Duolingo Achievements Complete Guide 2023 (Updated)

Duolingo is a platform on which you can learn different languages by performing different tasks and activities. When you take a course on Duolingo you have to follow a path in which you will be having levels and units. You will see different activities and tasks in your lesson and you may also get rewards for completing some tasks. These rewards that you will be getting for completing particular activities are known as Duolingo achievements. Further, we have discussed all these achievements in detail for your better understanding.

Quick Takeaways

  • Achievements on Duolingo are the rewards that you get for completing certain objectives. 
  • There are a total of 17 Duolingo achievements that you can get on the platform-
1. Friendly
2. Photogenic 
3. Weekend Warrior 
4. Winner 
5. Champion 
6. Strategist 
7. Unrivaled 
8. Sharpshooter 
9. Regal 
10. Scholar 
11. Wildfire 
12. Sage 
13. Challenger
14. Conqueror 
15. Page Turner 
16. Nocturnal
17. Legendary

However, we will recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important facts related to Duolingo’s Achievements.

What are the Duolingo Achievements?

Achievements on Duolingo are the rewards that you get for completing certain objectives just like chests. When you play a video game, you get rewards for completing various competitions. Just like video games on Duolingo, you will also get to complete the tasks and get the Duolingo achievements. When you will finish the objective it will turn a gold colour. Now suppose you are taking up a course you may need to take the skill. Once you complete the skill, it will turn the gold into the colour. You must remember that you can not take these objectives offline to get the rewards. These achievements will also help you in staying motivated.

How will you get the Duolingo achievements?

As you need to complete some of the tasks, you will get to unlock the Duolingo achievements. You can complete these achievements even if you are a free user. There are some achievements that are easier to get and other may not be easy for you. You may also take a year to complete your task and get the achievements unlocked. If you want to see these achievements you will have to go to the profile and tap on the app or the website. Now you have to scroll down and look for the list which includes all the achievements.

The tasks which you have completed and get the Duolingo achievements unlocked you will see them in golden colour. Whereas the ones which are not been completed till now will show how many tasks are left for unlocking a new achievement. It means you will be able to know how much close you are to unlocking a new achievement. Along with the Duolingo achievements you will see the Duolingo owl on the platform and there are Duolingo characters. Further always remember that if you remove a language course, your achievements will also be removed from Duolingo.

What are all the Duolingo achievements available on the platform?

Currently, you will be getting 17 different Duolingo achievements on the platform which we have discussed one by one for your better understanding-

1. Friendly

It is again a super easy achievement to unlock. As the name suggests this achievement is related to getting more friends. To unlock this achievement all you have to do is to follow 3 other Duolingo users. To find friends, you may have to go on the search for friends option by going to your profile. Once you visit your profile you will see the add friend option and then you will be able to search for friends. You can search for the username of the people you want to follow. Another way of finding friends can be by connecting your Facebook account with it. These friends will help you in completing friends quest.

2. Photogenic

This is the first and the easiest achievement to unlock on Duolingo. To unlock this achievement all you need to do is to upload a profile picture. It really doesn’t need to be your own picture, and you can keep any picture for it.

3. Weekend warrior

For unlocking this achievement, all you need to do is to complete the lesson on Saturday and Sunday as well. If you are a person who loves to enjoy maintaining the streak score then it will not be a big problem. Once you get the 365 days you will be getting the VIP status on the platform. However, if you are not a person who really wants to do things on weekends, it might be a problem for you. You may have to struggle for getting the motivation to work on weekends.

4. Winner

Unlike now, it is one of the most difficult achievements to unlock. For unlocking it you will have to get at number one in the league you have taken part in. Duolingo League is a weekly competition in which you will be randomly joining other users. If you are able to pass the league as a winner you will not only be able to unlock the achievement but will also get many of gems than the other users. Once you clear the Duolingo league, you will be shifting to the other league. 

5. Champion

Again this achievement is related to your daily leagues. There are 10 different leagues which you will go through once you complete the first league. So if you are taking these leagues from the start, you can expect to unlock this achievement after 10 weeks. These 10 leagues are mentioned below-

  • Bronze League
  • Silver League
  • Gold League
  • Sapphire League
  • Ruby League
  • Emerald League
  • Amethyst League
  • Pearl League
  • Obsidian League
  • Diamond League

So it means if you want to unlock the Champion Achievement you will have to come to Diamond League. You must also remember that if you are unable to make it to the next league, you may get a step back from your current league. Suppose you are in the Gold League and were not able to go through it, you may have to go to the Silver League.

6. Strategist

It is another easy achievement that you can unlock easily. For this, you will have to tap on the tip option before beginning the lesson. In these lessons, you will see statements that are funny and weird at the same time. To unlock this achievement all you need to do is to read a tip. However, you must remember that you may not get a tip page depending on the course you have taken. Currently, the following are the courses which will definitely have tips page on your course-

There are chances that with time every course will have a tip page. However, if your course does not have a tip page all you have to do is to look for a course which has a tip page. You will also see various podcasts for Spanish and French language.

7. Unrivaled

For unlocking this achievement, you will need to at least win the final league i.e Diamond League. Thus we can say that to unlock this achievement, you need to do a lot of work on Duolingo. If you want to win the Diamond league you will have to again at least 4000-5000 XP points. There are many ways of earning them like completing lessons or performing daily competitions.

However, most of the people to earn XP points, try to do the easiest lessons again and again. It is one of the best ways to easily earn some XP points. You must also remember that there are some chances that you may be in a league which have very low XP holders. 

8. Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter is the one achievement which is not too hard but you will not be able to unlock it in less time. To unlock this achievement you will have to complete 100 lessons without zero mistakes. This achievement is again divided into 5 different levels

  • Completing a lesson 
  • Completing 5 lessons
  • Completing 20 lessons
  • Completing 50 lessons
  • Completing 100 lessons

However, you must remember that these lessons should be completed without any kind of mistakes in it. Also, you do not need them to complete in a row. All you have to do is to complete these 100 lessons without error.

9. Regal

This achievement is related to the crowns that you get on Duolingo. For unlocking Regal achievement, you must be able to have 100 crowns on the platform. To get this achievement unlocked there are 10 different levels-

  • Earning 3 crowns
  • Earning 7 crowns
  • Earning 12 crowns
  • Earning 18 crowns
  • Earning 25 crowns
  • Earning 35 crowns
  • Earning 50 crowns
  • Earning 65 crowns
  • Earning 80 crowns
  • Earning 100 crowns 

Every time you will be completing the level, you will get closer to unlocking the achievement. You must also remember that getting a crown means that you have completely learned a particular skill. Further, you may also take part in the legendary levels to practice the related skills. As you will be completing a particular skill, which has various lessons, unlocking Regal achievement will take more time. 

10. Scholar

Again it is based on the learning of your course. To unlock this achievement you must be able to learn 2000 words in a single course. As you need to have a good vocabulary in the targeted course, it will take a lot more time than the other achievements. Unlocking this achievement again have 10 different levels-

  • Learning 50 new words in the single course
  • Learning 100 new words in the single course
  • Learning 175 new words in the single course
  • Learning 250 new words in the single course
  • Learning 450 new words in the single course
  • Learning 500 new words in the single course
  • Learning 750 new words in the single course
  • Learning 1000 new words in the single course
  • Learning 1500 new words in the single course
  • Learning 2000 new words in the single course

To know how many words you have learned so far, Duolingo will check the words that you get to know in the course and based on your performance will determine whether have you learned them or not. Whether you have learned these words or not is based on the strength meter which you can get on the Duolingo website under more options. 

11. Wildfire (+ streak society)

From the name itself, you can get to know it is based on your streak score. To unlock this achievement you must have 365 days streak score which again means that you will need to maintain your XP points. Again this achievement is divided into 10 different levels-

  • Getting 3-days streak
  • Getting 7-days streak
  • Getting 14-days streak
  • Getting 30-days streak
  • Getting 50-days streak
  • Getting 75-days streak
  • Getting 125-days streak
  • Getting 180-days streak
  • Getting 250-days streak
  • Getting 365-days streak

Although maintaining the streak score may look boring is a great way of encouraging yourself for completing your lessons, and learning your target language. There are more than 100 courses available in the different languages available on Duolingo. Once you will receive a 365 streak score, you will be able to get 3 streak freezes which will help you to freeze your streak score.

12. Sage

Again an achievement that will take much of your time to get unlocked. Unlocking this achievement is based on the number of XP scores you are having. To unlock this achievement you must be having 30000 XP score points. Again this achievement is broken down into 10 different levels-

  • Getting 100 XP
  • Getting 250 XP
  • Getting 500 XP
  • Getting 1000 XP
  • Getting 2000 XP
  • Getting 4000 XP
  • Getting 7500 XP
  • Getting 12500 XP
  • Getting 20000 XP
  • Getting 30000 XP

Though getting 30000 XP points may look like a tough thing to do, you can easily get them. There are different ways by which you can earn them like taking part in various challenges, or with the help of a timed challenge like XP Ramp Up and match madness.

13. Challenger

This achievement is the one which you will only be getting on the mobile. It is again based on earning XP points in a timed challenge and has various levels for completing it. You need to get 5000 XP points by following the given levels-

  • Earning 40 XP points
  • Earning 120 XP points
  • Earning 500 XP points
  • Earning 1000 XP points
  • Earning 5000 XP points

If you are an IOS user, you can take up the XP ramp which will help you to get 40 XP points. 

14. Conqueror 

It is one of the best achievements that you can unlock. This achievement is based on the crowns that you earn for different skills. To unlock this achievement you must be able to get 5 crowns in each of the skills in the course. It is again a huge task except if you are studying French or Spanish which has large content.

The achievements are again divided into 5 different levels which will follow the path (earlier known as Duolingo tree) of earning the crowns one by one in each skill of the course. It is one of the toughest achievements to unlock as well because there are people who are unable to get this achievement even after being on Duolingo for the past few years.

15. Page Turner

Page Turner is the achievement that was introduced at the end of 2021. It is related to the stories that are available for some of the courses. Thus whether this achievement will be visible to you will depend upon the course you have taken. Currently, these stories are only available in 6 different languages

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Thus you will only get it if you are studying the above languages. If your targeted language is different from the above languages you may not get the stories. 

16. Nocturnal

It was again one of the achievements that were available in 2021 end. For unlocking this achievement you will have to schedule the Duolingo session at the day ending. You will have to complete the lessons between 10 pm-11:59 pm so that you are able to get through the various tiers. Although it was only available for Android users, now it is available for both Android and IOS devices.

17. Legendary

Legendary achievement is one of the latest achievements that was first introduced at the beginning of 2023. You will get to unlock the legendary achievements, once you have completed the legendary levels. You get these levels once you have completed the ordinary levels in your Duolingo path. If you are a Duolingo Plus member, then you will be having unlimited health for taking them. With the help of this subscription, you can think of taking up two different plans – Individual and Family plans.

However, if you are a free member you will need to have 100 gems for taking legendary levels. In legendary levels, you will be testing the knowledge that you have gained so far with only three mistakes allowed. This also means that you will not be able to get any new knowledge about the content.

Do Duolingo achievements really matter?

Learning different languages on Duolingo means that you are having a fun game which involves different lessons and activities. Thus keeping various achievements help you to go through the learning process. Some of the Duolingo achievements are really worthwhile like sharpshooters, Regal, etc. On the other hand, some of the Duolingo achievements like photogenic, friendly, etc are not worthy at all. Therefore we can say that whether these achievements matter or not depends upon the type of achievement you are at.

Can you lose the Duolingo achievements?

There are many times you may lose the achievements but only because Duolingo keep on updating and removing the achievements. There may be chances that Duolingo may add on the levels in particular achievement due to which you may also lose the gold you have received. However, you will not lose your levels and will need to complete the additional levels to get the gold back.


Duolingo is a platform on which you can learn different languages by completing different levels and tasks. Further, these tasks are paired in different levels which you need to complete in order to get the rewards. These rewards are known as Duolingo achievements. So you can say that Duolingo’s achievements are the rewards that you get on completing the objectives.

Currently, there are 17 achievements that you can unlock by performing different activities. Some activities may require you to earn specific XP points, or others may require you to complete the lessons without any mistakes in it. There are also some easy achievements like Friendly, Photogenic, etc available on the platform.


What happens when you finish all the achievements in Duolingo?

When you will finish the achievements on the Duolingo platform, they will turn in a golden colour. Further, when you have completed all the achievements you may take up another course in which you can start unlocking the new achievements.

William Christie