How to Motivate yourself to revise for GCSEs and A-Levels?

The exam of  GCSEs And A-Levels is very tough for students to get a good score and they need to start revision at least 7 weeks before the exam. But there may be some students who sometimes feel tired or bored in revising the exam.

Sometimes you may not feel motivated to study. Following are the ways to revise for GCSEs and A-levels-

  • Tidy the workplace
  • Revising in a group of friends
  • Create a revision timetable
  • Breaking the revision into manageable parts
  • Visualize where you want to see yourself in the next 10 years
  • Create a to-do-list

Further, we have discussed these points in detail.

How to Motivate yourself to revise for GCSEs and A-Levels?

How To Motivate Yourself To Revise For GCSEs And A-Levels?

You should revise your A-levels for a given time period. The following are some points being explained in detail that keep the student to remain motivated for the exam to revise it:

1. Tidy the workplace

When studying for exams in a neat and clean workplace helps the student to revise and while studying they can take 5 minutes to set their desk by doing this their mind will also get refreshed. The student will get a boost for revising for the exams.

2. Set realistic goals

When the student sets realistic goals it will also help to revise the exam. Setting goals make the student think about it and makes them remain motivated and boosted for studying for the exams. But the student has to make sure that the goal chosen by them should be realistic, which means the goal needs to be achievable.

If the goal is way far to be achieved, they will not get motivated while thinking about it and will forget the goal.

3. Revising with a group of friends

Doing the revision in a group of friends can also help the student to remain motivated for the exam. While group study, you will laugh and talk also which maintains motivation to revise for the exam. As if the student is revising alone, they will sometimes feel bored but while studying in a group the friends will make each one remain motivated.

Still, there are some friends who will make the student demotivated and lead the student in the wrong direction so the student should remain aware of whether friends are motivating them or demotivating them.

4. Create a revision timetable

It is an important step that the student should take before revising for the exam. Doing the revision according to the timetable set will also motivate you to do revisions for the exam.

As setting the timetable during the revision will act like a milestone and you will always remain boosted up for accomplishing it. For this, you just need to strictly follow the timetable so that you will get motivated by seeing the timetable and studying for it.

5. Breaking the revision into manageable parts

Breaking down the revision into parts will act similar to revising for the exam by creating a timetable. Breaking the revision into parts will help the student to remain motivated, giving the student a chance to refresh the brain and by doing this the student will regenerate the motivation to study for the exams. The student will get more motivated when they revise the subject by properly organizing it.

6. Mix up the revision technique

Mixing up the revision will help the student to remain focused and concentrated on revising the exam. You should try to revise for the exam by mixing the techniques for revising but doing it regularly will start to create difficulty for you to revise for the exam.

7. Visualize where you want to see yourself in the next 10 years

This is a great way to visualize where you want to see yourself in the next 10 years. It will keep the student focused on the end goals for their life. Thinking about the future and revising will help the student to have a clear view of their life and will motivate them to always revise for the exam.

8. Compare yourself to other students

Comparing yourself with other students can be beneficial and sometimes it can demotivate the students. Seeing the other students and comparing them will make the student feel competitive. As it depends on the student how to take whether they want to do best for other students and for this they remain boosted up always and revise the exam.

9. Create a to-do-list

During the exam preparation, you can make a to-do list which can help you to maintain motivation. The student has to learn according to the list which will break the topics into smaller parts and will be more manageable.

When the student sees that they have done this many topics, they will get more motivation and have a clear plan about what they have to do next.

10. How bad it would be if you fail

Thinking about what will happen when you fail an exam is another way to stay focused on the exam and remain motivated. The student will try their best not to get tired during the revision.


The student who wants to get motivating tips for revising in the exam. The above tips can help them definitely and the student should try their best by thinking about the future. The environments around the student also affect the student to get motivation.


How should a student study if they have zero motivation?

The student can reward themselves, study with a group of friends, keep themselves away from distractions, etc.

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