Duolingo happy hour 2023: How to earn more XP faster with it?

In the world of online learning, Duolingo is a platform where you are able to learn different languages while sitting at your home. As Duolingo is like a game-learning platform, you will gain XP for every task you do on the platform. These XP help you to stay at the top of the leagues that happen on the platform every week. To earn more XP, Duolingo has introduced a feature known as Duolingo Happy Hour. If you are also using Duolingo and are not aware of this feature, do not worry. Here we will help you to know more about this happy hour.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo happy hour is basically an hour-long XP booster which helps you to get an extra 5 XP for every lesson you complete in it.
  • The time for the hour usually starts in the evening between 7-8 pm irrespective of your area of living. Although there is no fixed day for finding the happy hour.
  • If your ultimate goal is to earn more XP then your happy hour is really for you.
  • The three best ways of earning more XP from the Duolingo happy hour are – 
1. Take your sessions in the evening
2. Using the XP boost
3. Focus on earlier lessons

However, we still recommend that you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the 

important facts related to the Duolingo happy hour.

What is Duolingo Happy Hour?

As the name suggests it is the way to earn more XP. It is basically an hour-long XP booster. When you will be completing the lessons during the Happy Hour, you will get an additional 5 XP. In short, you can say that just like XP ramp-up, it helps you to earn more XP in less time. However, the only difference is that you do not need to buy them. Duolingo team will run it for every user at different time periods. Thus the time when you will get this hour is different from the others.

However, further, we have discussed the timings for Duolingo Happy Hour. As it will help you earn extra XP, you will be able to stay motivated in the language learning course. In addition to it, you will also get VIP status and streak society, once you complete one year on the platform.

What are the timings for Duolingo Happy Hour?

Although the Duolingo team provides the Happy Hour for everyone now and then it is important to know the time duration for it. Usually, these hours start between 7-8 pm. It means that whether you live in London, Delhi or any other place you will be getting this hour between this time only.

Although there are no specific days when it will run, they are mostly expected to run on Saturdays. As there is no consistency, it is not fixed that you will get it on Saturdays also. Further, you are also expected to have it on the evening of Thursday and Sunday. 

How to earn more XP faster with Duolingo Happy Hour?

If you really want to increase your XP score on Duolingo you must consider using Duolingo Happy Hour. Here are some of the tips to help you in making the most out of it-

1. Take your sessions in the evening

As we discussed that Duolingo happy hour usually gets activated in the evening you must try to take them in the evening. When you will keep the lessons for the end of the day, you can get the advantage of the happy hour. It will help you to earn 5 extra XP for it. If you are a person who loves to do the lessons during the day, try keeping at least one lesson for completing in the evening.

Further, try doing your other work in the daytime on Saturday and save your evening time for completing the lessons. It is because Saturday is the most common day when you can expect to get the happy hour. As you will see funny sentences prompting in the lessons, it will help you to stay engaged with the content.

2. Using the XP boost

XP boost helps you doubt the amount of XP you are earning from a single lesson. Thus even if you are earning 15XP from a lesson, you can get 30XP with its help of it. So if you will use the XP boost at the time of happy hour you will gain a lot of XP with it. So if we again consider that you are getting 15 XP with the help of completing a lesson, you will get the additional 5XP of the Duolingo happy hour. Thus the total XP score that you are earning becomes 20. Now if you are using the XP boost at that time you will be able to get 40XP.

So if you complete 2-3 lessons in that hour you will be able to get a good amount of XP which will again help you to stay on top of the Duolingo league. You must also remember that a boost usually lasts for 15 minutes and you need to complete a lesson within it. Although if you are in the old system, the more easy way of doing it is to complete a crown level. In addition, you must also know that there were perfect lesson boosts that help you to get extra XP.

3. Focus on earlier lessons

There is no doubt that the earlier lessons have a lot of easy content and can be completed in a short period of time. It is because the exercises that are included at the start of the course have much fewer words when compared to higher-level skills. Thus when you will be taking the lessons you have already completed again, it will help you to get more XP. As the lessons will be shorter you will be able to complete more lessons and thus will get more XP. So if you are learning Spanish or French (which also have podcasts and Audio lessons) language you must focus on the starting lessons to get more XP.

However, you must only do it if your only goal is to get maximum XP at the time of Duolingo happy hour. If your ultimate goal is to learn the targeted language you must not do it. As revising the old content is necessary, but to get complete knowledge it is important to complete the tough lessons also. 

Does Duolingo happy hour really makes you happy? 

Although Duolingo happy hour does not add much to the learning path, the only thing it will do for you is gain more XP than you will be earning from completing the lessons. It only helps you increase XP points. Thus it all depends upon what is your ultimate goal. If you are really interested in learning different langauges, then it may not add to your ultimate goal much. However, if your only goal is to earn the XP score and stay on top of the league, then it is really worth it for you.


To help you earn more XP, Duolingo has a feature known as Duolingo Happ Hour. It is a one-hour long time which will help you to earn 5 more XP than you get in a normal lesson. So suppose you are earning 10 XP from a simple lesson you will be able to get 15 XP if you take it in the Happy hour.

It generally runs on Saturdays and that too in the evening. However, there is no fixed day for running it. Duolingo runs it on any day they want to. If you also want to make the most out of the Duolingo happy hour you must try to take the lessons in the evening and try using the XP booster at that time.


How much XP do you get in Duolingo happy hour?

With the help of happy hour, you are able to get an additional 5XP when you complete a lesson on Duolingo.

Is Duolingo’s happy hour worth it?

It all depends upon your ultimate goal. If you really want to learn your targeted language, you may not find it worthwhile. Whereas if you are only looking for increasing your XP score, you will love it.

How to get double XP in Duolingo 2023?

To double your XP score on Duolingo, you must try taking up an XP booster or take up lessons during Duolingo happy hour. Further, you can also try taking up various timed challenges to earn more XP in less time. 

William Christie