Director of social services – Requirements, Salary and How to become

“Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are”- Harold S. Kushner

Social work is something that people do selflessly. Social workers are people who choose to help other people before fulfilling their own needs. Various social workers run different organizations and institutions. Like all other organizations, these organizations also have directors that help in assisting and developing the programs. They are known as the Director Of Social Services. They help to plan and develop the policies of the organizations. 

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick takeaway on the director of social services-

  • The director of social services is a person that has the responsibility of maintaining the policies for the Social Service Organizations.
  • You will be collecting the data to analyze how effective and progressive is the program. 
  • Directors are the people who are responsible for the smooth functioning of the organization.

However, we will recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial facts regarding the director of social services. 

What is the Director Of Social Services?

The Director of social services is a person that has the responsibility of maintaining the policies for the Social Service Organizations. They can be the manager of either an NGO or a private social service company. All the members of such an organization look upon the director for developing the programs. They create so many programs to aid elderly and homeless people, victims of home abuse, etc. 

What are the responsibilities of the Director Of Social Services?

As discussed earlier, their primary responsibility of them is to create and maintain the policies for their services. But there are several other functions that the Director of Social Services does-

  • Collecting the data to analyze how effective and progressive is the program. 
  • We are giving suggestions about how can we make changes in the programs to make them better. 
  • The budget is a crucial factor in organizing any program. Another important responsibility is to maintain the budget for their programs. 
  • There are times when their organization may not have a particular service. It is the responsibility of the director to give them a proper reference. 
  • They also organize workshops and events to spread awareness among the people. 
  • Providing transportation services when needed. 
  • Completing all the necessary administrative requirements for the smooth functioning of programs. 
  • You will also be working as a social caseworker.

Why do we need a Director Of Social Services?

Running an organization is not an easy task. There are a lot of people who work in a particular organization. Just think what if each member of the organization works according to themselves? This will mess up things for an organization. To avoid it, organizations need managers or directors.

The Director of social services helps people to understand the challenges and create the programs. There are many reasons why organizations need such directors. Directors are the people who are responsible for the smooth functioning of the organization. They assist people in the organization and assign them their duties. The Director has to understand the problems which people are facing. The director of social services acts as a communicator between the people and their organization. 

How to become a Director Of Social Services?

If you want to be the Director Of Social Service of an organization you need to have the following three things-


To become the director of social work, one must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or other Social Services. According to a survey, there are 62.8% of directors have a Bachelor’s degree and 27% of them have a Master’s degree. Also, many of the directors have advanced training in Non-profit Management.


To become a director, you need some kind of experience in management. Many universities provide internships for students to get experience in it. This could be an opportunity for the students to show their managing skills. Although in some cases, you might need experience of several years.


License is a very important thing for the person who wants to become the Director of social work. The license and certifications required for being the director may vary from state to state. Having a license is important if you want to be a clinical social worker. To get these licenses, students need to clear their exams and should have 300-plus hours of experience.

Advantages of Being Director Of Social Services

Here is a list of a few advantages that you get to enjoy as a director of Social Services:

Improve your managing skills

Being the director helps you to improve your managing skills. There are times when you need to manage multiple things at the same time. This will help you in getting a better version of yourself.

Student Loan May Be Forgiven

One of the benefits of being in this industry is that your loan may be forgiven dependent on your position. According to the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program, if a person works for 2 yrs in a High-Need Designated Health Professional Shortage Area, his loan of up to $50,000 may be repaid.

Growing Field

Social work is a field that is growing rapidly and helping a lot of individuals. According to a report, there are chances of getting 110,000 new jobs in the upcoming decade.


There are a lot of opportunities in the social service sector. You may become a director in NGOs, the health sector, churches, etc. 

Making A Difference

Working in social services means helping people in making difference in their life. As a director of social services, you help people by guiding them about their problems. This means that you become a reason for changing someone’s else life. 

How much does a Director of Social Services Earn Annually?

According to the U.S. Department of Labour, the average salary for the director of social services is $73,000(approximately) annually. It also states that directors who work for the government earn an average of $89,750 annually. 

Careers similar to Director of Social Services

Here is a list of some careers that are similar to Director of social services:

Health Educators and Community Health Workers

As a Health Educator, you teach people about healthy lifestyles. Whereas, the work of Community Health Workers is to identify the health problems in a particular area and provide solutions for them.

Rehabilitation Counselor

A rehabilitation counsellor helps people with mental and physical disabilities. They help them to live their life independently. For becoming a Rehabilitation counsellor you need a Master’s degree.

Social And Human Service Assistant

Social Service Assistants are those who help people to face their challenges. They help people in dealing with problems like unemployment, divorce, adoption, etc. 

Substance Abuse Counsellors

Substance Abuse Counsellors are those professionals who help people with drugs or any other addiction. The method of dealing with the people however varies from addiction to addiction. They develop plans and programs depending on their situation. 


Directors of social work are necessary for managing social work organizations. Being the director of social services is not easy. There are many responsibilities that you have to do. Planning, developing, organizing, and managing is the key roles of the director. As a director of the social service, you will help people to get a quality and better life. 

William Christie