7 Steps- How to Become a Radiologist?

Almost every treatment in the medical sciences is not completed without the use of advanced technology. Various machines are required to help various doctors while diagnosing their patients. Think that if the doctor is not able to get the right x-ray or ultrasound, there are chances that they may give the wrong medicines or the wrong treatment plan.

To become a radiologist you would work equally hard as you may need to become a doctor like an esthetician. Just like other doctors you will need to complete the undergraduate degree, MCAT, and get into medical school. Before discussing how to become a radiologist, let us discuss what a radiologist does.

Who is a Radiologist?

An MD or DO doctor who specializes in the use of medical imaging tools and imaging procedures to assist you in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury is known as a radiologist. Some of the common techniques that are performed by radiologists are Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-rays, ultrasonography, fusion imaging, etc.

If you want to become a Radiologist, then you will receive comprehensive training in radiation safety and radiation risk reduction. The working conditions for you might differ from position to position and depending on whether you have finished a fellowship. 

How to become a radiologist?

Here is a small and quick guide that will help you to become a radiologist

High school

The high school creates a base for any subject you like. If you want to become a radiologist, you must have taken subjects of science, especially biology as much as you can. This will help you to understand the basics of science.

Undergraduate degree

To enter into a big profession like radiology, the first thing you must complete is an undergraduate degree. An undergraduate degree is about four years. You must complete your degree with subjects related to radiology.

Most of the common subjects that you must have as your subjects are physics with lab, general chemistry, organic chemistry, etc. Try to bring a good GPA to your degree. This is important as a high GPA will help you to get admission to medical schools. 

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

This test acts as a base for entering medical school. You must take it in the year preceding the year when you will be going to medical school.  

Medical schools

Once you have taken the MCAT test now is the time to apply to Medical schools. Medical schools open up your way to starting your career. In your starting years, you will be getting all theoretical knowledge regarding it. But from the third year onwards you will be getting to practice all the knowledge that you have gained during your theoretical knowledge.

U.S. Medical Licensing Exam

This test is divided into further three steps tests. The first one – Step 1, is taken at the end of your 1 st year of medical school. It will aid you to get into your residency program. Step 2 is usually taken after your 3 rd year in medical school. For the step 3 exam, you can take it after the end of your 4th year in medical school and before your 3 year in the Residency program.

Residency Program

It is generally like an internship program, where you will get to work with other radiologists and would get to learn about what are the responsibilities that you will be performing. You will get to learn about how various machines are used in various fields. 

Fellowship training program 

Though all students do not go to a fellowship program, you should apply for a fellowship program. This program helps you to know the advanced practice services in radiology. Once it is completed you must take your certificate of completion.

What is the average salary of the Radiologist?

The average income for radiologists in the US is $187,200, with salaries ranging from $57,820 to $700,000. The top 83 percent of radiologists earn $700,000 annually. Although, the bottom 50 percent of them earn between $187,200 and $350,000.

It is also anticipated that the employment of radiologists would increase overall by 9% during the next decade. It is expected to open 20,800 jobs for radiologic and MRI technologists over the next ten years.

What is the average time taken to become a Radiologist?

Once you are done with high school, you will need to spend around 12-13 years becoming a radiologist. You would use your first four years for completing your undergraduate degree. The next four years are for medical school. After it, you have to spend four years in your residency program and at the end of one year as an option for your fellowship program. 


Radiologists are the ones who deal with the medical imaging tools and machines like X-rays, fusion imaging, etc. It might take 12-13 years after high school. You will need to finish your undergraduate degree, medical school, residency program, and fellowship program.

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