How Many Unauthorised Absences are Allowed at School?

Many students don’t go regularly to school. But there are many schools that do have different rules for the students. There are two different types of absences in the school – authorized and unauthorized absences. Depending upon the type of absence, every school has its own rules and regulations for taking them.

There is no specific number that is allowed by the school. Though you must try to keep attendance above 90%. This is because if you are lower than that, you will have to take help from the local education authority. Further, we have discussed the number of unauthorized absences that are allowed at the school in detail.

How Many Unauthorised Absences are Allowed at School?

The student should always try to be regular in school until there is any serious problem or issue due to which they can’t attend school. If you do not go to school and stay at the home, it will make you fall back into education. There is no specific number kept for being absent from school but if the student’s attendance rate is below 90% then the student has to take help from the local education authority. If you are living in the UK, you may get penalized if your child refuses to go to school.

Students who take unauthorized absences are not good. They should always try not to take unauthorized leave from school so that they are consistent with their education. Most of the students who are aged 5 to 16 are able to learn different skills and get an understanding of lessons by going to school regularly so they should avoid being absent from school. If the student is absent for more than 5 days Or 10 sessions then the school has to inform the local authority.

The student should not be absent consecutively for 10 sessions. If you are absent for 10 sessions in the whole year it will not be taken to be seriously by the administration. You must have an attendance rate below 90% is called a persistent absence. The schools do have different rules for the deadline for taking unauthorized absences; it is not the same as 10 sessions.

What is an Unauthorised Absence?

An unauthorized absence is an absence taken by the student for not being able to attend school and has given the reason for it. But the school is not satisfied by the student’s reason for being absent from school. The following are the absences that will not be counted as unauthorized absences:

  • The student does have a leave of absence which is authorized by the headteacher of the school.
  • When you are absent from school when the teacher has given you permission. But you should know about the number of holidays you want. This is only approved by the teachers if the student does have a valid reason for taking holiday.
  • When the student’s parents do inform the school before only on the day of absence if they suffer from illness. As there are some diseases that are viral diseases for that student the school does give them 10 days off from school.
  • If the student does have an appointment regarding any medical or dental issue. But in that case, the student should always try to get an appointment regarding this after school hours so that they are able to attend the classes.
  • In case the student’s family is traveling to another place for occupational purposes in that case the student has to continue the studies at a different school.
  • The school will be allowed the student to take absences in case they do have any official educational activities such as music, dance, or drama exams.
  • the student will get leave if they are taking part in any sports event.

How Does the student Get an Absence Authorised?

If the student wants to get an authorized absence they need to inform the headteacher and should follow all the further steps which are being advised by the teacher for taking the leave. The student has to give the teacher evidence that the reason for taking the leave was true. the following is the evidence that the teacher will ask for if the student gives a reason related to it:

  • If the student has given the reason for the death of someone then the student may ask to provide the death certificates for a funeral.
  • If the student is suffering from illness then after the long days of absence the student will have to give the teacher with doctor’s notes, prescriptions, or appointment bookings.
  • If you are taking leave to attend the wedding and are going to be abroad, you do need to provide the invitation to the wedding or tickets.

What are the days of the year on which the headteacher will not give holidays?

The following are some situations in which the teacher will not give the student the leave:
When the student is having the first half term of any academic year.
The student who is studying in the sixth year will not be able to take the holiday during the year six transition day.
The student who is studying in the sixth year will not be able to take the holiday on year six SATs week.
If the student is in years 10 and 11 they are not allowed to be absent.


There is no specific number of holiday given by any school which is unauthorized but if the student is having an attendance rate below 90%, in that case, the school have to inform the local authority. the student should make it possible not to take unauthorized or authorized leave from the school as it will make the student suffer from a lack of educational knowledge.

William Christie