How to End an email to your teacher?

When you are sending an email, the ending of it plays a crucial role in it. You must know the proper etiquette while completing your mail. You must know how to end your emails. Making it casual will give a bad impression on the professor. Do you also have confusion about How to End an email to your teacher? Here are some methods of how to send an email to the teachers.

The most common ways by which you can end the email are by not adding capital letters, rechecking spelling errors, never adding emojis and slang, adding up thanking words, etc. Further, we have discussed these ways in detail.

How to End an email to your teacher?

How to End an email while writing it to your professor? – How to End an email to your teacher?

There could be several reasons to write an email to your professor like missing the exam. However, one thing that you must take care of is how to end it properly. When you are ending up your email to your professor you should keep the following points in mind-

1. Stop using Caps

Never use caps, even if you want to bring the attention of your professor to some issue. Remember when you are communicating in written form, the reader is not able to see your gestures. Your professor may find it rude, even if you do not have such an attitude. By using Caps you may just want to tell him your problem, but it can make your professor feel offended. 

2. Never end with emoji

There are many teachers/professors with which you may share strong bonds. But still, when you are sending emails to them, it becomes a part of a professional relationship. Emojis help to depict the emotions you may be facing at a particular time. But at the same time, they must not be used when you are sending emails professionally. Adding up emojis will make your email difficult to read and will also make it look unprofessional.

3. Recheck the spelling errors

Most of the time, your professor looks for your concluding paragraph. Although you must recheck the whole mail, it becomes vital to recheck spellings in the end. Spelling mistakes can make a bad impression on your professor.

4. Avoid using slang

Slang is also becoming very popular with the new generation. We have started using short forms of words just to save some seconds and to speed up written communication. Though you should not make use of any kind of slang or any short form while sending the email to your professor. This will make your professor think that you may not want to do a proper conversation or maybe you do not take that mail seriously.

5. Adding up thank you words

The most vital thing to add up at the end of the mail is to add thank you words. Your professors have a lot of work to do. They may be busy preparing future lessons or may be a part of any kind of research activity. Still, they take out their time and pay attention to your mail. Therefore you must add a small note of thank you words for them. You can add things like thank you for your time, thank you for your help, etc.

6. Never criticize them

When you are sending an email to your professor, you must not criticize them at the end of the mail.  Emails are not a place for criticizing your professor. You must only share the problem that you might be suffering in the mail. Criticizing them is another way of making them feel offended. This might also create a problem for you.

7. Must not include any quote

As already mentioned, your professor may be busy with some other work. If you include quotations in the email, it will take more time for them to read it which will be of no use. Also if you add such a quotation that may not match the thoughts of your teachers, it might again upset your professor. Therefore, never put quotations at the end of your emails.

8. Avoid kissing up

Emails should only include short information that is up to the mark. Therefore you should not add blandishments of your professors to it. If you add up the blandishments of your professors in the mail, they would understand it. This will result in a high chance of getting ignored by the professor. 

9. Avoid using Timed closers

Timed closers are phrases like good morning, good evening, etc. You must not add them at the end of the mail. Sometimes you may send your email in the morning but your professor may see it at night. Then there is no use in using such time closers. Instead of it you can add lines like have a great day. 

10. Signing properly

Out of all the closing lines, the safest is the best wishes or regards. When you are putting your signature at the end, then you should use regards or best wishes before signing the email. This makes it look more professional. You should also end by signing with your full name.

Why do teachers ignore your email?

There are several reasons your teachers may not see your mail. As a student, you may feel that your professor is ignoring your mail. But the truth is they may not get the time to see your mail. There could be several reasons why your teacher has not seen the mail. He/she may be busy with their other work. Another reason might be late submission. Some teachers are very punctual about the submission of their projects.

Late submission may also result in getting them upset and they won’t feel like reverting you. Writing long emails also makes them feel frustrated and they may miss the important point. Sometimes, you may send your email through the wrong sender email. Due to this your professor may simply ignore the email. Also, your writing style plays a crucial role in your professor’s reply. You should always add a polite tone to your email.


When you are writing an email to your teachers, it is important to know some basic etiquette for winding up your emails. You must follow these etiquettes as the wrong ending could make your teacher feel offended which in turn may cause problems for you. Your teacher may also not reply to your emails if they feel disrespectful. 

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