university. Some of the most common A-levels combination are Mathematics, Physics, Further maths; and … Read more