Do you get paid for a Work Placement at University?

When you are going to the university, you may want to know about the placement criteria of the university. There are various types of placement and you may be looking for them to earn some amount of money. But do you really get paid for a work placement?

It depends upon what kind of placement you are getting. If you are getting short-term placements then you may not get paid. Further, we have discussed it in detail.

Do You Get Paid for a Work Placement at University?

Getting paid for the work placement at university depends upon the kind of placement if the placement is short-term placement then there will be a high chance that the student doesn’t get paid for it but if the placement is for a long period of time then there is a chance that the student gets paid for the placement which may be range between 11000 and 25000 euros per year. However, when you are a student, you must take care of the number of hours you should work.

What is a University Work Placement?

Work placement is defined as a period in which the student is supervised to work. In this way, the student gets to gain experience working in a company. Getting a work placement at the level of the university is quite valuable for the student and is an essential part of the degree. It helps the student by gaining knowledge from the course in the real world by experiencing the situation in life. The experience which is learned during the work placement will help the student in the future.

University does not only offers webinars, lectures, seminars, etc but also offers an opportunity to gain experience and earn some extra money in the form of work placement, The main aim of work placement is to allow the student to know how to apply the knowledge game in the real world. And when we talk about the payment and the types of placement. There are two types of placement:

  • Short term placement
  • Long term placement

Shorter-term University Placement

Shorter term University placement is the placement that is given or taken by the student during the holidays which is for a few weeks or even it can be for one day a week. Shorter-term placement does not have any earnings. As the replacements are very quick and efficient.

In shorter-term placement, the student will gain experience in quick Flash mode as they are too fast which is not considered a job in a company so there is no pay offer to the student for shorter-term placement. With shorter-term University placement you have lots of experience which you can mention in the CV the future job opportunities.

Longer-term University Placement

Long-term University placements are the kind of placement that is also called sandwich placement because of the structure of the placement. The sandwich year is considered the year of the degree course in which the student gets involved within an industry and also will allow the student to gain invaluable experience with salary.

If you are most interested in money then this is a good way to earn some money. With money, there is a lot you will get to learn during the long-term placement which is important in certain courses. 

What are the benefits of University work placement? 

If you are taking a work placement, it is not just the benefit of money but there are a lot of things that the student gained during the work placement. The following are some benefits of University work placement:

  • During the work placement, the student gains the knowledge and practical skill of the work.
  • There is a lot of competition in the real world for getting a good job so the employer will prefer a candidate who has some real work experience.
  • The student will help to get a better job if they are having good work placement experience.
  • The student will be able to get an environment in which they can feel what it is like working in an industry.
  • By taking a University work placement the student will be able to meet many people who are working in the industry which has the student in the stage when they are looking for job opportunities as they already knew some people in the area in which they want to work.


The student is paid for a work placement at University according to the placement they are doing as if the student is doing a short-term placement. There is no chance that the student gets paid for it as a short-term placement is for a few days only in which the student will get some experience of working in the real world. but in the case of this long-term placement, the student will be able to earn some money with working experience. For the student getting a short-term placement or a long-term placement, both are beneficial for the student when they mention it in the CV to get a job in the future.

William Christie