Is college a scam? – Why and why not?

Colleges are the most important part of a student’s life. As your school life is over you start looking for the colleges that are best for you. It is because you think that it will help you to land your dream job. But is it worth it? Has the college become a Scam? There are some reasons why people think that college is a scam making it a debatable topic to be discussed.

College is definitely not a scam but there are many reasons why many people consider it to be a scam. Reasons, why it may be considered a scam, are higher education, the internet, loan debt, etc. Further, we have discussed reasons why and why not the college is considered to be a scam.

Is college a scam?

College is not a scam. However, there are reasons why people think that college is a scam. Graduates may spend most of their working careers paying off their student loans. Thus getting a college degree should no longer be seen as a way of getting a job. However, there are many people who fake their degrees. 

This is simply because graduates carry a significant amount of debt that becomes part of their professional careers. This could be one of the relatable reasons why you may think college is a scam. However, you must choose the college that has a maximum number of happy students. Below we have discussed some of the factors why it may be considered a scam.

Why is college considered a scam?

Reasons, why college may be considered a scam, are –

1. Higher Education Fee

Most schools and colleges have started charging high tuition fees for students. As a result, it may make it hard for you to pay your fees. It creates a burden on the parents to pay the fees. The education sector has become more like a business now. In addition to it, many colleges may also look at the senior grades which may make it tough for the students who are not able to do well. Following are the average tuition fees in different areas according to the U.S. News & World Report – 

  • In-state Tuition Fees – $10,116
  • State Tuition Fees – $22,577
  • Private Colleges – $36, 801 – $50,000

2. Availability of everything on the internet

Another very essential factor why it is considered a scam is because the Internet has become a hub for various information. The areas that you will be covering in your college are already available online. Also with the change in time, there are many platforms available online that give the same degree as a traditional college with fewer tuition fees and in a small time. Along with the availability of everything on the internet, you may have teachers that are not good at teaching.

3. Financial Aid Services

Many companies provide loans to students to help them to deal with their tuition fees. But they do not tell them about the hidden costs that are included in it. This causes problems for the students in repaying it.

4. Big loan debt

Many students take financial aid during their college years. When you take the loan you have to pay it back along with the interest. Due to it, their loan debt increases. Many times students pay their debt even after several years of passing. 

5. Cost of textbooks

Textbooks nowadays have also become expensive. You buy books and sometimes you only read two-three chapters. The average cost of textbooks that the students pay is about $1300. Though you can use your financial aid to cover such costs, it will add up to your debt.

6. Cost of rooms

Another reason why college is considered a scam is that students have the extra burden of paying their hostel fees or the rent. The average cost of living in hostels or rooms is about $12,000. 

7. Doesn’t guarantee a Job

In the early times, completing college means that you will get a job. But with a change in pattern and increasing competition, completing college will not guarantee you a job. There are many other ways of landing your dream job. 

Why is college not considered a scam?

Though most of the reasons for considering the college as a scam revolves around the cost and expenditure. Here are the reasons why college is not considered a scam.

1. Networking 

The college allows you to connect with a lot of people. You connect with your professors, friends, classmates, etc. There are some questions that you can ask your college roommates to become your friends. College helps you to connect with people who have similar interests. Also when you go to college, you get to know about various opportunities that may be beneficial for your future. You also get a lot of projects to volunteer for, which helps you to develop various skills.

2. Increase marketability

There are many jobs that have a basic requirement of getting a degree related to the job role. Having a degree helps you to gain knowledge related to the jobs. Having a degree and knowledge about the subject of the field, helps you stand out in the talent pool.

3. Boost up the skills

When you get admission to your college, you get to learn so many skills like communication, problem-solving, etc. These skills are important for your career. You get to learn soft skills that help to increase your chances of getting selected. However, you must use student planners to manage your free time to learn these skills.

4. Professional Instructors

Every college has a professor who has expertise in their respective subjects. Many students study sitting at their homes via online mode. They study through available online videos, lectures, etc.

5. Structure the curriculum

The degree that you are studying in your college is designed in a proper structure. It is structured in such a manner that you get to understand your subject slowly and at the end of your degree you can master it.


College is not a scam. It is the best way of learning new skills and also for networking. Also, college helps to master your subject with a properly structured curriculum of your subject. Due to this it also helps you to stand a chance to get landed on your dream job. Though there are reasons like high education fees, cost of textbooks and rooms, etc which you may consider a scam. 

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