How to keep Valuables Safe in a Dorm room?

Many students go out to colleges or universities and need to find a place to live. The dormitory is one of the best places for students to live during their college/university days. The dorm is the place where you get to live with other students. Though taking a dorm gives you many advantages, the safety of the valuables is still a concern.

There are many ways by which you can keep valuables safe. Whenever you are going out, you must keep your doors and windows locked. You must not give your keys to any other person while you are going out. There are many other ways by which you can keep your things safe. Let us first understand what are dorm rooms.

What is a Dorm Room?

The dorm is an abbreviation used for dormitory, especially in countries like the U.S. is a structure that serves as the primary housing for large groups of individuals, such as boarding schools, college, or university students. Typically, there is enough space in a dorm room and items of furniture required by you. Most dorm rooms lack private bathrooms, in contrast to hotel rooms.

However, certain dorm rooms are known as “suites” and could have a bathroom with an adjacent room. You will have meals together with other residents living in the dorms. It is very important to have good friends in your dorm rooms.

How to keep Valuables Safe in a Dorm room?

Yes, there are many advantages to living in a dorm-like big space, proper refrigerator, etc. Sometimes your boyfriend may also be allowed to stay in your dorm room. But while you’re away, your dorm room is left alone. Though leaving clothes and shoes may not be a big problem, leaving your valuable belongings, laptop and electronics may result in potential thefts. Here are some of the ways to keep your belongings safe at dorms –

1. Lock the doors and the windows

Everybody has the potential to steal. It’s crucial to maintain your dorm room’s security at all times because of the frequent arrivals of friends, roommates, and fellow students.

The simplest approach to safeguard yourself and your belongings is to keep your door and windows secured at night and whenever you’re not using them. Even if you are going to the hall just for a few seconds, lock up your doors.

2. Do not trust everyone

Making new friends is ok, but trusting them easily is not. Give time to build up new connections with them. This may sound rude but this is the biggest mistake you may make living in the dorm.

Remember before becoming your friend, they were strangers to you. Therefore, you must take time to build up that much amount of trust in your friends to whom you can give your keys to them.

3. Never give up your keys

Your key is the safety of your belongings. Giving your keys to anyone is a mistake that you can regret for a long time. As already discussed, build the level of trust first. You may think that the person living with you is nice but that may not be the case. There are many scenarios in which most of the thefts are done by roommates. 

4. Keeping things in the safe

Many dorm rooms will give you safe rooms. Make use of it. Keep all the cash, jewelry, etc in the locker or a safe. Keep the key to it with you. Do not give the keys to anyone in the room. This is because you may trust your roommate but you do not know what kind of people are coming to visit them. Do not keep anything important out of the safe and lockers.

5. Install security cameras in your rooms

You can easily keep an eye on your dorm security and make sure your belongings are safe by installing security cameras even while you’re not there. If something is missing, a dorm security camera is a fantastic method to keep yourself safe. Be sure to check the policies of your campus’s dorm so that you comply with the residential laws and regulations.

6. Watch for fire safety

This is the last thing that most students give attention to. If you are using any electronic like straighteners or an iron, always take out the plugs. You would not want to lose your valuable things just because of your small carelessness. If you are living with someone, then you should be extra careful about it. Always ask them to take out the plugs when they have stopped using electronics.


Dorm rooms are the place to choose for a living if you are a student. You will get a lot of benefits like the low cost of dorm rooms. Though you must take care of your valuables in the dorm. You must lock the doors and windows while going out and do not give the keys to anyone. If the dorm provides you with safety, make use of it. You can also bring your safety if the dorm does not give you it. 


Do you need a safe in your dorm rooms?

Yes, just like having a futon, having a safe in your dorm room is always a good idea. Visitors to your dorm who you don’t know well may come to stay with your roommates. Some of them may be thieves and wait for opportunities. Thus, having a safe can help you save your valuable things.

Where do you hide valuables in a dorm room?

You can make use of safes and lockers given in dorm rooms. You can also use old notebooks and tins to hide small things like cash or cards. If you have plants in your room, you can use the pots as well to hide things in them. Every dorm room has an area where you can hide valuable things. If you have attached washrooms, then you can try to hide them out there as well. 

How to keep your dorm room safe?

The first thing you can do is to fit a camera. If you and your roommate have agreed to use this dorm security equipment and your institution does not object, a dorm room security camera is a good approach to ensure dorm security. Installing door room safety alarms can also benefit you. Another thing you can do is to check for the visitor policy. This will help you to know what type of visitors can visit you. Also always lock your room and windows while leaving out for college. 

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