Duolingo Family Plan – Complete Guide 2024 (Everything Covered)

Undoubtedly, Duolingo is an excellent choice to learn the language. However, the ads on it make it tough to complete more lessons in a day. I was also tired of these ads and wanted to use the subscription plan. But taking up as an individual was very expensive. So, I looked for another plan known as the Duolingo family plan. With the help of the Duolingo family plan, I was able to split the price among my friends and relatives. It helped me to save my money. I am sure it will also help you to save your money. Here, I will make sure that you get to know everything related to the family plan. 

Quick Takeaway

  • Family is the plan which can be shared by up to 5 more people.
  • The main benefit of taking the family plan over the individual plan is that it will cost you much less as an individual than the individual plan.
  • If you are the one who will be paying the annual charges, you are known as a family manager. You will have the right to remove or add a member to the group.

What is the Duolingo family plan?

Duolingo Plus or Super Plus is a premium version of Duolingo. There are two different plans for Duolingo Plus – Family and Individual plans. When I decided to take the subscription plan, the Duolingo family plan was my first choice. With the help of this family plan, I was able to club my subscription with up to 5 members. It means that Duolingo’s family plan divides the price among 5 members.

Thus the cost of this plan becomes much less than getting the individual plan. You can share this plan with your friends, family members, or anyone who wants the subscription plan. The only aim of this plan is to reduce the overall cost that an individual has to bear. It can be used on any of the devices – iOS or Android.

Is the Duolingo family plan worth it?

A family plan is one plan of super Duolingo which is a premium version of Duolingo. Firstly, let me clarify one thing, there is not much difference between the Individual and Family plans. The family plan only allows you to divide the cost among other users. As mentioned earlier there is not much difference between both plans. The only difference between both plans is the cost that the individual has to bear. Further, you can also get a monthly subscription to the individual plan.

Undoubtedly, there are differences between both versions. But trust me, there is no fun of taking the subscription plan. Earlier, till 2021, it made sense to take the subscription plan, It is because, at that time, you were able to get a full course offline. But if we talk about the present, there are not many benefits except unlimited hearts and no ads. The fact that you can get unlimited health with the free version when used on Android, makes it more useless to purchase the subscription plan. I would really suggest that you save your money for additional resources.

However, if you still want to take the experience of the membership plan, look for other members and purchase the family plan.

What is the cost of the Duolingo Family plan?

The price for it will vary with the area of residence. However, you must remember if you are thinking of taking the family plan, you must know that it is only available as an annual subscription. There is no monthly or any other subscription plan. Further, I have given the table which will help you to know the monthly plan according to the country you are living in 

CountryPrice of the plan

What are the benefits of the Duolingo Family Plan?

The following are the benefits of a Family Plan-

  • Zero ads: There will be no distractions
  • Proving your mastery: You can practice as much as you want to reach the legendary level.
  • Personalized Practice: You will have daily practice plans to practice on your weaker areas.
  • Unlimited hearts: There will be no heart system, meaning you can practice as much as you want without the fear of losing your life.

However, always remember that these are the benefits that every premium member gets whether Individual or premium member.

How to get the Duolingo family plan?

Getting the Duolingo family plan is very easy just follow the steps mentioned below-

Method one-

Go to the official website of Duolingo and log into your account. After that, you will see there is an option to “try super for free” on the right side of the page. Just tap on it.

Now you will get a new window with the option of “Start my free 14 days”. Just tap on it.

Duolingo Family Plan - Complete Guide

Again a new window will open which will tell you to get a reminder two days before the plan expires. Again click on the “Start my free 14 days” option.

Now select the Family plan and tap on “Start my free 14 days”.

In the new window, add the details of your payment method. Once done, click on “Start my free 14 days”.

Once done, you will see that the theme of your account has been changed.

Method two – Going to the shop section

Again go to the official website of Duolingo and log into your account. On the left side, you will see the option of the shop. Click on it to get the shop section.

When you click on the shop icon, you will get a new window with the shop store. On the top of the screen, you will see there is a start a family plan. Tap on Learn more just below it.

In a new window, you will see what are the advantages that you will be getting. Below it, you will get an option of $0.00. Just tap on it.

Again you will get a new window with the option of “Start my free 14 days”. Just tap on it. After that, you will have to follow the similar steps as mentioned above.

Duolingo Family Plan - Complete Guide

When done, you will see that the theme of the platform is changed. However, if you already have the super subscription plan, then go to the super dashboard. Now look for the family plan on it, and click on it. Your family plan will be upgraded on it. 

How you can share your Duolingo family plan?

You can share your plan with anyone you want to. To share the plan you need to send your special invite code. All you need to do is to go on your family plan and click on add the member’s option. However, the process depends on how you are using Duolingo.

  • On mobile: If you are using a mobile, you can directly share the link in text messages or on other platforms by tapping on more options. 
  • On Desktop: If you are using a desktop, you have to copy the link of your promo code and send it to others. The person to whom you send the link will have to tap on the link and get an invitation to the family plan.

How to manage the Duolingo family plan?

As there are 6 different people using this plan, someone has to manage it. While using the family plan, I received two statuses- Family manager and simple member. As I paid for the family plan, I was the family manager. I was only allowed to manage all the other members. There is only one family manager and no one else can become the manager.

To manage the family plan all you have to do is to go to the super Duolingo hub and look for your family plan. At the top right corner, you will see the option of manage. Tap on it and you will be able to delete an old member or add a new one. 

What are the reasons for Duolingo’s family plan not working?

You may find some problems while using Duolingo’s family plan. So let us find out the reasons why your family plan may not be working-

1. Invites do not work

When I was sharing my invitation link with a friend, she was unable to get the option to accept it. It was very strange, so I resend the link. But it does not work. So I tried sending the link on another platform. And guess what? This time she was able to accept it. It means that there are chances that the platform you are sharing on, may not support the link. Thus, you may try to use another platform to share the content.

2. The person may be a super subscriber

If you send the invitation to the super subscriber it will not open. They will only join when the subscription plan is over. 

3. Using the beta version

One of my friends was on the beta version when I sent him the link. He was unable to join the link. He tried thrice, but nothing happened. We tried to connect with the support team and they recommended we have the updated version. When my friend updated the platform, he was able to join it. They also told us, that if someone is on the beta version, he/she may not be able to join the Family plan.

4. If the other person is new to the platform

If the person who is getting the link is a new user, he will first get the free trial of the super member. Once the free trial is completed, you can add them to your family plan,


I find paying for an individual plan is really worth less. There are not many benefits to the subscription plan. So I decided to choose the Duolingo family plan. However, you must take it only if you are in a great need. Because according to me, paying money just to remove ads is really not a great choice. I am saying this because another main feature that I get with the subscription plan is unlimited health.

This feature can be obtained with the help of the mobile app. Further, there may be chances that the person to whom you are sending the link is unable to join. Make sure that they are not using the beta version and that the platform you are sharing supports the link.

Can you change the family manager in the Duolingo family plan?

As per the latest update of Duolingo, you can not change the family manager in the family plan. It will remain the same till the subscription is over.

Does Duolingo have a lifetime subscription?

At present there is no lifetime subscription available on the platform.

What do you get with a family plan of Duolingo?

As a member of the Duolingo family plan, you will get all the benefits of the subscription plan. You will be getting the benefits of zero ads, unlimited life, the option for more practice, etc.

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