Duolingo French Vocabulary List for Free in 2024

French is one of the most learned languages in the past few years. There are a lot of people who are learning this language through various platforms. Duolingo is one of the most popular platforms that are helping various language learners. In fact, French is one of the most taken languages on Duolingo. However to learn any language you need to have a great vocabulary. This gives us the doubt of whether there is any Duolingo French vocabulary list or not. Thus, here we will be discussing more of it and also talking about how to get them freely.

Quick Takeaways

  • French is one of the most popular languages and therefore learn you need a great vocabulary. Therefore, Duolingo do have a French vocabulary list which was earlier available on the desktop version.
  • If you want to get it now you will need to use Memrise Scrapper along with the Anki platform.

Some of the words that you will be getting in the French vocabulary list are-

1. l’alcool – alcohol 
2. l’oeuf – egg 
3. l’oignon – onion 
4. la salade – salad
5. le riz – rice 
6. le pain – bread 
7. le vin – wine

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of how can you get the French vocabulary list.

Duolingo French Vocabulary List for Free in 2024

Does Duolingo have a French Vocabulary list?

When you learn your language you will need to have a good vocabulary for it. Therefore Duolingo helps you focus on getting more vocabulary for each of the languages including French. You can get a vocabulary list for other languages like Spanish, Japanese, German, etc. As French is one of the most popular languages, there is a huge vocabulary list on the platform. Earlier you could easily assess it on the desktop version but with time it is not available on it.

Not only this doing a good desktop version is one of the best hacks that can give you unlimited health to use on Duolingo. Although now the vocabulary list is not available on it you can still get it by following the other steps. Therefore further we have discussed the ways can you access Duolingo with a French vocabulary list for free.

How can you access the Duolingo French Vocabulary list?

French is one of the most demanded languages and has a huge number of words that you need to learn. If you want to get access to the Duolingo French Vocabulary list, you may follow the below steps-

1. Memrise

The first thing that you will need to use is Memeise. There are a lot of platforms which help you learn vocabulary with the help of flash cards and memerise is one of them. It is a platform which also allows you to create your own deck of words. Here many users have already uploaded the vocabulary list that they have received from Duolingo. From this platform, you can get the Duolingo vocabulary list by searching for some related words. On this platform, you will also get a lot of flashcards for different languages like Tagalog, Croatian, etc. The exercises on the platform are easy and have a gamified version.

To get the French vocabulary the first thing you need to do is to look for Memrise scrap. Memrise Scrap is a great feature that helps you to download the list of the vocabulary on the platform instead of getting it in the flashcard. This feature also allows you to edit your vocabulary list. If you find the words are not necessary then you can remove them over add on according to your own needs.

To do so all you need to get the URL of the French course on the platform. Now copy the URL and post it on the scraper of the platform. Now you will see all the words used in the course which you will have to copy and paste on Google Docs. When you copy it on Google Docs you will see that the data is in an unorganised manner. Therefore your next step is to organise them in Google Sheets.

2. Organized words in Google Sheets

The words and meanings on the Google Docs are in an unorganised manner. It is very important for you to get them in an organized manner. Follow the given steps to get the organised data on Google Sheets-

  • Copy all the words and the meaning of words and will need to download the file in plain text i.e. .text. format. For saving the file you will need to tap on the file option and download all the words.
  • Now open the blank document and tap on the field option. You will need to tap on the import option and choose the file that you downloaded as a plain file.
  • After that, you will get different options like replace spreadsheets in the import section.
  • Do not forget to keep the separated type the same as the default import of the data you are using. Once you do that, you will see French words along with their meaning our corporate in a similar column. To make it more organized, try to use a separate column. To do so select the column and and click on the data option at the top of the sheet. 
  • After that you will get a split text-to-column option, all you have to tap on it. 
  • Here you will get a separate tab in which you will again need to tell how you want to separate the words. 
  • Click on it and select the custom option to change the words. When you click on the separate option, you will need to add double space in it. Now click on the enter option and you will get the meaning of words in separate columns. 
  • An important point you must remember is start there may be two or more columns between the words and the meanings.
  • After that, the last step is to delete the extra columns to get a proper nicely organized structure of the data.

3. Using Anki platform

The next step to get the Duolingo French vocabulary list is by using the Anki platform. It is again a platform where you are able to learn a new language with the help of various flashcards and a spaced repetition approach. If you want to check the Duolingo French decks, then you will need to use the AnkiWeb website or Anki Deck repositories. On this platform, you will get a prepaid version of the Duolingo French courses. You can also upload your own vocabulary list or the list that you downloaded before. To do so you will need to download the Anki Web and follow the given steps-

  • You will need to download the list you have created.
  • After it select the comma-separated file to easily add the deck. 
  • The next step is to click on the import file option and choose the .CSV file that you want to add to the platform.
  • Eventually, tap on the import option there will be a lot of other options which you have to choose from.
  • If you need two-sided cards then select the basic type on the other hand if you want to switch to any of the sites then you will have to choose the targeted file.
Duolingo French Vocabulary List for Free in 2024

An important point that you must remember is that there may already be a Duolingo French vocabulary list on the Anki platform. You can use them to know the various words for yourself.

What are some of the French vocabulary words available on Duolingo?

Another way to easily get the vocabulary list of new lingo is by using this extension. The extension allows you to download the words used in the course to make you better understand of French language. Following are some of the words that you will get in the Duolingo French vocabulary list-

French WordsMeanings
unea, one (fem)
la femmewoman
la pommeapple
tuyou (singular, informal, subject pronoun, not “toi”)
le vinwine


French is one of the most demanded languages that you can take up. To learn this language you will need to have a lot of words to remember. If you are using Duolingo to learn the French language, you may need to have the vocabulary list available on it. Although it was available on the desktop version with time this feature was removed. To get the Duolingo French Vocabulary list, you will need to follow an easy process. Starting with you will need to have a memorised platform where you can use Scraper. By using the scraper website you can download the already available Duolingo vocabulary list. You can also use the already available list on the Anki platform.


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