How to get UCAS Points?

When you are applying to the university, you must have seen the option for UCAS points. These are the points that you get after completing various qualifications at level 3 or above. These qualifications are very important and thus it is important to know different to get UCAS points.

You must complete your A-levels, As-levels, and other qualifications at level 3 to get more UCAS points. In addition to them, you can also take up volunteering courses, take up formal music exams, etc. Further, we have discussed these methods in detail

How to get UCAS Points?

UCAS points are needed by every university to compare each student’s capability. It helps them to compare different qualifications at a common value. Therefore most of the universities have common UCAS points requirements for getting admission. There are many ways like taking up level 4 qualifications, doing A-levels, etc. Following are the ways by which you can get the UCAS points-

1. Getting A-levels

One of the most common ways of getting UCAS points is by getting A-level qualifications. How many UCAS points will you will get is based on the grades you get in your A-levels. The maximum UCAS points that you can get for an A* grade in A-levels is 56. In general, need to take 3 A-levels in your 6th from, this means that you can gain 168 UCAS points in total. However, some students may take 4A levels which means that they can earn more UCAS points. 

2. AS-levels

This is the qualification that is equal to half of the A-level. This is because these qualifications are equal to the first year of the course. You need to remember that these qualifications will only give you UCAS points if you have yet to receive A-levels in the subject. You will be getting 20 UCAS points for doing this qualification. 

3. Volunteering Course

Taking up a volunteering course will not only add up to your UCAS points but will also help you to make your CV look good. You will need to complete an NOCN diploma or need to get an Award in international volunteering. For this type of course you will get 16 UCAS points. Furthermore, you will also get to broaden your skills with the help you this type of course.

4. Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE)

This qualification is taken at level 3 and will also give you 16 UCAS points. With this qualification, you will be getting the knowledge of necessary skills that are important for your career growth. By attending this type of qualification you will be able to make your skills more desirable to employers.

5. Formal music exams

If you are interested in learning various instruments and musical techniques, then you must take up the music exam. Naturally, you will be getting UCAS points based on which grade you have received in your exam. The maximum amount of UCAS points that you can get by taking up this exam is 30. The biggest problem with taking this test is that you will have to spend a lot of time getting to grade 6. Level.

6. Horse riding

You may be looking for building up your career as an Equestrian.  On the other hand, you may have a passion or interest in riding a horse. You can take up a qualification from the British Horse Society. If you are taking up this qualification at level 3, then you can still achieve 35 UCAS points for it.

7. Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

They are the qualifications which you will have to work on a single project. You may get to write a long research paper, create an artefact, etc depending on the course you have taken. Though you may get some guidance from your teachers in the sixth form, you will have to do a lot of independent work yourself. With this qualification, you can get up to 28 UCAS points.

8. Dancing

If you are interested in dancing, then you can earn UCAS points by achieving the standard certification from various Institutions like British Ballet Organization. Again, like music how many UCAS points will you get will depend upon the grades that you will get in the exam. The maximum number of UCAS points you can get is up to 65 points. However, you have to reach grade 6 to get the UCAS points. 

9. Formal speaking/ Drama

This is one of the skills that will help you to boost your confidence and the skills that are useful for your future. You can easily and confidently be in communication with other people. Again to get the UCAS points you will have to come to grade 6 or 8. You can get a maximum of 24 UCAS and it will depend upon the grade you get. This course can be taken from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

10. Free Standing Maths Qualifications

This qualification is offered by the OCR at level 3 and involves both the aspects of GCSEs and A-levels. You may take this qualification if you want to increase your maths knowledge. Taking up this exam will help you to bridge the gap between the GCSEs and AS levels. Also, it will help you to understand the complex topics related to mathematics given by famous mathematicians..

The maximum number of UCAS points that you can get is equal to 10. Though taking this subject does not mean that you will need to take maths at A-level.


UCAS points are the points that you receive after completing your level 3 qualifications. These are the points that help the university to compare the profile of different candidates. There are a lot of different ways by which you can get the UCAS points like taking up A-levels, AS-levels, Horse riding, Dancing, etc. As your university will have a minimum UCAS points requirement you must make sure that you have the right amount of UCAS points with you.

William Christie