Duolingo Chests Explained: Time To Open & Everything Else

Learning a new language is a difficult task especially when you do not have much time to give to it. You can get a lot of online learning platforms that will help you to learn a new language and one of them is Duolingo. Duolingo is a game-based learning platform on which you will be getting rewards based on how many courses you have completed. There are a lot of different rewards that you get on Duolingo like Duolingo chests. Here we will help you to know more about Duolingo chests in detail for your better understanding.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo chests are the rewards that you get for completing certain tasks on the platform.
  • There are a lot of different Duolingo chests available on the platform-
1. Night owl chest
2. Early bird chest
3. Daily quests chests
4. Friends quest Duolingo chests
5. Path chests

You must read till the end so that you know what are the Duolingo chests and how can you unlock them. However, let us first know about Duolingo in detail.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a platform that helps you to learn a new language like Spanish, Russian, etc with the help of different features like leagues, gems, audio lessons, etc. You will have to follow a learning path which you need to go through. On this path, you will see a lot of different units which will help you in getting a lot of stories when you complete a specific unit. On Duolingo, you not only get to learn a new language but also test your English proficiency through a test which is known as the English Duolingo test. Also, you will be getting various rewards or chests when you complete a new lesson or task. Earlier these courses were created in the Duolingo incubator and were part of the Duolingo tree. Thus further we have explained in detail about Duolingo Chests.

What are Duolingo Chests?

Just like Duolingo achievements, Duolingo chests are the rewards that you get for completing certain tasks on the platform. Every chest will come with different kinds of rewards like XP, Gems, etc. Each chest is different from the others and is unlocked with the help of different ways. Further, we have discussed all the types of Chests that you will be getting on the platform. These chests will also help you to stay motivated in your language-learning journey. You will also get VIP status and Streak society once you complete one year.

What are the different Duolingo chests?

There are a lot of different Duolingo chests available on the platform and all of them are unlocked differently. Further, we have explained all the different types of chests in detail-

1. Night owl chest

Night Owl Chest is the one in which you will have to complete the lesson at night between 6 pm-12 am. In most cases, you will be getting the reward of 15 minutes XP boost. In addition to that, there was a perfect lesson boost earlier, which helped you to get some extra XP when you complete a lesson with zero mistakes. Further, you must remember that the Night Owl chest is not available for all users. Currently, it is only available for users who are using Duolingo on Android mobile and not on IOS devices. 

2. Early bird chest

To get this chest unlocked, you will have to complete the first lesson of the day before 12 pm. Once you complete it by 12 pm, you will get the notification at 6 pm that your chest is available which you can get from the Duolingo shop. Again the reward for it is a 15-minute long XP boost up. Further, you must notice that unlike in the night owl Duolingo chest, you will have to wait for 6 hours to get the reward. Also, it is available for all mobile users including Android and IOS devices.

3. Daily quests chests

In these Duolingo chests, you have to complete some of the easiest tasks that need very less time. Usually, you will be able to unlock 3 chests each day. Currently, Daily quests Duolingo chests are divided into three tiers – Bronze, silver, and gold chests. If we talk about Gold Duolingo chest you will be getting 15 gems with an additional XP boost (if you are lucky enough).  Whereas if we talk about Silver and Bronze chests, you will be getting 10 and 15 gems respectively.

4. Friends quest Duolingo chests

To unlock this chest you will need to take part in a friend quest. In this quest, Duolingo will pair you up with your Duolingo friends. Duolingo friends mean that you are following each other. Usually, you will get the XP for completing the challenge. The number of chests that you can unlock in a week is one. 

5. Path chests

When you progress through your learning path, you get to unlock a path chest. To unlock this challenge, you will have to complete all the lessons and the units in the course. There are different levels in the units as well that you may need to complete. Further, you may also get legendary levels and stories (depending upon the course) that you need to take up. Once you reach a Duolingo chest, you will be on the next level. 

What are the tips to unlock the Duolingo chest?

If you are unlocking Duolingo chest, it is important to have some of amazing tips to unlock them-

1. Complete a lesson in the morning

Try to complete a lesson in the morning before 12 pm, you will be getting the chance of unlocking the Early bird challenge. When you will get the notification in the evening, you will also get ready to work as a night owl. Both of the chests will help you to earn XP Boost. You can also take a lesson offline, however, it will not help you, if you want to use XP boost.

2. Do not ignore your path

When you are studying the course, you must make sure that you are completing each lesson on the path. Further, you must also remember that you are completing all the units along with the path. Not everyone focuses on their path but on Timed challenges (like XP ramp-up or Match madness) to earn more XP in less time. But you should not do it, and follow the path accordingly. Do not forget your ultimate goal of learning the language and staying focused on the path. When you will stay activated on your path it will help you to unlock more Duolingo chests.

3. Completing daily quests

Daily quests are the ones which are easiest to unlock. In it, the tasks are easy to take up. Each task will help you to earn some XP. Suppose you get the challenge of completing the match madness, you must complete them. All the tasks in this challenge are related to the practice exercises and thus Daily Quest chest is the easiest Duolingo chest to unlock.

4. Completing Friends quests

Again it is another challenge that you will have to take up on Duolingo. In this quest, again you will need to take up small tasks like completing the lessons or earning a fixed amount of XP, etc. When you complete friends quest, you get to unlock a new Duolingo chest. This quest is updated each week and you will be getting paired with different friends. However, to take part in this quest you must have friends. You get friends on Duolingo by following a random user and they follow you back. If only you follow them or vice versa, they are not considered to be your friends.

5. Sharing the progress with others

When you use Duolingo, you will see the option of sharing your progress on social media. When you share your progress with others on social media, you will be getting to unlock the Duolingo chest which will give you a lot of gems. You can share your progress of a certain number of streak scores or how far you are in the path on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

6. Make a habit of using Duolingo

It is obvious when you complete a lesson regularly, you will get to unlock different Duolingo chests on the platform. When you complete a lesson daily, you will also be increasing your daily streak. When you will complete the lessons daily, you will be getting to see a lot of Duolingo chests in the path. 


Duolingo chests are the rewards that you get for completing certain tasks on the platform. You will be getting different rewards like extra XP, XP boost, gems, etc. Each chest is different from the others and is unlocked with the help of different ways. There are five different Duolingo chests – Night Owl, Early Bird, Daily Quests, Friends Quest, and Path chests. To unlock each of the chests, you will have to go through different steps like completing the lesson, ignoring your path, completing the daily quest, etc.

You must try to complete the lesson in the early morning to get the early bird chest and time to unlock the night owl Duolingo chest. You can also share your progress on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. 


William Christie