Duolingo Podcasts Complete Guide For You 2023

Duolingo is a platform that helps you in learning a variety of languages like French, English, Spanish, etc. There are different features like leagues, contests, gems, etc that help you to learn podcasts. One such great feature that you get on the platform is the podcast. Duolingo podcasts help you to get a deep understanding of the targeted language. If you are not aware of these podcasts, here we will help you to know what are they and are really beneficial.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo Podcasts are audio files that combine your native tongue and your learning language. 
  • Each podcast is a unique story told in a good balance of your native and target languages.
  • You can access these podcasts for free.
  • If your base language is English, you will get podcasts in two different languages French and Spanish.
  • You also get English podcasts if your base language is Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Although you can get these podcasts on their official website, they are also available on Spotify and Apple podcasts.
  • You also get the transcripts for the podcasts on Duolino which help you to know what communication is going on.

However, we recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important facts related to Duolingo podcasts.

What are Duolingo podcasts?

Just like Legendary levels, Podcasts are a way of testing your knowledge and developing your communication skills. Duolingo Podcasts are audio files that combine your native tongue and your learning language. Podcasts on Duolingo are similar to the audio lessons of the platform. The main difference between both of them is you will not get any crown for listening to podcasts. They are basically some random communications between two native speakers. Podcasts are primarily designed to help you with your listening comprehension. However, if you practise saying what you hear, they can also greatly improve your speaking. These podcasts are part of the course since when the courses were created in the Duolingo incubator and are helpful in staying motivated in the language learning journey.

Each one follows a predetermined plot in a predetermined setting, so your vocabulary usage is not wholly random. It means that each podcast is a unique story told in a good balance of your native and target languages. As the context of communication is different, you may also get a lot of different knowledge. The podcasts are designed in keeping people of every level in mind and help you earn some Gems also which will help you to unlock new status icons. Unlike the Duolingo course, you can download it to watch offline. If you are not able to do the lesson and listen to a podcast, you will get a streak score. Once you will be getting a 365 streak you will get VIP status and streak society for it.

Are the Duolingo podcasts free?

Just like other features, one of the greatest advantages of Duolingo podcast is that it is free of cost. You are not required to spend even a single penny on podcasts. As they are free to use, you also do not need to have a Duolingo Plus subscription or a Spotify subscription for accessing them. There are two types of subscription plans – Individual and Family plans. All you have to choose which podcast you want to hear and play the list. If you find any podcast to be easy, you may shift to the next one. They are free just like other levels for the courses on the platform.

What languages are podcasts available in?

Right now there are not much of Duolingo podcasts available for different languages. If you are an English native speaker, you will get podcasts in two different subjects – Spanish and French. Whereas if you are a Spanish and Portuguese speaker you will get podcasts for the English language. There is no podcast available if you want to learn any other language like Japanese. Along with these podcasts, you must also complete the challenges to learn the subjects.

How can you access the Duolingo podcasts?

Duolingo podcasts are obviously available online on their official website. But is not only the way of accessing them. You can access them on various platforms like Spotify, apple podcasts, google podcasts, etc. Thus you can find them on other platforms as well. Spotify is the best platform where you can get Duolingo podcasts easily. Once you search for the Duolingo podcasts, you will get a playlist of various podcasts recorded for Duolingo. To stay updated with the new episode on the platform, you must click on follow option. However, if you have deleted the course, you may not be able to access the podcast on that subject.

Will you get the transcription for various podcasts?

If you are finding it hard to understand the podcast, you will also get access to the transcription. Transcripts will help you to go along with the podcast you are hearing. It is definitely one of the best features for beginners as it not only helps you to understand but get knowledge of the language. Further, it will also help you in developing your reading skills. However, if you want to access the transcript, you will have to be on the browser version of it. If you are not using the browser version you will not be able to access the transcript option. Remember these podcasts can be a big feature in helping you to become fluent in the language and thus you must try to take advantage of the transcription.

When should you start listening to Duolingo podcasts?

As mentioned earlier Duolingo podcasts are like communications between two native speakers. However, one biggest question, when you think of Duolingo podcasts, is when should you start listening to them. Duolingo basically involves a conversation between two different persons, and thus you must not start it too early.

It is because jumping directly into advanced communication without knowing the basics of the language, will make it tough for it. Further, if you want to get some exposure, there is nothing bad about it. You can always try listening to them and try to analyze what conversation they are doing. Nevertheless, you must try to start listening to them after you have started studying the basics of them. You will get to unlock achievements or get some chests once you complete the Duolingo podcasts.

Are Duolingo podcasts good?

Duolingo podcasts are one of the prominent features of learning the language. With their help of them, you are able to listen to how native speakers talk. It also includes the basic language of the podcast. You will also see the stories on the platform which are usually based on real-life experiences. As the real stories really fascinate us, they will help you to boost your confidence in speaking the language. Duolingo podcasts are the way by which you can surround yourself with people speaking in your targeted language. It is one of the best ways of learning communication language. 

However, every person has their own choice and thus you may find some episodes more interesting than others. These episodes will not only help you in learning the language but will also help you in getting vast knowledge. Also, there are very less podcasts available online and thus if you have chosen another language, you may not find podcasts for them. Further, we have explained the benefits and drawbacks of Duolingo Podcasts in detail so that you could decide if they are good for you or not.

What are the benefits of Duolingo Podcasts?

The following are the benefits of Duolingo podcasts-

  • The biggest benefit of Duolingo podcasts is they are free. Just like other lessons on this platform, all your podcasts are free. You may also get to hear some funny statements which are common during the normal lessons.
  • If you are struggling with listening to them properly, you also get transcripts which will help you to understand them. Further, it also helps you to develop your reading skills. 
  • You get an idea of how communication occurs between two native speakers. It helps you to understand their accent which will help you in mastering their skills.
  • As the context of the communication is different, and thus you will get a lot of knowledge from it.

What are the drawbacks of Duolingo Podcasts?

The following are the drawbacks of Duolingo podcasts-

  • At the present time, there are only two language podcasts – Spanish and French if your base language is English. 
  • The transcript for podcasts is only available if you are using them in the browser version.


Duolingo is a platform which helps you to learn different languages with the help of other features like Leagues, gems, etc. One main feature that you will get on this platform is Duolingo podcasts. These podcasts are audio files that combine your native tongue and learning language. These podcasts will help you to develop your communication skills for the targeted language. You will also get a transcript of the Duolingo podcast which will help you to know what is going on in the podcast. They are free and are available in two different languages if you are an English speaker. Further, if you are Spanish and Portuguese you will get podcasts in the English language.


How many Duolingo podcasts are available?

As per the latest update, you will only find podcasts for 4 different languages. If you are an English speaker, you will get podcasts for French and Spanish languages. Whereas, if you are a Spanish or Portuguese native speaker, you will get the podcasts for the English language.

How much XP do you get from the Duolingo podcast?

When you complete one lesson you will earn 10 XP for it. This means that if you have completed 10 podcasts, you will be earning 100 XPs. Remember to take the notifications of the owl (Duolingo app icon) seriously so that you do not miss any of the lessons.

William Christie