How Many UCAS Points Do You Need For University (Average Ucas Points)

UCAS points play a very crucial role in getting selected for the university. These are the points that help you to compare various qualifications taken you. Almost every qualification that you take (except below level 3) offers you some UCAS points. Although the much important that you need to know is how many UCAS points you may need to enter the university. 

On average most of the universities will ask for 112 UCAS points. However, it will depend upon the university and the course you want to enter. Though this is discussed further in detail let us first know what UCAS points are.

What do you mean by the UCAS points?

The UCAS tariff is a scoring system that helps compare the various qualifications applicants could use. A-levels are the most common qualification that you may have heard about, though various other qualifications can also be taken like BTECs, IB diplomas, etc. The university generally considers this system as it helps them to compare all the different qualifications based on the single system.

What are the average UCAS points for a university?

Usually, the minimum required UCAS points that are required for entry to the university is 112. However, this does not mean you necessarily need to have this amount of points to get into the university. This is because every university and course has its own minimum requirements.

Though you must try to achieve more UCAS points as it will help you to increase your chances of getting clicked into the university. This is because many universities accepted applications based on UCAS points.

Benefits of UCAS points

The following are the benefits of getting UCAS points-

  • As already mentioned it helps to compare different qualifications at a single level.
  • Many universities do not allow students who have taken vocational qualifications. However, this system allows you to take mixed qualifications to get the required UCAS points to get admission to the university.

How to get UCAS points?

When you pass a qualification, such as an A-level, BTEC, T-level, etc., you receive UCAS points. Your grade determines how many points you receive. Every grade has its own number of UCAS points. The next section shows how many UCAS points you get for each grade in different qualifications.

How many UCAS points do you get at an a-level?

The following table shows how many UCAC points you get for each grade in A-levels-

A-level GradesUCAS Points

How many UCAS points do you get for BTECs?

The following table shows how many UCAC points you get for each grade in BTECs-

A-level GradesUCAS Points
Distinction* (D*)56
Distinction (D)48
Merit (M)32
Pass (P)16

Which qualifications do not give you UCAS tariff points?

Following are the two different qualifications for which you will not get the tariff points-

  • GCSEs – As they are level 2 qualifications, you will not get any UCAS points. This means that qualifications at only level 3 will offer you the UCAS tariff points.
  • Duke of Edinburgh – this is again an award that does not offer you UCAS tariff points. However, if you add this award to your application then it will help you to boost your application to the university.

How much UCAS will cost you?

UCAS is a charity and therefore to apply to it you only have to pay a small fee. The application fee for the single subject is £22.50. Though, if you want to shoes more than one subject then you may have to pay £27. You must also remember that the deadline for sending your application to UCAS for maximum courses is 25th January. However if you still not have taken the exams by this date then you will be created based on the grades that are expected by your teachers.

How many UCAS points do you need for Oxford?

To get a degree in Oxford, you must have UCAS points equal to 360 points which are distributed as follows: 120 in stage 1, 120 at stage 2, and 120 in stage 3. Students would need to have completed, or be enrolled in, at least 120 points at stage 1 to apply to Oxford.

However, you must make sure that you are getting UCAS points from the A-levels. This means that you will not be considered for university if you have taken other vocational courses. However, if you have taken A-levels along with the other qualifications then you might have a chance of getting into it. Thus you must research before applying.

Do universities accept lower UCAS points?

Yes, various universities may accept you with lower points depending on the course you are choosing. However, during the process of clearing, the university will reduce the requirement of UCAS points, and thus you may easily get admission to the university. However, when you are applying to the university you can take the help of a common app to apply to multiple universities.


You need to have 112 UCAS points to get admission to the university on average. Though it will depend upon which university and course you want to get into. As they make it easy for the university to compare the different levels of education, you must take up A-levels or other vocational qualifications at level 3. Despite having high UCAS points requirements, you may still have a chance of getting selected by the university with the low UCAS points.

William Christie