Is a Level 4 Qualification Equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree?

Education does really matters in the life of the student as education helps the student to build many skills and achieve the qualifications which help the student to be a successful person in their life. There are a lot of qualifications that you will be taking especially when you are studying in the UK. The most common qualification that you will be taking is the Level 4 qualification. Hearing about this qualification, you may be doubtful that it is the same as taking up a Bachelor’s degree.

Your Level 4 qualification is not the same as a Bachelor’s degree. We have further discussed it so that you could have a better idea about it.

Is a Level 4 Qualification Equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree?

When we talk about the bachelor’s degree it is not equal to level 4 but it is equivalent to level 6. A level 6 qualification takes the approx time years from 3 to 4 years to complete the qualifications. As level 4 qualification is considered to be the qualification that seems to be completed in the first year of a bachelor’s degree.

What is a Level 4 Qualification?

The student gets to study the level 4 qualification when they turn 18 or over that stage of the qualification of education is said to be higher education. After completing higher education you develop your root before you are going to start university life. You have to work hard if you want to achieve good marks in the qualification and ensure that you do get into the desired university.

During these years you have to complete training for a higher apprenticeship and have to complete the assessment in which you have to do much practical work. By the end of the higher apprenticeships, you will be rewarded with a higher national diploma.

What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

For completing the bachelor’s degree maximum number of years taken is around 3 or 4 depending on the student’s course. There are many students who do further education after completing secondary school and after completing further education with their bachelor’s degree. It is also called an undergraduate or Honours degree in which the majority of the students do study full-time. The student who wants to apply for a bachelor’s degree needs a level BTech or a degree that is equivalent to level 3. The following are some names of types of bachelor’s degrees depending on the course:

  • For art and creative writing, the type of bachelor’s degree is a bachelor of art.
  • For biomedical science, the degree is a Bachelor of science.
  • For civil engineering, the kind of bachelor’s degree is a bachelor of engineering.
  • For law with International Relations, the degree of Bachelor of law
  • for medicine is the degree of Bachelor of medicine.

How to apply for level 4 qualification or bachelor’s degree?

Students in the UK can apply for higher education after applying for Universities and college admission services (UCAS). It acts as an intermediate between the university and you where you will need to do a lot of independent studies. By UCAS only you can find out whether the University has accepted your application or not.

It also helps the student by accessing their skills and choosing the career path that suits their skills to help the student by applying for the job and providing an extra point in the application process. If you can not go to school regularly, you can easily learn through distance learning courses which are provided by the open University in which the student can learn from anywhere in the world.


When we talk about the Bachelor’s Degree it is equivalent to a level 6 qualification. A bachelor’s degree is completed within a maximum of 3 or 4 years which depends upon this student’s course in which the first year of the bachelor’s degree completion is to be seen as a level 4 qualification.


Is a level 4 degree good?

The first year of the bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a level 4 qualification or we can say a Foundation degree which is referred to as two-thirds of the bachelor’s degree. It is a good start for the student.

How many credits is a level 4 certificate?

The level 4 certificate is 36 credits.

William Christie