Incremental Plagiarism – Reasons and how to avoid it?

Plagiarism is an unethical way of taking the content of someone else and using it in your content. It results in high penalties and it may harm your image as well. Although there are many types of plagiarism found, one of the most common and unnoticeable plagiarism is Incremental Plagiarism.  Incremental plagiarism happens when you … Read more

Google Meet test – Google Meet detects cheating 

Online exams became the trend during the pandemic when everyone was doing work from home because of the situations going on outside. The demand for online exams increased rapidly and teachers were worried about cheating issues and students were no more interested in attending online classes and learning the given work. How is it possible … Read more

How to become a Behavioral Therapist? Degree, License & Jobs

You will be amazed to know that there are therapies for changing the behavior of some individuals. By taking an action you can make a change in yourself. So, for this purpose, there are behavioral therapists who tend to give the therapies to the ones who need them. They can help their client in removing … Read more