How long is Police Training in the UK?

How long is Police Training in the UK? Being a police officer is the most respectable job that you can think about. They are the key to maintaining peace and following the law in the country. As this job requires a lot of skill, effort, and hard work, you will need to have the proper training to become a police officer in the UK. This article will help you to know how much time you will need to become a Police officer in the UK.

How Long is Police Training in the UK?

In order to become a qualified Police Officer in the UK, you must pass fitness and medical tests. If you currently possess appropriate Level 3 qualifications, you must also complete a degree-level Professional Policing qualification, which typically takes two to three years to complete. In conclusion, we can say that depending on what you choose after completing your sixth-form education to become a police officer in the UK might take anywhere from two to three years.

Is UK police training hard?

Being a police officer is both fulfilling and tough since you frequently have to act outside of your comfort zone. You will need to deal with demanding or complex situations as well. As a result, you’ll need to be able to think quickly and collaborate well with others. You’ll also need to have excellent people skills so that you can deal with the public while maintaining composure and patience, especially in difficult or tense circumstances.

Thus the training program for becoming UK police is both hard and tough at times. It is because the training program will help you to deal with different types of situations. You will be going for an 18-22 weeks class training program for becoming UK police.

How much do police earn in the UK?

The average annual salary for UK police is about £29,000. This involves the minimum median annual salary of around £21,000 and the maximum median annual salary is around £40,000. Though this will depend upon the area where you work, your working experience, and other factors.

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Do police pay tax in the UK?

Yes, the police do need to pay the taxes. However, you will get tax relief from the government. Tax relief is a type of government refund that lowers a person’s tax liability if they meet the requirements for other types of financial aid. One of the most crucial things about you being a police officer is your outfit. The uniform serves as a sign of the respect and pride that officers should have in their work.

It is a recognizable badge of authority to the general public. As a result of a long-standing arrangement between the MPS and HMRC, officers get a tax dispensation each April in the form of a one-time payment of £140.00. You’ll be happy to hear that the MPS has taken care of this for you. 

Do you need a degree to be a police officer in the UK?

A degree is not originally required to work as a police officer. Through the Policing Education Qualifications Framework’s Degree Apprenticeship Program, you can become a police officer. Though, you must earn a degree throughout this program. This is because all new police officers in England and Wales will need to have a degree, according to the College of Policing.

Is 40 too old to join the police in the UK?

Applications for getting into police may be submitted as early as age 18. There is no maximum age for joining the police force. Candidates who are at least 18 years old may apply to become police officers. They may accept their positions once they are 18 and a half. Although there is no maximum age for an appointment, keep in mind that the standard retirement age is 55 and that new hires must complete a two-year probationary period.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the police officer?

Following are the job responsibilities that you will be following as a police officer-

  • Maintaining order during public gatherings, social gatherings, trade conflicts, or strikes.
  • Help mitigate highly volatile circumstances with consideration for everyone’s safety.
  • Be sensitive when handling situations like addressing sexual offenses.
  • Submitting the reports of internal crime and criminal intelligence.
  • Arrange crime reports and case files for senior officers and attend and provide testimony in court and at other hearings.
  • Conducting arrests with due consideration for the human rights and health and safety of detained individuals.
  • Performing preliminary investigations, gathering information, interviewing witnesses, and adhering to all applicable legal requirements.
  • To achieve community safety and crime reduction goals.

How to become a police officer?

Following are the steps to becoming a police officer-

  • Before applying to the police force, you can pursue a level 2 or level 3 diploma in public service, according to the National Careers Service.
  • Alternatively, you could begin by completing a police constable degree apprenticeship.
  • You can apply to join a police force once you’re ready. The National Career Services, however, states that you can only apply to one police department at a time.
  • If your application is accepted, the police department will invite you to an assessment center for an interview and written examination.
  • Pass the physical exam and then pass the background check.
  • Complete the training program and start your journey as your police officer.


Becoming a police officer is the most prestigious job you can imagine. Because this job requires a lot of skill, effort, and hard work, you will need proper training to become a police officer in the United Kingdom. To become a qualified Police officer in the United Kingdom, you must first pass a series of fitness and medical tests. Depending on your options after completing your sixth-form education to becoming a police officer, it could take two to three years.

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