Full VIPKid Global review – Is VIPKid Global worth it?

Are you from the U.S. or Canada and looking for opportunities to teach students English lessons? If this is so, you can join an amazing platform to work with. This platform is known as VIPKid Global. With this platform, you can teach students across the world English lessons.

This platform was initially used to teach English to Chinese students. However, with VIPKid Global you can now teach students from different countries. You can only apply to become a tutor on this platform if you are from Canada or US. Though we have discussed in detail about the platform, it is important to first understand what is this platform all about.

What is VIPKid Global?

Through the VIPKid Global platform, teachers in the US and Canada can interact with paying students. Although with the VIPKid platform, mostly Chinese students were taught by native English speakers. While many other online tutoring platforms like CafeTalk and TutorABC employ English speakers from other nations, it is rigorous about exclusively hiring native speakers from the US or Canada. With VIPKID, you only teach English lessons using the lesson plans provided.

Full VIPKid Global review – Is VIPKid Global worth it?

Yes, using VIPKids is worth it. You will love it if you are a native English speaker from the US and Canada. VIPKid allows you to teach English lessons according to your schedule just like Nil English, All Right English, etc. If you are already working, you can make use of it as a side hustle. Using it is very easy, you do not need to worry about the material either. Everything will be provided by the platform itself. Although you may face penalties if you break the laws overall it is worth using it.

Is VIPKid Global legit?

Yes, using VIPKid which is an online ESL tutoring platform just like TeachCast is legal to use. VIPKid is an online education firm that was founded in 2013. Since then it has attracted funding from companies like Tencent, Bryant Stibel, Northern Light Venture Capital, and others. Additionally, the company’s validity has been confirmed by its appearance in prestigious worldwide journals like Bloomberg and Forbes. Also, the number of teachers onboarded i.e 60,000, and the number of students using this platform i.e 500,000 shows the legitimacy of the VIPKid.

What is the hiring process for VIPKid?

To complete the hiring process you need to go through 6 stages. All of them are mentioned below –

Fill out the form

Complete the form and fill out the necessary information required by the organization. You should be a native speaker from the U.S. or Canada. Remember you should not be a resident of California. Also, you must have a bachelor’s degree and have an experience of 1 year working with children. It is not important to have teaching experience but you may have related experience. 

Interview stage

On stage, you will have to record yourself or give a short class in a way you will teach to the students. Though you would be asked very few questions and will be evaluated majorly on the basis of the way you have taught.

Mock class

When you have passed the interview you have to take a mock class. A set up of a class will be given to you and you have to teach them. This will be the last step to getting selected for the onboarding process. Make sure to give the best out of it.


Once you are selected as a teacher, you need to take a certification course on this platform. It is important to clear the certification in order to teach the students on this platform. You can choose either lower-class students or high-class students. 

Take the TESOL training

You must upload all the required documents and take up the training course. In this training, you will get a certification for teaching students. If you already have a certification then you can skip this step.

Start teaching

Once every stage is complete you can start teaching the students. Schedule according to your convenience and start taking classes. 


Can you reapply to VIPKid?

You cannot reapply with the same account if your application gets rejected. However, you are free to make a new account and apply through it. 

What is the pay rate of the teachers on VIPKid Global?

VIPKid Global provides a lower base pay rate of $14 per hour which is more than the VIPKid platform. The business claims that this can rise to $22 with incentives. Although tutors cannot alter the established VIPKid Global pay scale in any way.

Is VIPKid still hiring in 2022?

Despite not actively conducting any employment campaigns, they may employ teachers. After completing the application stages, you can still apply, get interviewed, and complete the documents processing system. Due to market saturation and the popularity of organizations like VIPKid, it may be challenging to secure reservations once employed. Although as a result of recent changes in China in 2021, this company is no longer hiring online teachers.


Teachers in the US and Canada can connect with the students through the VIPKid Global platform to teach them English lessons.  You will adore it if you are a natural English speaker from the US or Canada. You can plan your English classes according to your free time with VIPKid. You can use it as a side job if you are already employed. It is incredibly simple to use. However, the selection process is quite tough, as you have to go through a lot of stages to get selected. 

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