How long does it take to write an Essay? – How long to write Essays?

Writing essay time is not fixed or enough. Many steps are involved in writing an essay such as preparation, research on the topic, and drafting, the last is to review the essay and polish the content. For getting a good grade all the steps need to be followed and it takes time to write an essay. Writing an essay requires full planning starting from getting the topic to write and the last step of polishing the content written. The writer needs to have patience from the introduction to the conclusion. It is important to know how much time it takes to write an essay.

There is no fixed time for writing the essay. How much time you will be taking will depend upon the number of words in your essay. It will also depend upon the writing speed of the person. Further, we have explained the time taken for writing the essay in detail.

How long does it take to write an Essay?

Writing an essay requires full planning starting from getting the topic to write and the last step of polishing the content written. So it is impossible to determine the time for writing an essay. The total time taken to write an essay depends on various factors as per the instruction given, the length required, the researching skill of the writer, and the writing skills, and also if the topic is simple it will take less time but if the topic’s complexity is high it will take more time to finish the essay. Also, it depends upon the writing speed and type of essay you are creating. Suppose creating a video essay may take more time than simply writing the text.

Approximately most writer who is experienced and has good writing skill may take 2 hours for writing an essay of 500-600 words and if the writer is low experience and their writing skills is not good it may take 5-6 hours to write an essay. Also when you are writing an essay make sure to capitalize the required titles of the essay

Factors determining  the time you take to write an essay:

  • The time to write an essay depends on the complexity of the topic. As the writer will take less time if the topic is not so technically it is easy to search for and write
  • If the essay is on complex topics such as biology or anything technical the extent of the essay will be more due to which the time to write essay will be more taken by the writer.
  • It also depends upon the type of essay you are writing like compare and contrast essays, 2 paragraph essays.
  • For completing an essay a deadline is given if the writer is given more time to write an essay the more time writer will take to complete the essay. So you should write the essay on time.
  • If the writer is experienced with some knowledge it will take less time. However, the writer who is fresher in this field or has less experience will take more time to complete the essay.
  • Writing skills also matter for taking a long time to write an essay. If the writer is having good writing skills it will take less time as he/she will be able to complete the essay quickly no matter if you need to add any dialogue to it.
  • If the research of the topic is well organized such as the meaning of the topic, bodies with examples, and then the conclusion it will take less time without any confusion for the writer about what to write next.
  • If the instruction requires adding a front and back as a cover page or reference, it will also take more time than the easy of having a simple front and back.

Factors  that affect the time of writing an essay:

The various factor affecting the time of writing an essay is as:

  • Firstly you have to decide the topic of the essay, do the depth research on the topic, get all the information related to the topic, and create an outline of the essay.
  • The writing for the essay from the introduction, body content including all the related information, and then summarizing the essay in the conclusion.
  • After the writing of the essay, the revision is done of any grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and formatting the content. 
  • The time taken to prepare for the topic will be approximately 20% of the total time to write an essay. After the preparation stage for writing the body, it will take 50% of the time and for the last stage of reviewing the essay, the time will be 30%.

We can conclude here that if writing an essay the deadline is 24 hours. You can spend 5 hours in the preparation stage for the topic. then spend 12 hours writing the content in the paper while taking some breaks. at last for polishing the essay you are left with 7 hours. So as per the above example, you have plenty of time to complete your essay on time.


As taking a long time to write an essay depends on the various factor mentioned above but if you want to improve the time for writing the essay you have to read all the instructions given to you the important points to be there in the essay and what not to be included, then you have to do all the research of the essay and plan the essay by outline so you don’t miss any topic to add, organize your research and add breaks in the sections of the essay it will make the essay look good.

Also, try to write fast and in a place where you don’t get disturbed, and last polish your essay to get good grading. Doing all the steps will make it easy to write the essay on time and will take less time by having no confusion about what to write next and on the topic given to write.


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