How to make money in Med School?

Becoming a doctor takes a maximum of one to fifteen years before getting licensed and there is no doubt that education in med school is expensive. You also need to submit a medical diversity essay for applying to med schools. So mostly the students want to do job side by side with their study. But where to start is a tough decision.

As a student, you can give tutoring services to other students or juniors to you. You can also sell your notes for earning some extra income. Becoming a medical scriber or helping to draw blood can be some other way of making money. However, you must further find out the different ways of earning money.

How to make money in med school?

Many students drop out of medical colleges because they are not able to get the required tuition fees. Thus it is important to know the ways by which they can earn some money. But you must make sure to work for the number of hours that you can manage easily. Following are the ways of earning money while studying in med school:

CPR and first aid instructor:

If you want to earn money you can go into the field playing the role of CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitations) and first aid instructor. But with this job comes great responsibility as you have to deal with the students for providing them with the tools that are used for life-saving processes. It’s a tough job but when the student is used to the job, it can be considered a good position of work. The average income per month earned by them is $4750.

By tutoring:

The student who has more understanding about the topics and has notes of multiple subjects can earn money by taking work for tutoring the other students. Tutoring can be done to the same age group but also the younger age making them understand the subjects and clear the doubts of the students in their courses. You can help the student by teaching in a group or can be hired to teach a single student and have to give full-time attention to one student. The average income per month is $3833.The following are some fields of tutoring that the student can teach while studying in med school:

  • mathematics: the student can earn up to $91000 in a year.
  • sciences: the student can earn up to $55000 in a year.
  • Languages: the student can earn up to $80000 in a year.
  • Adult tutoring: the student can earn  $50000 in a year.
  • Working as a medical assistant:

This job comes with great responsibilities as the student requires to have detail-oriented for taking a lot of information at once. You need to have time management skills and should know how to work in a team. As a medical assistant, your job of you is to collect the records, analyze the experimental data and organize it. It could be a great job for the student as with these skills the doctor the student is assisting can work easily with no confusion. the average earning per month of the medical assistant is $3586.

Working as an emergency  medical technician:

In this job, you need to assist the person who undergoes any injury, accident, or trauma. Helping them in this phase is quite difficult and the student is responsible for completing their job properly. You have to handle a lot of stress during this job. While doing the job the student has to start mental health professional therapy for themself as per the workload. The average income of the student working as an emergency medical technician is $3126. 

Drawing Blood as a Phlebotomist:

In the field of med school, the student has to take the blood of the person so why not try to learn before only? In the profession of the phlebotomist, the student needs to take the blood of various people for different treatments and reasons.

As for taking blood, the student will come to know how to practice placing a needle. This practice is useful for the future of the student studying in med school. The average income per month earn by working as a phlebotomist is $3039.

Working as a medical scribe:

The student who wants to have some medical training while doing the job can apply for a medical scribe. As being a medical scribe you need to transfer information during the clinical visit by converting it to health records as the doctor has explained. The average income earned by the student who is working as a medical scribe is $2518. 

By selling stock photos:

The student who is interested in taking photos should also have a good-quality phone or a camera. The average income that you can make while photographing is around 7 dollars per month per photo. If there is a possibility of getting more photos the student can earn more. Working as a photographer will not make you rich but will help you some sort of earning. The average earning income per month for students is $500.

Helping in solving medical cases on crowded:

The student who chooses to work in solving medical cases in crowded help to develop many skills throughout the job. You are allowed to make the choice of which case to take and solve. According to the successful solving of the medical cases is done you are paid accordingly. The average income per case of the student is $400.

By participating in medical studies:

The student can earn money by supporting the medical system. the average income earned by the student per month is $333.The following are some medical types of studies that the student can do while studying for med school.

  • Survey: this includes the study based on the questioning and asking quizzes from the participants.
  • Observational: the student has to look at and observe the behavior and experience of the subjects after some sort of time.
  • Experimental: the subjects that deal with chemical or behavioral changes need to be studied.


This is good thinking of the student to earn money by studying for med school. The student doing the job attains a lot of knowledge and has many skills development that is used in the future life of the student. As getting financial help from the job makes the burden less on the parent. 

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