How To Complete Friends Quest In Duolingo In 2023? (Best Ways)

When you are using Duolingo to learn a new language you will have to go through a lot of lessons, exercises and challenges. These lessons and exercises help you to learn and understand the basics of the language. Although there are a lot of different challenges which help you to know where you stand in the language, one such challenge is the Friends quest in Duolingo. Thus here we will help you to learn more about these Friends quest in Duolingo in detail.

Quick Takeaways

  • Friends Quest in Duolingo is the competitions are the one which you will have to complete with a friend on Duolingo.
  • As these quests are random you can be paired with any of your friends randomly by the Duolingo itself. 
  • To find the Friends quest in Duolingo you will have to visit the challenge page. There you will be getting all the information related to the challenge.
  • To complete these challenges you can try sending friends free nudges or gifts. Further, you must always remember to check the time left for completing the task. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important facts related to the Friends quest.

What are the Friends Quest in Duolingo?

Friends Quest in Duolingo is the one which is similar to the Duolingo leagues which are a week-long competition. These competitions are the ones which you will have to complete with a friend on Duolingo. Usually, there are other two main challenges on Duolingo along with the Friends Quest – monthly challenges and daily quests. These quests are totally random which means that the friend with whom you will complete the Quest and the quest itself will change each week.

As it is a joint challenge, you will have to complete the challenge with the help of your friends and your progress will depend upon what you both do together. The ratio in which you both will have to work is undefined. So suppose you are in a challenge which gives you 200XP, you can do the work which gives 150XP and your friends give 50XP.

You must remember that you can only make friends when you and they are at a similar level. If you and your friend, finish the quest before the time, you will be getting some extra reward also. However, if you are using Duolingo on the Desktop version, you will probably not see this challenge. The reason behind it is that your friends quest is currently available on the mobile app and not on the desktop, unlike the heart system.

How to find your Friends quest in Duolingo?

To find your friends quest in Duolingo you will simply need to select the chest icon and visit the challenge page. Now scroll down and look for the friends quest option over there. Further, you will see the quest over there if there is any ongoing quest. In it, you will be able to see what are the Friends quest all about, and with whom you will be doing it. When you see the partner, you can either send a gift or a nudge to them.
The nudge feature will act as a reminder for your friend to take part in the quest. Whereas, you can only send the XP boost, as a gift to them. Further, you must know that nudges are free to send and to send the gift you will need to pay 20 gems for each of the gifts you send. Having friends will not only help you to complete the quest but will also help you to stay motivated in the course.

What are the ways to complete the friends quest in Duolingo?

To get the friends quest you and your friend must be at level 5 in the same language. When you follow the first three users, you will be unlocking one of the achievements. So if you are in Spanish, Japnese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, or any other language the friend must also be in the same language and at the same level. However, the following are the tips for completing the friends quest in Duolingo-

1. Send some nudges to your partner 

If you find that the friend you get is not really interested in completing the challenge, send them some nudges. A nudge will act as a reminder for your partner to open up the app and complete the friends quest. You will be getting the option of 4 for choosing whom to send. There is no doubt that the person may not pay attention to these nudges. Thus you can try sending other things like gifts.

2. Send gifts

As we already discussed above that you can only send XP boosts as a part of the gift and you also need to use 20 gems on it. Although it will lose your gems but is a great help for them to go on to the next lesson. Further, there are also chances that they might appreciate you and in return send you the same. 

3. Remembering the deadline

When you are in a quest it is important to know how much time is left with you in completing the tasks. Usually, you will find 4 days or a week to complete the task which makes you think of getting a lot of time. But you must always remember that you are not only doing the friends quest but also have a lot of different work to do. Due to it, you may have less time for completing the challenge.

Thus once you are on the friends quest, you must make sure that you are checking for the time left on a daily basis. When you do so you will be able to know at what speed you are doing the challenge. It will further help you in maintaining your speed for it and help you to get better results.

4. Knowing about the requirements

Every friends quest is different from each other. It means that sometimes you may get more lessons to complete or at some times you may need to complete some other tasks. For example, if the requirement of the challenge is to complete five lessons (which you can do offline) in a week you can divide the content between you and your partner. However, if the ultimate goal is to get around 80% in a lesson, you may do it by yourself. Thus depending upon the requirements, you will need to make your approach to completing the lessons as you may also need to complete the lessons in Duolingo happy hour or by using some XP boosters. 

Although you know how to complete the friends quest, it is important for you to know how to start it. Thus further, we have discussed how can you start the friends quest in Duolingo.

How to start the friends quest in Duolingo?

As we mentioned earlier friends quest in Duolingo is only available on mobile. Thus the main requirement of starting the friend quest is to be on mobile and the friend should also be on mobile. If you or the other person is using the desktop version you will not be able to get the friends quest in Duolingo. Also, it is improving to note that you must be following each other on the platform.

Rather than that there is nothing you need to do. Duolingo will pair you with your friends on their own. You will get a notification both in the app and outside the app, telling you about the friend’s quest. Further, we have mentioned some of the different friends quest in Duolingo.

What are the different Friends quest in Duolingo?

Friends quest in Duolingo will change each week. It means that you will be getting new challenges and a new partner each week. However, in some cases you may see the same friend for different quests. Further are some of the most common friend quest on Duolingo –

  • Earning a particular amount of XP
  • Completing a particular number of lessons
  • Completing a particular number of perfect lessons
  • Completing a particular number of lessons with at least 90% accuracy.

When you take part in a challenge it is important to know what are the rewards you will be getting for it. Thus further we will help you to know what rewards you will be getting to complete it.

What rewards do you get on completing the friends quest in Duolingo?

If you and your friend are able to complete the friends quest in Duolingo before the time you will be unlocking two special rewards-

XP Boosts

You will get the XP boost which will last for 30 minutes. You can either claim it as soon as you complete the challenge or take it later from the shop.

100 gems

You and your friend both will get the same reward and it really doesn’t matter who worked more in completing the challenge.

Why are Friends Quest not working on Duolingo?

When you are taking Friends Quest in the platform, you may many times see that it is not working. The reason behind it is that Duolingo has paired all your friends with other people and thus there is no one left for you to pair up with you. In such a case, you may have to wait for ending up the current quest and hope that you are paired with the friend in the upcoming friends quest. Another way of getting saved from it is by following the other users on Duolingo. Although to get in the friends quest in Duolingo you do not need to know them personally, the other user needs to follow you back.


Friends Quest in Duolingo is the random challenge that you usually take in a week. As the name suggests these challenges are not taken individually but with friends that are randomly paired with you. To get in this challenge you and the partner must be following each other. However, how much you and your partner will contribute to the challenges is not specifically mentioned. To get these challenges you need to visit the challenge page and check for the friend’s quest option.

Duolingo randomly pairs up with your friends each week. When you are paired up with friends you can either send them a gift (XP Booster) or nudges. Further to complete these challenges you must make sure that you are keeping track of the time left with you.

William Christie