How to Start an Essay? – Hook starters

While writing an essay, you may have a lot of ideas on how to write it. Yet you may get bewildered about how to begin it. The beginning of the essay plays a crucial role in getting engaged with your audience. Therefore, you must have a perfect beginning. Here you will get to know some mind-blowing ideas, that you can use to start your essay. 

Some of the exciting hook starters are asking the question, giving an introduction and keeping it short, starting with quotes, giving up your personal experience, etc. Further, we have discussed these interesting ways in detail for your better understanding.

How to Start an Essay?

You must make sure that you are adding question titles when required. Also when you are creating any kind of essay like a video essay, or any kind of another essay like 2 paragraph essay, you need to have the best start. So by using some of these simple and easy hook starters you can give an effective start to your readers. 

1. Start by asking Questions

When you are writing an essay, the main aim is to get engage with your readers. You must be able to bring the attention of your viewers. The best way to get engage with your audience is to start your essay with a question. Asking question help to get engaged with your audience as they can connect to it. 

2. Giving the introduction

Start by giving an introduction to your topic. Just add a little information about what is it and some important facts. Suppose your topic is about a car then don’t add all the features of it is starting.

3. Starting with quotes

Quotes are the best way to start your essay. It has a narrative nature to it, as a consequence of which it becomes more appealing to the readers. Choosing which quote to incorporate can be tough. The reason is you have to choose it according to your topic. It should be relevant enough to support your topic otherwise it will not make the readers feel engaged with the content. 

4. Sharing some amazing facts

Consider yourself a writer. Suppose you are researching wildlife and you find an article where you saw one amazing fact that you didn’t know first. What you will do? You would read that article till the end. In the same manner, you should add some exciting facts about your topic. It will help you to give an attractive article. 

5. Building up a story

It is one of the best ways to relate your audience to their situation. Starting up with a story can bring the attention of readers. If you are writing a creative essay, this method is for you. It is also helpful if you are writing a dramatic essay. Stories will connect your readers emotionally with your essay. Try to add the elements of compare and contrast essays where possible.

6. Sharing your own story

The readers get more engaged when you start your essay by sharing your story. Statements like, when I was a kid, when I used it, according to me, etc could be a game-changer.

7. Keeping it short

You must not start your essay with long sentences. Starting up with long sentences will discourage the audience to read.

8. Stating up the thesis

When you are writing a thesis essay, you should directly mention your thesis at the start. Don’t add a lot of information to it. Keep it short and clear. Adding your thesis statement helps the viewers to get an idea about what to expect from your essay. If you are writing an article that needs arguments you can start by making a thesis for the arguments and use dialogues for proving the statement.

9. Picking up the right tone

Whatever you write should be in a proper tone. It is vital when you are writing your essay. Do not start with any kind of controversial statements. It might affect the sentiments of your viewers. You should keep in mind what kind of essay you are writing. And according to it, you should start your essay.

Tips to remember while writing an essay

While writing an essay, you should keep some necessary points in your mind-

1. Defining the topic

You should make a point to start your essay by giving an introduction to your topic. Giving an introduction helps the audience to know what they can get from the essay.

2. Evidence

When you are writing an essay, make sure to add evidence that proves your point. It will help you to prove your point and will make your essay more authentic.

3. Organization in the essay

During essay writing, you should write in an organized manner. Think if you are writing about a laptop, and you give the benefits for it before the introduction of that laptop. Will it make the readers get engaged with the topic? Of course NO. You first need to tell what is there in that laptop, and its features then you should go for the benefits.

4. Use a clear language

Try to avoid words that are hard to understand as much as possible. Keeping your content simple and clear will help the readers to understand it more easily. Also, try to write short sentences as they are easier to understand.

5. Concluding paragraph

Never forget to add your concluding paragraph. It helps to understand your long essays in short. It helps the reader to know what was the summary of the essay. 

6. Proofreading

Once you are done writing your essay, you should go through it once again. Errors in your writing will make it hard for the audience to get what is written in the essay. Also, it will demotivate the viewers and there are chances that readers may not read it. 


While writing an essay it is very important to write an effective and engaging start. If you are a fresher, you may want to know what could be the best start for your essay. There are various ways to start your essay. This article helps you learn about these ways and help you to start your essay engagingly.

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