Is Chegg legit or reliable? (Is Using Chegg Cheating)

Is Chegg legit or reliable? Can educationists rely on Chegg? It is an online educational website that provides a lot of educational services to its users. Covid-19 had a great impact on every sector of the economy. The biggest impact of covid-19 was found in the education sector. This has given rise to a lot of ed-tech platforms. One such platform that you can find online is Chegg. 

Quick Takeaways

  • Chegg is a legit platform where you can get answers to various types of questions.
  • Some of the reasons why Chegg is considered legit are – Study tools, Using it to check homework, and reading books. 
  • This platform has several students use this platform which makes it more reliable and legit to use. 

Further, we will be discussing if using Chegg is legit and reliable or not. Thus you must read till the end for a better understanding.

Is Chegg legit or reliable? (Is Using Chegg Cheating)

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an American Education Technology that was first launched in 2005. It is an online educational website that provides a lot of educational services to its users. You can find services like Cheggwritting tools and Cheggy study packs on this platform. Before 2021, a popular Chegg plan was known as the tutor plan. In that plan, you can answer the problems posted on the platform and you could use it as a side hustle. There are around 4.4 million subscribers on this platform. 

Is Chegg legit or reliable?

“Is Chegg Legit?” Many students have started using Chegg for cheating the exams, especially when it comes to online examinations. Although the answer to this question mainly depends upon the way you are using it. The way you are using its services depicts whether you are cheating or not and thus can also be considered as cheating device. However, your school/university regulations also play a crucial role to determine whether you are illegally using Chegg or not. But you must also know that there are several users and students who are using this platform. This depicts how legit and reliable this platform is. Further, we have discussed the situations where Chegg is considered legit.

Situations where using Chegg may consider legit

Some of the situations that may be considered legit are as follow-

1. Study Tool

When you are using Chegg as a tool to get the knowledge it is considered legit. Taking help from Chegg is never cheating until and unless you are copying the content. You must use it to gain knowledge of the subject and try to write in your way. 

2. Using it to check the homework

When you are done with your school or college homework or the assignment, you may want to check it via Chegg. This would help you to know where you stand. Also sometimes you may find the solution to the problem solved via different methods. This will help you to know new techniques to solve the same type of problem.

Is Chegg legit or reliable? (Is Using Chegg Cheating)

3. Reading Books

One of the services provided by Chegg is that it provides rental books. You can order books for rent at a very low price. If you are using this rental textbook service, then it is not a case of cheating. 

4. Revision & Study

The 24/7 Expert Solution assists you anytime you need guidance. This helps you in the last-minute revision and helps in solving your doubts. It is another situation where using Chegg is considered legal.

Situations where using Chegg may be considered Cheating

We have already read about the situation where using Chegg is considered legit. Now let us see in what situation it may consider cheating-

1. Banned by the instructor or the institution

Many universities consider Chegg cheating. That is why they prohibit the use of Chegg. In such cases, if you use Chegg to complete your assignment or the project, then it might be considered cheating. It may even result in imposing fines and penalties. 

2. Copying the homework-

Chegg has almost around 55 million questions that are available on this platform. There are chances where you may find questions that are similar to your homework. Copying the answers from it is a situation where it becomes unethical to use Chegg and make it one of the homework cheating websites.

Is Chegg legit or reliable? (Is Using Chegg Cheating)

3. Getting Exam Answers-

The use of Chegg suddenly increased during covid-19 impact. Most of the students started using it for copying in examinations. Copying answers in your exam is always considered cheating. So if you get answers for your exams from Chegg, you are typically cheating.

4. Submitting Homework Question

The Chegg Study feature gives you the advantage of submitting 22 questions per month. If you are using this Chegg service for getting solutions to your homework question, then it is again a case of cheating.

Can we get caught if we copy Chegg?

The answer is a big YES. Copying from one source and inserting it into your content results in plagiarism. There are so many plagiarism detector tools available online. Any plagiarism detector could easily detect that the content is taken from Chegg, as the content is already published online. Although if you are just using Chegg for understanding the topic and writing it in your own words, then it will not be considered plagiarism. 

Is Chegg worth it?

Using Chegg can save a lot of time for you, as you can answer your questions directly on this platform. Not only this you can save a lot of money by using their rental textbook service. There are a lot of subscription plans on this platform depending on the service you need. You just need to pay for the service that you need. There are 4 types of services offered by Chegg-

  1. Chegg Writing – In this plan, you will get services like expert proofreading, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker for your thesis or dissertations.
  1. Chegg Math Solver – In this plan Chegg application provides you with a service to scan. You can get solutions to your problems by simply scanning the problem and submitting it.
  1. Chegg Study – These plans enable you to get solutions to more than 55 million questions. It also allows you to submit 22 questions per month to get their solution from the experts. 
  1. Chegg Study Pack – This subscription allows you to get the benefits of all the above 3 Chegg plans.


Chegg is an online education platform that helps students by giving them various services. You can get a lot of information from the data available on this platform. The platform also provides solutions to almost 55 million questions. This helps the students a lot in their academics. However, with this service, a question also arises in your mind if using Chegg is legit or not. The answer to it depends on the situation in which you are using it. If you use it just to get information then obviously using Chegg is legit. But if you use it for copying up answers then it may be considered cheating.

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