How to change my University course after accepting the offer?

Deciding which course you will be studying at the university is a very tough decision. You may be very confused and choose a course that may not interest you. Due to this, you may make up your mind to switch the course even after accepting the offer from the university. But is it possible to change the course after accepting the offer?

Yes of course you can change the course anytime after you have accepted the offer. You will get the time duration for changing the offer by UCAS. Further, we have discussed it in detail for your better understanding.

Is it possible to change the course after accepting the offer?

Yes, no matter which course you have decided for yourself, you can always change it after you have decided to change the course. UCAS gives you a time duration in which you can change the course you have chosen. You must also know when will the interview take place at the university so that you can decide before that only.

However, if you have decided to change the course after that time in the same university then there may be chances that the university may allow you to do so. Most universities have flexible timings for changing university courses after accepting offers as they also know how tense the atmosphere students have while applying for the courses is. Though if you want to apply to a course that has more students, you may find it difficult to do so.

How to change the uni course before starting?

As discussed above UCAS gives you time after you accept the offer. Within that time you can change from the UCAS website only. However, after that, you must be in contact with the university itself. Depending upon the rules of the university, your grades, and the requirements of the course you are taking, you may be able to get the course you want.

Once you have decided which course you want to get into you must talk to the head of both the current course and the course you want to enroll in. If the reason is valid and you give them adequate evidence you may stand the chance of getting selected. If you want to apply to a different course in the same department of the same university, then the chances of selecting for the course are higher. On the contrary, if you are choosing a subject that is hard and in a different department then the chances of getting selected are much less.

Can you change my university course after 1st year?

The answer to this question is both yes and no, as it fairly depends upon the university itself. Many universities allow students to change courses after the first term. However, in some cases, you may have to wait for the next academic year. Therefore you must make sure that you are in contact with the university.

You must make sure that you are in contact with the heads of both departments. Again you will be required to meet the academic criteria to get into the university. If you are thinking to change it in midterms, you are wrong as most universities do not have half-terms.

Can you apply to other universities or colleges as a transfer student?

This will again depend upon the university you are applying to. You will have to get in contact with the university you want to apply to as a student to know if they accept transfer students or not. If they accept transfer students, there may be some hurdles in your path like some academic requirements. So even though you have already gained some college education, you will still have to pass the minimum entry requirements for it.

What happens after you have enrolled in the new course?

If you have enrolled in the new course a few times after the start of classes, you will need to spend time covering up the syllabus. This means that enrolling early in the course is much easier than enrolling in the course late. If you are enrolled in the new course much after the start of the course, you may have to wait for the entire year to officially start your course. You may also need to give some assignments or written documents if you have started later related to the course only. It is only done to help you with the course work and therefore you must do it. 

How are your tuition fees affected by changing the course?

Depending upon how much you have completed the current course, will affect the how much tuition fee you have to pay to the institution. As you know that you will only have to pay when you have started to study the course. This means if you have not started the classes before you have changed the course then you will not have to give any tuition fees.

However, if you have started the course and are already at the mid-level of the first term, then you will have to pay 25% of the tuition fees. If you are leaving in the second term then you may have to pay 50% of the total fees. Though if you will leave in the third term then you may need to pay the full amount of fees. How much you will pay will depend upon the course content you have covered and on the university, you are studying. 

Can I change my course after submitting an application?

Depends on University but in most cases, Specially in the online applications Once you have submitted everything, you are not allowed to make any changes or take it back to make any edits.

Can you change your university course before starting?

In some universities, you might get a chance upon arrival to switch between the course, in some of the universities you can make changes only after the first year. Whereas many don’t allow any changes in subjects or courses once submitted, you can try getting in touch with the dean to be clear about the switching option


When you are applying to universities, one thing that you may be confused about is selecting the course you want to get enrolled in. At the time of applying you may be confused about two or more courses and may select the course in which you are less interested.

The best thing is that you may still hold a chance of choosing another course in the same university or in another even after accepting the offer. When you accept the offer via UCAS, you have a time in which you can change the course and university within that period of time. However, if you decide to change it after that period then you will have to be in contact with the head of the department of that course.

William Christie