How to Deal with Bullying at School?

Remember the time when you were in school and you get bullied by some students? Definitely, it was one of the worst times in your life. Bullying is a situation in which you may get physically, mentally, or verbally hurt by someone. There could be several ways kids bullied others like by sharing something wrong about others on social media, ignoring others, or spreading rumors. This article will help you in finding out the things that you must do if your child is dealing with bullying. 

You can help your child if they are dealing with bullying by talking to them and finding out what is exactly going on in their school. Praise them for reaching out to you and show them that you care for them. You may talk with the institution as well. Read the following article to know more about the steps that you can take for helping your child with being bullied.

Top 9 things to help your child deal with bullying

There are several reasons why you may transfer your child to another school. One of them is bullying and therefore you must know 9 different things to deal with bullying. Following are the nine things that you can do to help your child if he/she is facing bullying in school-

1. Give your child the time

You will not get to know what happens with your child till you give your child the time they need. Therefore sit with them and talk to them to know what they are going through. Every person gets bullied in a different manner. Some may be bullied because he/she is new or others may be due to various reasons. Therefore you must talk to them in order to know the reason for bullying. You can also look for getting 3k programs for kids.

2. Praise them

To start with you must praise them for reaching out to you as many kids or students never reach out to their parents. Show them that they are not alone and you are always there for them. Try to keep them calm by telling them that you will help them in this situation. Tell them what exactly bullying is and find out ways to help them.

3. Talk to the institution

The next thing that you must do is to get in contact with the institution in which your child is studying. You must reach out to them in order to take help from them. When you get in contact with your institution it may look into the matter more strongly. The institution will help you and your child in this situation. They may take strict actions or get in contact with the parents of the child who is billing your child. 

4. Take your child’s stand

One of the things that most parents will do is constantly tell their child that he could have done something against it. This is something that you must avoid. Your child has already suffered a lot in school and still yelling at them may make things worse. So when he/she comes to you and tells you what happens, take their child. Show them that you will not leave them in any situation. 

5. Never compare your situation if you were ever bullied

If you were ever bullied, you must not compare your situation to your child. Try to remember all the advice that you get during this period of time. Obviously, you will be having both helpful and unhelpful advice. Share the devices that are very helpful to you during the time when you were bullied. 

6. Get them in the activities that they love

One thing that you can do to help your child is by getting them into activities that they love. For example, if your child is very passionate about music you must enroll him/her in it. This will help them to stay engaged and sometimes more relaxed as it is a thing that they love to do most of the time.

7. Talk with the parents of the kid who bullied your child

By reading it, you must not think that you need to be rude or will only be complaining about their child. Tell them what happened in the school and ask them to guide their child. Taking action in starting will definitely help you to save your child from any future bullying. If you talk to the parents, they may help their child to understand what can happen with bullying and it may also stop the child from bullying others. 

8. Get support

If you are not sure what to do you must try to get some support from the people you know. It can either be from your family or your friends. If you can not talk to your family or your friends you can always speak to the person you trust the most. Being bullied is not an easy situation and therefore you must not avoid it. You must also help them in making new friends.

9. Build up your child’s confidence

Bullying breaks the confidence in most children. Therefore you must make sure to build up their confidence. As mentioned earlier you may make them get into the activities that they love. This will definitely help them to increase their confidence. Another thing that you can do is to make sure that he is not feeling left out. When a kid starts feeling left out it will break the confidence. Thus make sure that they do not feel left alone.


Bullying is a condition in which your kid may get teased by other classmates in the school in a serious manner. It may become harmful impacting the mental health condition of the kid. Bullying may also be referred to as mental, physical, or verbal mocking by one student or another. As it is harmful to your kid you must try to take majors to help your child in getting safe from it. Start with talking to your child as it will help you to know what exactly happens with them. Praise them for getting to you and sharing their problem. Once you know the problem show them that you care and talk to the school authorities or if needed talk with the parents of the kid who bullied your kid. 

William Christie