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Writing an essay is not a simple task, you need to be patient and give your time to it. There may be a lot of ideas in your mind but may not be able to focus on writing. Are you a student struggling to write an essay? There could be multiple factors behind it. Thus it is important for you to know how to focus on writing an essay.

Starting with you must stop being lazy and create a workplace for yourself. When you are in your workplace, you will have to stay away from your distractions. Set up your goals and start achieving them. However, make sure that you are taking breaks in between. Further, we have discussed the ways by which you can focus on writing the essay in a more easy manner.

How to focus on writing an essay? – How to stay concentrated while writing an essay?

There are various ways of focusing while writing an essay-

1. Stop being lazy

To start writing an essay you should stop being lazy. You may not focus on writing just because you are feeling lazy. Wake up and start on.

2. Create a workplace

You should start by creating a quiet workplace. First, decide where you are comfortable writing. You may be comfortable writing in your room or might love to work in a coffee shop. You may be comfortable writing while sitting on a desktop, or sitting in bed. 

3. Stay away from distractions

When you are writing an essay, stay away from distractions. If you are addicted to social media, avoid using it, especially at the time you are writing an essay. However, you must keep your mobile at some other place if you do not need it. 

4. Using voice cancellation tools

The biggest hindrance while doing any work is noise in the background. Noise is a distraction while you are writing an essay as well. To get rid of it you should use voice cancellation tools such as voice cancellation headphones when you are writing. This will help you to get concentrate and write more efficiently. 

5. Time management

Essay writing needs a lot of time management. While writing an essay, you need to carry out a lot of activities. You are required to do a lot of research, which needs a lot of time. Also, when you write, you need a lot of time to think about what to add to the content, the writing tone, etc. 

6. Take breaks

Writing an essay could be very hectic sometimes, especially when you need to do detailed research work. This may affect getting the best results. You must take breaks in between working. It helps to get new ideas and also enhances your productivity.

7. Create some notes

When you are writing about something, you should keep notes with yourself about the things you would add to your essay. It is vital when you are writing a story. You must take an outline of what you want to add to your content. This will help you to remember what things you are required to include in your essay.  Also do not forget to capitalize the titles of the essays when needed.

8. Set up your goals

You must set up goals your goals while writing an essay like adding up dialogues in it. You must set up your goal when you are writing an essay. You should keep deadlines for every task. Start with setting up a deadline for researching. Try to complete it within the deadline you set for it. In the same manner, set deadlines for other tasks and achieve your goals.

9. Try to take inspiration from real life

Take motivation from the thing going around you. See your surrounding, you will get a lot of motivation, to begin with, your writing. Try to feel every bit of your environment and start concentrating on your writing. While writing you must not forget about what type of essay you are writing. Now suppose you are writing a compare and contrast essay, you should try to involve incidences only related to the requirement. In a similar manner, if you are writing only 2 paragraph essay, you may have to think in a different manner.

10. Take care of your health

To achieve anything in your life having good health is a must. Take proper sleep. When you have not taken proper sleep, you feel lazy all day. Writing an essay needs a lot of presence of your mind at a particular time. Therefore, it is important to get proper rest. It will help you to get relax your mind and you can start fresh the next day.

Problems while writing an essay

There can be several problems that you may face while writing an essay. Of them I have listed below-

  • You may not be able to focus on it. You can use the above methods to get focused while you are writing.
  • There may be a lack of information that can be added to it. You may need to write on such topics on which you can not find much data. It also demotivates you from writing. 
  • Sometimes you may have ideas but do not know how to make
  • You may be encircled by a lot of distractions. As read earlier to get focus, you need to get away from all unnecessary distractions.
  • Sometimes bad time management also results in problems while writing the essay. While writing content you need to perform a lot of tasks. Therefore, you need to do good time management and thus can use a student planner.
  • You may have ideas but may not get the motivation to go ahead with them. At this point, you need to stop getting lazy and push yourself to start writing. 


Writing an essay needs a lot of time, effort, and full concentration. You need to do a lot of things to get a perfect essay. Sometimes, you may not feel enthusiastic about writing when you sit to write. So here are some ways in which you can involved in your life that can help you to stay focused on writing an essay.

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