How to Write a Personal Statement for Sixth-Form College?

When you are applying to the sixth form college, you will have to give various requirements like transcription, personal statement, and other related documents. As a student, you must be aware of the related documents you must submit at the time of application. But one thing that may be new to you is the personal statement. Thus here we will help you to learn more about personal statements. 

If you are in a hurry, here are some of the quick takeaways for personal statements-

  • The personal statement is like an essay which shows who are you. 
  • To write a personal statement you must start with an introduction and reasons for attending the particular college.
  • You must include future goals and avoid repetition. 
  • Do not use vocabulary that you are unaware of. 
  • Add all the experience that you have. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial facts regarding the personal statement.

What is a personal statement?

The personal statement is an essay that reflects “who you are.” You must involve everything related to it from your introduction to the experience. It will help the viewer to know what skills you possess. Remember that it is the factor that helps in increasing your chances of getting selected.

Therefore, you must add on the things that are more relevant to the course you want to get into. Always remember that you are not giving an essay to the college but something that helps them to know more about you. 

How to write a personal statement for sixth-form college?

Following are the things that you must consider while writing the personal statement in the sixth form-

1. Introduction

Your personal statement is basically the essay that describes you. Therefore you must start it with a personal introduction of yourself. You should write the information that describes you in such a manner that it is simple for the viewers. Make sure that you do not make it sound like you are writing an essay. Include the things in such a manner that it engages the reader with your content.

2. Reason for attending the college

The college committee will always want to look for why you are interested in their college and the particular course. You will have to discuss why you want to get into this college. What are the things that you look for while applying to college? However, make sure you do not make it look like you are just telling the benefits. You must write everything in relation to it.

Suppose the college is best known for the economics department, and you want to study that subject in it, you can write about it. Things that you can write about are the teaching staff, fasciitis provided by the colleges, career support, etc.

3. Future goals

Talking about future goals is something that will always benefit in bringing the attention of the admission committee. You will have to show them why this course is related to your future goals. This helps them to know that you took your future with more seriousness.

Even if you are not sure what should you do in the future, you must still write something related to your future. Suppose you want to get into the science stream, but are not sure what exactly you want to do, you can write about it.

4. Avoid repeating

Some students in order to increase the words, repeat the lines in different paragraphs. You must avoid doing it as you are not writing an essay about yourself. Rather you are just giving them a chance to understand yourself better. Therefore you must not repeat the lines in your personal statement. It will look unprofessional if you repeat the lines in your personal statement. Try to avoid the use of similar words in different paragraphs. Instead, use the synonyms of those words. 

5. Use the vocabulary that you understand

Your personal statement is one thing based on which you may be asked questions during the interview for your application. Therefore, you must use a vocabulary that is easily understandable. This is because if they ask you questions related to it, you could easily give answers about it.

Also when you use simple vocabulary in your personal statement, it will make it easy for them to read it and for you as well to remember. If you are adding complex vocabulary words, it may discourage the reader from reading them. It may also confuse you at the time of the interview. 

6. Adding up extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are something that colleges will definitely look for. Therefore if you are in some kind of extracurricular activity, then you must add them to your personal statement. This is because it will give your application more weight. It helps to show that you have to increase your skills in different fields. If you have taken part in activities that are related to your subject you must add them to your personal statement.

7. Experience

Every college will look for what experience you have gained till far. Thus when you are writing about your personal statement, you must make sure to add the experience that you have gained till far. You must try to gain experience related to the subjects you have chosen. Even if you do not have any particular experience, you must start gaining one. There are plenty of part-time jobs that you can do in order to gain experience.

8. Do not get divert

One of the biggest things that you must consider while writing up the personal statement is that you do not get diverted from yourself. The personal statement is the one that specifically revolves around you. This means that you must not talk about other things. You must try to add the things that will help you in increasing the chances of you getting selected. 


Your personal statement is the one that describes you. It is the one that will show your skills, who you are, what experience you have, etc. This is one of the requirements when you are applying to the college as it will help in increasing your chances. Therefore you must write it in a proper manner. You must start by introducing yourself. After starting to add your experience, future goals, experience, etc. Try to add easy vocabulary while writing the personal statement and also mention all the extracurricular activities.

William Christie