Duolingo Stories 2023: How to Access Them? (Everything Regarding Them Explained)

Duolingo is a platform where you can enjoy learning a new language with the help of different activities. It is one of the best language learning platforms as it makes your language learning experience more engaging and enjoyable. If you are thinking of starting a course on Duolingo, it is very important that you must have knowledge of all the features in it. Here we will help you to know more about one such feature known as stories. Duolingo stories are a great part of the course and you must know everything about it. Therefore here we will help you to know more about Duolingo stories.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo stories are the ones which help you to know your reading and listening skills in the targeted language.
  • There are two levels in Duolingo stories – Standard and Legendary levels.
  • Taking up the standard stories will help you to get 10 XP and 40 XP while taking up Legendary levels.
  • You will be getting these stories when you will complete a specific level in the course. However, earlier you were able to unlock them after getting 10 crowns in the tree.
  • The number of stories that you will be getting in the course will depend upon the course you have taken.

However, we still recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the Duolingo stories.

What are the Duolingo Stories?

Duolingo stories are another feature like an English test, podcasts, or audio lessons, which helps you to know your reading and listening skills in the targeted language. Earlier they were also designed for practising your speaking skills. However, it is not an available currency. When you complete the story you earn 10 XP which will help you to maintain your position in the league. However, if you are at a legendary level, you can earn 40XP points for completing a story. Thus we can say that just like XP ramp up it helps you to gain more XP.

The only aim of the story is to make you understand everything you have learned so far. With the help of Duolingo stories, you will be able to practice what you have learned so far. Also earlier it had a separate tab for taking the stories however due to the new learning path, these stories have shifted into the units themselves. These stories also help you to stay motivated in your language-learning journey.

Are Duolingo stories free?

Duolingo is a platform which has both free and subscription methods known as Duolingo Plus or Super Duolingo. All the features that you will be getting on the platform are free and thus Duolingo stories are also free. It means that you will not need to spend any penny for taking them up.

What are the languages for which you can get the stories?

Depending upon your native speaking language and your targeted language, stories may or may not be there for you. If you are Portuguese, Spanish, or Chinese speakers, you will be getting stories for the English Language. Whereas, if you are an English speaker you will get stories for the following langauges-

To check if the course you have taken has stories or not, all you have to do is to look at the book icon at the bottom of the app. Although with time they are constantly adding stories for different languages. 

How do the Duolingo stories work?

When you will open the stories you will see two different Duolingo characters, in a conversation related to various topics. You will have to go through the conversation and answer the questions related to the conversation they are in. These stories have different exercises which you will be taking up-

  • Choosing the missing phrase – In this exercise you will see a sentence with missing phrases which you will have to choose from the options given below it.
  • Multiple choice Questions – In this exercise, you may see a statement given by the character and be asked to choose the correct translations from the given option.
  • Select the option meaning – With this exercise, you will have to choose the word in the conversation to depict the meaning of the word in the question.
  • What comes next – In this exercise you will have to select the reply of the person in the conversation from the options given below.

When you will end up the story you will see the exercise known as Tap the Pairs. In this exercise, you will have to match the meaning of the words in the stories. These exercises work much similar to ordinary lessons. The only difference is the stories have two different levelsStandard and Legendary levels, and you will not be having any hint for these legendary levels. Now as you know how these stories work it is also important to know how you will unlock them. Thus further we have discussed how to unlock these Duolingo stories.

How to unlock the Duolingo stories?

If we talk about the previous version, you have to get 10 crowns in the Targeted language in the tree. Also, there was a separate tab for accessing these stories in the previous version. However, with the current Duolingo learning path now, you do not need any crowns for opening the stories. They are under your course path only. When you will be completing your units and the lessons of the course, you will get these stories in them only. All you have to do is choose and complete them in the path itself. You may also see funny statements that will help you to stay focused and enjoy the lessons.

When you will be getting your first story will depend upon the language taken. You may not have to complete many levels for a language or on the other hand, you may have to complete a specific level to get the first story in the course. If we talk about Spanish you will be getting the first story after completing the first level. But if we talk about the Italian language, you will have to complete three levels to get the first story.

The only difference between both is that you get a single story at a time instead of getting 4 stories together at a particular time. Thus we can conclude that it is easy to get the stories in the current path than the earlier tree system. If you want to practice the stories you have unlocked again, you will get a personalised practice tab.

Do Duolingo stories get Harder?

When you go through the course your difficulty level will increase with time. You will see different stories and when they will become harder you will be getting more XP scores. In addition to it, there will be more content in your targeted language and less in your native language. You may also get stories in which you will have to answer in a particular time period. It is because the native speakers of your targeted language in communication are very fluent. And as they are native speakers you may not be able to understand the language easily.

Thus it is very important to unlock the sets before you move ahead in the journey. Also in the earlier stories you were also able to practice the speaking skills in which you will have to repeat what a native speaker is speaking. It was a good exercise for those who do not have much confidence in communicating with others in the targeted language. However, currently, it is not available in the stories. 

Are Duolingo stories the same for all the language courses?

There are various languages on Duolingo and thus the content in each of the courses varies. There may be some language courses that will give you fewer stories, whereas other courses may give you more stories. However, the exercises in the courses are generally the same. Thus we can say that depending on the course you have taken you will be getting a different number of stories. If we talk about some of the popular courses like French and Spanish you will be getting more than 100 stories.

Whereas if we talk about the Italian language there are currently only 51 stories. Although these stories are updated after intervals and in the upcoming time you may see more stories from different courses also.

What is the difference between the Duolingo stories and regular lessons?

The regular lessons are designed to help you improve your knowledge related to the targeted language whereas the Duolingo stories will help to test your knowledge. When you will be in your regular lessons you will also get some of the exercises to develop your knowledge.

The other difference between them is you will be having a tip page in the regular lessons where as you will not be having a tip page for the stories. In short, we can say that the main difference between both of them is that the regular lessons help you to develop your basics and stories help you to practice what you have learned so far.

Are Duolingo stories worthy?

Of course, it is the best way of testing your language. It helps you to check whether you have a hold on the content you have read so far. Taking up Duolingo stories will also help you to develop your reading and listening skills in the targeted language. As it is very difficult to make a grip on a new language, Duolingo stories will help you to increase your vocabulary in it.

If you want to practice the unlocked stories again you can also go personalised practice tab. It will again help you to remember what you have already learned. Thus Duolingo stories are a great feature of Duolingo and you must not miss practising them. However, you can also use some alternatives with Duolingo so that you can get best out of it.


Duolingo helps you in learning a new language through various features like leagues, fun activities, Duolingo stories, etc. Duolingo stories are a great feature on Duolingo as they will help you to practice what you have learned so far. Earlier it was available in a separate tab and you get to unlock them once your earn 10 crowns in the tree. However, with the current learning path, it has been moved in the course itself.

You will get to unlock the story once you complete the specific levels in it. Depending upon the language you have chosen, you may have more or less Duolingo stories. There are multiple exercises that you will get in the stories. As these stories help you to take hold of the content you have learned so far, it is one of the best options to choose from.

How much XP do you get on completing the Duolingo stories?

When you take up simple stories you get up to 10 XP. However, if you are taking up legendary-level stories then you will be getting 40 XP for it.

William Christie