List of 10 Free Online Makeup Courses with Certificates

Enrolling in free online makeup courses that offer completion certificates will help you learn more about beauty and cosmetics and improve your application skills. You are on the right page if you love to transform people to look more attractive. You’ll find a selection of free online makeup courses over here. These courses might assist you in developing your makeup talents.

Some of the top free online makeup courses are the Bridal makeup workshop, Diploma in Makeup Artist, How to lift and tint eyeshadows, etc. Further, we have explained all the online makeup courses in detail.

List of 10 Free Online Makeup Courses with Certificates

Free Online Makeup Courses with Certificates

Digital learning has helped you to find out various online courses like data entry, social media marketing, and makeup courses. Sometimes there are schools that may give you refund cheques and laptops. Here are the top online makeup courses for you-

1. Bridal Make Workshop

You will get to learn various professional skills needed for doing makeup on the brides. Education on things needed to do professional makeup, brushes, techniques of eye makeup, and every other thing is covered in this course. It is a free course whose length is about 3 hours.

You will also learn about the services you need to give to the bride after the bridal makeup. There are 3 important sections in this course. The first one will include what type of equipment and products you need. The second section will include the techniques for eye makeup. You will get to learn about different techniques of eye makeup. The last section includes how and what to give customer service

Course Availability – Course available at Alison

2. Beauty Therapy Training Course

In this online course, you will learn about different skin types and methods to deal with the most common skincare problems. You will also learn about different nail and body treatments. This course will also help you to learn about the techniques that are required for hair removal. You will also learn about how to use different makeup application tools. 

Course AvailabilityCourse available at Upskillist

3. How to Lift and Tint Eyeshadow

You may learn how to raise and tint your eyelashes step-by-step with the help of this free online course. The course lists the advantages of such a procedure to clarify why consumers typically choose it over applying false eyelashes. It will help you to learn numerous devices and tools utilized to carry out this procedure. This program gives beauty therapists an advantage over the competition. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn different eye makeup techniques.

Course AvailabilityCourse available at Alison

4. Color theory for Makeup: Eyeshadows

As the name suggests this course will revolve around Eye makeup. This course will help you to understand which eye color goes on with the dress of your client. You can have unlimited access to the modules present in the courses. There are short projects based on the course content. It will also teach you the principles of creating a color wheel for your eye makeup.

Course AvailabilityCourse available at SkillShare

5. Diploma in Makeup Artistry

It is again one of the free online courses that you get with a total duration of 6- 10 hours. In this course, you will learn about professional skills that will be needed for various types of events. You will get to learn the makeup techniques depending upon the occasion and also according to the timing of the occasion. The course will help you to learn about which type of makeup will go on your client concerning their facial features. You will learn about skincare, makeup techniques, eye makeup techniques, etc.

Course AvailabilityCourse available at Alison

6. Online Acrylic Nail Extensions Courses

It will help you to create beautiful nail art acrylic extensions for your customers. You will learn about the method of mixing the colours, the procedure, maintenance methods, etc. In this course, you will get personalized trained tutors who will be available to you online. You will be able to learn everything about nail extensions by comfortably sitting at your home. This course can also be taken by those who do not want to be professional but want to learn this technique for their interest. You can even purchase a kit that you can use for your practice.

Course AvailabilityCourse available at the beauty academy

7. Everyday Beauty: Learn How to Apply Makeup on your own

This is one of the courses that is designed, especially for those who are beginners. You will get to know about what type of makeup you will have to choose depending on your skin type. The course will help you to know which tool is used for which purpose. It will also help you to understand the benefits of every type of makeup product. You will learn to get an everyday makeup look. The course will help you to understand every type of foundation and contour. You will easily understand which shade will go on with the skin shade.

Course AvailabilityCourse available at Udemy

8. The Ultimate Makeup Masterclass for eyes

In this course, you will learn about makeup techniques related to the eyes. If you are a beginner in Eye makeup, this may be an ideal course for you. You will learn about how to apply eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadows, under-eye concealer, etc. It will help you to understand all the small and easy tricks to give perfect eye makeup. This will help you not to repeat those mistakes. It will prevent you from doing Eyeliner smudging, Eyeshadow fading, Eyebrow product fading, etc. 

Course AvailabilityCourse available at Skill Share

9. How to do contour and highlighter like a pro 

You will be shown how to apply contour and highlight to give the face shape and depth in this makeup course tutorial. Learn how to get the ideal shine on the face through step-by-step explanations. Learn about beauty advice on how to look natural and effortless. You will also learn about the finest products and brushes to use.

Course AvailabilityCourse available at Alison

10. Makeup, Skin Care, Fashion, and Beauty for the home

If you love to do a lot of DIY for skin care, then this is one of the best courses for you. In this course, you will get to learn a lot of tricks that will help you to improve your skin. You will learn how to carry your outfit along with the makeup. Although in this course you will learn more about the skin care tips to focus on. It will also help you to know what type of products you need to purchase according to your skin type.

Course AvailabilityCourse available at Udemy


Make-up is something that almost every one of us loves to do. Some of us may only do it for ourselves, others may want to look for a career out of it. If you also want to build a career out of it, having online makeup courses can benefit you a lot. Also if you are a beginner in this field and want to learn its basics, an online course can help you a lot as well. Though you can get a lot of online makeup courses, this article helps you to focus on the best courses available online.

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